Best Justin Timberlake Albums


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1 FutureSex/LoveSounds

Classic. - ZeroBlaster

2 The 20/20 Experience
3 Justified
4 The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2

Underrated. - ZeroBlaster

Starts off with the greatest opening song in Justin's discography (GWIDK), then stays at the high-level dancevibe with his genius classic version of Thriller (9 minutes and a half of (scary) joy)(TB), cuts to the shortest song that should have Andre 3000 as the rap-feature instead of Drake (but f*** it)(Cabaret), next to a track that kinda describes how hard the beat pumps in your blood near the end (TKO), now one of the most fun and phenomenal singles in a long time (TBTN), then to a more childish-catchy tune, that makes you laugh and move at the same time, while Hov's verse is much better than their previous song on previous record (Murder), now we slowing down to a country cut with a druggy feel that just hits a fitting memory of being drunk while losing your girlfriend, genius (DYA), alright back on track with a 6 minutes calmer dance song, that previously hasn't been working as well as here (YGIO), now to probably the best song on the album, best intro to human beat box on level ...more - westside76

5 Recrimination
6 Essential Mixes
7 Collaborations
8 Mr. Timberlake
9 Justin & Christina
10 Justin Timberlake - Live From London

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11 Man of the Woods
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