Top 10 K-Pop Groups that Disbanded Too Soon

We may be barely three months into 2015, but K-pop has already said goodbye to some six groups, a hint that staying together could be the watchword for this year in music.

The Top Ten

1 F-Dolls (2011-2015) V 1 Comment
2 GLAM (2012-2015)
3 KARA (2007-2016)
4 4Minute (2009-2016) V 1 Comment
5 JEWELRY (2001-2015) V 1 Comment
6 Chi-Chi (2011-2012) V 1 Comment
7 Coed School (2010-2013) V 1 Comment
8 H.A.M. (2009-2012)

HAM was a Korean pop girl group managed by LeeYeon Entertainment and debuted in 2009. The group's name HAM stands for "Heart & Mind". As Su Jin has redebuted with BBde Girl, and the group has been inactive for almost two years (as of December 2012), it's safe to assume that they have unofficially disbanded. - AnonymousKpop

9 KISS&CRY (2014-2014)

Sad news for fans of rookie group Kiss&Cry, which debuted with " Domino Game " early this year. It looks like the group has disbanded, at least according to member Haena who appeared on Mnet's ' Super Star K6 ' as a contestant and revealed this information belatedly.

She said, " There wasn't as much response to Kiss&Cry compared to expectations, so it was suddenly disbanded against our intentions. I'm trying not to be sad. Although we were unable to become famous and disbanded, I hope that we will come together again," and grew teary. - AnonymousKpop

10 Swincle (2011-2011)

The Contenders

11 Bob Girls (2014-2015) V 1 Comment
12 Wonder Boyz (2012-2015) V 1 Comment
13 VNT (2011-2011) V 1 Comment
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