Top 10 K-Pop Groups that Disbanded Too Soon

We may be barely three months into 2015, but K-pop has already said goodbye to some six groups, a hint that staying together could be the watchword for this year in music.

The Top Ten K-Pop Groups that Disbanded Too Soon

1 F-Dolls (2011-2015)

F-ve Dolls ( Korean : 파'브돌스 ; sometimes stylized as F-VE DOLLS, formerly known as 5dolls) was a South Korean girl group formed by Core Contents Media in 2011. The group was composed of six members: Hyoyoung, Seunghee, Yeonkyung, Hyewon, Eunkyo and Nayeon. They debuted with two single tracks, "Lip Stains" (입술자국) and "I Mean You" (너 말'야), in 2011. The group was known as "Female Unit" of Coed School until CCM's announced that the group became independent in 2013. The group disbanded on March 10, 2015

On November 2014, it was reported that F-ve Dolls was disbanded after their labels were renamed, and subsequently F-ve dolls was deleted from the official label's website. On March 10, 2015, the label confirmed the official disbandment of the group. It was stated that those members who still had a contract with the agency will be part of a new group. On September 2015, Cho Seunghee re-debuted with new group DIA. - AnonymousKpop

2 KARA (2007-2016)
3 GLAM (2012-2015)
4 4Minute (2009-2016)

4Minute ( Korean : 포미닛) was a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment with music singles and albums released primarily in South Korea and Japan. The members of the group were Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, Kim Hyun-a, and Kwon So-hyun.The group debuted in June 2009 with its first single, " Hot Issue ", and in December 2010, it released its first Japanese album, Diamond. In 2011, the group released its first Korean full-length album, 4Minutes Left.
The group received the Bonsang Award at the 20th Seoul Music Awards, and the Kpop New Artist Award at the 2010 Billboard Japan Music Awards.
In 2016, Cube Entertainment announced the disbandment of 4Minute after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members - AnonymousKpop

5 JEWELRY (2001-2015)

Jewelry ( Korean : 쥬얼리) was a South Korean girl group formed in 2001 by Star Empire Entertainment. The group was the longest-running Korean girl group (with more than 2 members), surpassing super-group Baby V.O.X., until their disbandment in 2015

On March 3, 2014, it was revealed that Eunjung's contract had expired and she would be leaving the group. Yewon was cast in the weekend drama Hotel King, in the role of an enthusiastic front desk officer. On April 17, 2014, Yewon hosted the Mnet talk show M Countdown Begins with K.Will. Semi will star in a new sitcom, Boarding House no 24 as Park Semi.
On November 19, 2014, Baby J revealed that she will be leaving Jewelry as her contract expired last August It was also revealed that Semi would not be renewing her contract after it expired that month.
On January 7, 2015, the group was officially confirmed as disbanded - AnonymousKpop

6 Chi-Chi (2011-2012)

CHI CHI (치치) ( CHI-CHI in Japan) was a Korean pop 4-member girl group that debuted in 2011 under Trophy Entertainment. The group's name is short for " C reative electronic H ouse I dols".
They originally debuted as a 7 member group; however, after the release of their second digital single, three members left. In December 2011 it was announced that they would debut in Japan in April under Tokuma Japan as a five member group including new member Shine. Member Boreum did not promote with the group since August 2012, which made fans assume she had left the group.
In October 2013, in a recent tweet made by their choreographer, he said the group disbanded. - AnonymousKpop

7 Coed School (2010-2013)

' Co-Ed School' was a South Korean pop group formed by record company Core Contents Media in 2010. They consisted of Taewoon, Sungmin, Jungwoo, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Soomi, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, Chanmi and Noori. The concept of the group was that they were of mixed gender; six males and four females. The members of the group were eventually divided into two sub-units; an all female-group called F-ve Dolls (2011) and an all-male group Speed (2012). In 2013, Core Content Media stated that they have no plans to reform the group as their sub-units have now grown and changed line-ups to become independent ensembles - AnonymousKpop

8 H.A.M. (2009-2012)

HAM was a Korean pop girl group managed by LeeYeon Entertainment and debuted in 2009. The group's name HAM stands for "Heart & Mind". As Su Jin has redebuted with BBde Girl, and the group has been inactive for almost two years (as of December 2012), it's safe to assume that they have unofficially disbanded. - AnonymousKpop

9 KISS&CRY (2014-2014)

Sad news for fans of rookie group Kiss&Cry, which debuted with " Domino Game " early this year. It looks like the group has disbanded, at least according to member Haena who appeared on Mnet's ' Super Star K6 ' as a contestant and revealed this information belatedly.

She said, " There wasn't as much response to Kiss&Cry compared to expectations, so it was suddenly disbanded against our intentions. I'm trying not to be sad. Although we were unable to become famous and disbanded, I hope that we will come together again," and grew teary. - AnonymousKpop

10 Swincle (2011-2011)

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11 Bob Girls (2014-2015)

Bob Girls ( Hangul : 단발머리) were a South Korean girl group under the management of Chrome Entertainment. The group consisted of four members, Dahye, Yujeong, Jina and Danbi. They debuted on June 10, 2014 with the single "No Way" from The 1st Single Album.
In February 2015, it was reported that Jina was diagnosed with encephalitis and the group was disbanded. - AnonymousKpop

12 Wonder Boyz (2012-2015)

Wonder Boyz (원"''즈) was a Korean pop / Hip-Hop 4-member boy group that debuted in 2012 under ent102. - AnonymousKpop

13 VNT (2011-2011)

VNT (브' - "티) was a Korean pop girl group created by Media Line. Their group name is an acronym that stands for "Voice of Ninety Two" due to all three of the members being born in the year 1992. Only four months after their debut, in March 21, 2011, Lil J announced through her personal Twitter that she had left the group, and VNT disbanded soon after. - AnonymousKpop

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