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41 CL CL

How could I forget THE Baddest Female? Her voice is no joke! She's the queen! Not only does her rapping make me live again, but her voice is just pure talent. She can reach high notes, and- well she's just the queen.

CL is the one and only BADDEST FEMALE. PERIOD.

She was born to be on stage. She is a person who can blow you away with her rapping skills, and her voice is not a joke.
Unnie, fighting!

Seriously, people?
How could you ever forget about the QUEEN?
The one and only BADDEST FEMALE, CL!
How could she not be included in the top 10? -_____-
She has a unique voice, you know that!
She can do high notes and her voice can be melodious!
And get ready when she raps, cause ALL HELLS GONNA BREAK LOOSE! >____<

42 Eunji (A Pink)

I think she should be ranked higher... She's have a powerful and amazing voice!

Her voice is really unique, I can recognise it right away

65? How come? :( she is so talented, she can reach many high notes

She has amazing voice.. She must be in top 10.

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43 Wendy Son

Wendy, the queen of singing! Wendy is the main singer of Red Velvet. At this rate, the spotlights will really "shine on her". She's beautiful! Listen to her sing in Happiness, Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb, One of These Nights, Cool Hot Sweet Love--plus her hits with member Seulgi!

Well.. Many people don't know that Wendy is the 2nd Female top vocalist in SM (After Luna). Her voice is powerful, yet soothing. And she has the largest and widest range in the Kpop Industry (Eb3 - Eb7 Octave). Her supported range is also good ( 1 Octave, 2 Notes, and 1 Semitone). She also has the ability to control and move her larynx for stylistic matters. Unfortunately, RV's songs are never gave a chance for Wendy to proof her truth vocal ability (except "Happiness). As a very young vocalist, Wendy has shown a lot of improvement since her debut in 2014. I hope you will become a legendary singer/musician Wendy noona! Wendy, fighting. Red Velvet, fighting!

Her voice touches my heart over 100 times. I don't know why people told that SM vocals weren't good but SM has Luna, Taeyeon, Wendy( although she's very young) who have the best voice 😂😂😂
Sorry for my broken english

44 Baek Hyun
45 G.O (MBLAQ)

GO has such a pleasant voice, just listen to him on king of mask singer

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46 Sandeul

Sandeul is the best...because he has a very strong voice

His voice is like smooth and sweet honey

I really love his voice! Can't deny it;_;

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47 Jun.K

He should be a lot higher than most people on this list. *Cough* Luhan - RockysThighs

He is the most underrated person in kpop but he is so talented.

Jun K is one of the best vocalists in KPOP, yet so underrated.

Innocent guy with many talented proud of you jk

48 G-friend Yuju V 2 Comments
49 Changsub (BTOB) V 2 Comments
50 Sungmin Sungmin
51 BoA BoA BoA Kwon is a singer born in Korea that became popular in Asia. She is known for singing in many languages, including Korean, English, and Japanese. She also is a professional dancer, as well as performer.

How come she is so underrated? she is way better than talentless britney spears. Boa autotuned her voice because she wants to make her music sound electronic, though her real voice sounds even better, britney can't sing. They actually compare that talentless girl to an amazing girl with vocal capacity and great dance moves.

52 Hanbyul
53 Song Jieun V 2 Comments
54 Choa (AOA) V 1 Comment
55 Raina

My bias in as!
Her voice is interesting!
She is cute and beautiful!
She can be sexy too.
She can rap well.
She dances well

56 Soyeon

Undoubtedly one of the best female voice in Korea. She deserves a spot in the top ten, if not the peak. - TeamDougTWD

57 Shin SooHyun

The BEST voice I have ever heard. His voice touches the heart of people.
His voice makes people who never liked him like him. My friend who never liked U-Kiss
Fell in Love with U-Kiss and SooHyun because of SooHyuns amazing singing skills. He is the Best and The BEST leader.
U-Kiss Daebak! - shekibanaseri

58 Himchan

Kya Himchan you are the best. Always vote for you my prince. All the best to you. Go Go Himchan. You are my idol. The best voice I ever heard. Suitable for all songs.

59 Suzy
60 Sulli Choi
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