Top 10 K-Pop Songs of 2015 from Male Groups


The Top Ten

1 If You Do - Got7

This is really good, I love this
All members r really handsome and dance is really great

I love got7 - parkl911

2 View - Shinee
3 Call Me Baby - Exo

Such a good song. My second favorite EXO single (Growl being the first)

This song is too mainstream, why this is here? There's nothing spesial...

4 Run - BTS

! This song is so emotional but it's SO CATCHY, a masterpiece that only BTS can pull off. It has a hip-hop kind of vibe but a sad meaning. I definitely love it. One of the best by BTS!

Run run run to the TOP! #BTS1000Day.

5 Loser - Bigbang

This song is a masterpiece it must be on the number 1!

I think this song should be number 1! The lyrics and MV its just beautiful!

Heyy, come on guys! This song at least should be number 1! Yes! This song is so good! This song prove that BigBang is the King of K-Pop! Vote now, VIPs! VOTE!

Loser proves that BigBang is a Winner! #ProundVIP

6 Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR

I love this song! I think its must be in top under Loser - Bigbang. Ravi's rap is great and Leo's voice is touched me

This is the most perfect duo in k-pop world! Be number 1 LR!

7 Mansae - Seventeen
8 My Type - Ikon
9 Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

This is a masterpiece by BigBang! This song wins "Best Songs of the Year" in MAMA 2015 and the other nominated too! This should be higher! VIPs, vote!

This song ROCKS! Why this is just in 11? THIS IS SHOULD BE 1 WITH LOSER! WOAH! VOTE VOTE!

Bang Bang Bang!

This song win "BEST SONG OF THE YEAR" in MAMA 2015! VOTE NOW, VIPs!

10 Could You Be Mine? - Phantom

The Contenders

11 My House - 2PM
12 Bae Bae - Bigbang
13 Let's Not Fall In Love - Bigbang
14 Sober - Bigbang
15 If You - Bigbang
16 We Like 2 Party - Bigbang
17 Zutter - Bigbang
18 Perfect - One Direction

1D?! In here? After Zayn Malik leave them they're choosing K-Pop way? Haha lol

19 Drag Me Down - One Direction
20 Go Crazy - 2pm
21 Butterfly - BTS
22 Apology - Ikon
23 House of Cards - BTS
24 Dumb & Dumber - Ikon
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