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The Lost One's Weeping

This song is definitely my favorite Kagamine Rin song ever - even my favorite vocaloid song ever. The instrumental is catchy and powerful all in itself, but the lyrics behind the tune are thought-provoking, deep, and meaningful. Kagamine Rin's voice fits the song very well, and it definitely is better than any other vocaloids' cover of it. (Not that other vocaloids sound worse or that you shouldn't enjoy their covers, but Rin is undeniably number one.) It's about how school and education has turned from being a symbol of hope for the future to a noose around an elementary school boy's neck. I highly suggest watching the video (especially with subtitles, if you don't understand the language), because with the background music, the lyrics, and the video altogether, this song will really impact you.

Easily one of my favorite songs. Rin's voice is amazing, and the guitar pairs up with it well. It's great.

The lyrics pierced my heart. I just can't stop listening to this song! Best Kagamine Rin song ever!

Love this song, this song melody, instrument, lyrics is just well balanced just like rolling girl

Tokyo Teddy Bear

Love this song. I interpret it as Rin not fitting in and being suicidal. She says she relates to a teddy bear, stitched up over and over again, refering to how she changed herself so many times. She says she needs to listen to the almighty words of someone to tell her who she is, but she says I don't know. She eventually forgets who she even was to begin with with the lyric just a cell in a sea of strings. She says she wont forget who she really is then commits suicide.

My favorite VOCALOID song of all time, but it is EXTREMELY dark. My interpretation is that's about a girl who feels no one loves her, so she runs away often and turns to drugs and self-harm. She is bullied at school, where her only friend is a ragged teddy bear. She tries to change herself multiple times before finally giving up and killing herself.This entire song is almost like a suicide note. And Rin was the cute, innocent one.

This song is amazing. Rin's only friend is a teddy bear, and at the beginning of the song she tells everyone she's sorry. At the end, she says she won't ever forger who she is. This song is a reminder to everyone what happens if you bully. Definitely my favorite

This is my song... It's what brought me into Vocaloid and got me to love Rin-chan! Tokyo Teddy Bear all the way!


Beautiful. Filled with so much meaning and Rin's voice is epic. A must-watch and must-hear for all Rin fans or Vocaloid fans in general.

I love this song so much kagamine rin is my favorite singer ever she is adorable and cute I am in love with Rin-chan

My first and favourite song sang by Rin. Her voice is epic!

Not only Rin's best, it's the best vocaloid song ever


So catchy and sounds good! The meaning is really deep, too. It makes me cry every time.

FOR THOSE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE MEANING: So, this scientist made this robot, who was Rin. Rin, as a robot, wanted a heart. The scientist also wanted to give it a heart, so he started working on it. But, unfortunately, right as he had finished the heart and was going to give it to Rin, he died. Rin was devastated after this, and in fact was so overcame by sadness that she gained a heart, and was able to express her emotions. But, she wasn't used to the heart, and started to freak out. She panicked so much that she eventually also died. Maybe she even met the scientist in heaven. And, at the end, she is saying, "arigato" (thank you), showing that she was grateful that the scientist put so much work into her and her heart, even if he wasn't able to give it to her. Truly sad.

I love Kokoro! So sad! I like to watch the Rin and Len version. It makes me feel a little bit better because the scientist came back to life, but only for a little while. I cry at the end though...

I LOVE this song! Every time I heard it I cried.

This song is so deep that I cry every single time that I listen.

Paper Airplane

It's amazing. I cried listening to this and you should cry too

Time for a feel trip!

Regret Message

HOW IN THE WAS IT NOT EVEN IN THE LIST?!?!? This song... I have no words to express the sadness in it...

What this should be on the list it is so cute and sad I love it possibly my favorite rin song

The last song to story of evil is Daughter of White, not regret message

Technically the song is on the list if you count Story Of Evil

The Evil Story

As previously stated, it's a series. A really, really good series. My personal favorite is Servant of Evil, but the whole series is amazing and tells a really interesting yet sad story.

Lord don't even get me started.. it's actually a lot of songs, but the basic four (Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, Regret Message, Re_birthday) are the best

Out of all the basic four the only song I don't really like is Daughter of Evil, besides that all of the story of Evil is awesome

I love the evil story it's so sad but I love it all the same I love rin

Electric Angel

This song is one of the catchiest songs by Rin I have heard yet. For some odd reason, I never get tired of it.

Its tune is awesome and you can't help but nod your head to the music. This is amazing! Go listen to it now... Seriously, I guarantee you'll fall in love with this song.

You can not get tired of this song it is awesome I live with 3 brothers who hate the vocaloids they think that they are only for girls and always tease me (I LOVE rin)

Yea I listened to it on repeat during a 3 hour car ride. No matter how much I listen to it I LOVE it!

I Like You, I Love You

It's so nice it melts your heart

It's so cute, I never thought it would this beautiful

The cutest song of len and rin

It's really cute

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

One of my favorite rin songs (my favorite is... I don't know I love them all) it's so good. Maybe it is because I love rin I wish she was my girlfriend

This was the first kagamine song I ever listened to and a year later I still listen to it on an endless repeat

Would have been higher is she redid her version the way Len did his original.

This song.. THIS SONG! Just go right now and listen to it! Listen! And enjoy!

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Abstract Nonsense

One of my favourite songs from Neru-san! People should listen to it! Really!

People barely know about this song... they don't know how good this song is it could almost be as good as the Lost One's Weeping

Why does anyone never know this song? This song is great! Listen it!

Really? No one knows this? Listen it!


This song I very nice, awesome, beautiful and should be part of the top songs, since it appeared in Project Diva. MELANCHOLIC DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE NO 25!

Very special song that Rin's version is exceptionally awesome!

Rin's voice is so adorable! My heart want to get out of my body!

I really love this song it always brings me joy

I Can Take Off My Panties

This song is... Weird but ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I love the tune!

I love this song it is so awesome

Who voted for this kjhgfdsaSPLOKJH

Pantsu nugeru mon non!

Remote Control

How is this not higher? Whenever I think of a high energy song, this come immediately to mind. The Kagamines voices work so well together in this and should deserve much more fame for how great it sounds

This is a Rin&Len duet..Not Rin.


Constipation of Death
Betty the Liar
Gothic and Loneliness
Shikiori No Hane (Seasonal Feathers)

So beautiful, but so sad

The best song to be ever made in the vocaloid world it is really sad when rin asks ren that if he will still love him if she lost her voice,beautiful hands and if she werent a human anymore definitely deserves a higher rank

The lyrics are just so beautiful and the end just makes you wanna cry like a baby!
This was actually my first ever Kagamine song and it introduced me to the whole world of Vocaloid, because I loved it so much that I had to search up and look for more!
I strongly encourage you to go watch it if you haven't already!

Why Won't You Call Me Yet?

This song is sad and Rin has great voice in this one! I cried despite not knowing the lyrics.

Why does no one know this? This song almost relates to EVERY girl! ;

The song is sad but Rin's voice is beautiful, if u listen to it u might cry like I did.

Sweet Magic

Aha I the song is so cute.

Fear Garden

Scary but love it

Good song, but very dark. Essentially a song about Rin's love for dismemberment. She then takes these bodyparts and "plants" them in her garden, specifically the arms. The PV shows images of her fellow vocaloids before they died. It puts special emphasis on Len.

Jsjdfhdbdyedhshe ahh


Just try and sing the first two screaming part and you know why. A very great duet with Len-incest

Is it odd that I can hit the high note in this song?

Its really high and great

Oh my onanas! This song needs to be in the top 5 my favourite song of all times

Trick and Treat

It has a good suspense feeling to it

It's kind of a creepy song by len and rin ^_^

Like it~ its really cool, but hard to play on the piano :(


My favorite song of all time! More people should listen to it.

Rocking' Rin! Rin is so rocking' here.


Levan Polkka (Rin Version)

I like the song that I actually like the miku version better


I personally think think song needs way more love then it does

The emotion in this song along with the beat just makes it amazing. I truly is an amazing piece of art.

Let's not even start on Len's version of this song...

I like to listen to this song on rainy days

End of Solitude

Sad this isn't higher :(

This should be higher TvT I really love this song!

Okochama Sensou (Childish War)

This is really catchy with funny lyric meanings! Also Rin and Len Kagamine sing it too! :3

This is one of my favorites other than Electric Angel!

Kagamine Len Ponponpon

Ponponpon is a really inspirational song and with Len's adorable voice its 100 times better


Undead Enemy

Undead Enemy is just sooo catchy! I've heard it so many times and I still love it.

The Beat And Number Theme Is Amazing.
I Can't Help But Tap My Feet To The Beat Anytime I Listen To It Everyday!

Like Dislike this song...

Amatsu Kitsune (Celestial Fox)

A very upbeat tune and is very cute. I don't really know what else to say for this song except for that I love it!

Iroha Uta

It's kinda fun when I heard it for the first time, I mean, it's hard to sing along when it comes to the part:"Sora ikuzo! Gekokujou! Koko ni tsudoe warera Kagamine ika! "
*stiil doing this*


This song is touching and sad. In the song Rin sighs entire life she keeps on sighing because of something in the past. One day a angel (Len) came to her and said that he was going to take away the sadness ad replace them with happiness. While Rin was think about Len, she had a flashback of her past. She lost the person important to her, Len. She realized that she was trying to warm up Len and started to cry. Len came up to her and apologized for coming late and told Rin to smile for now on before he disappears. And after he faded away, Rin smiled.

Why isn't this higher? It's so touching! And the song itself is awesome.

This song is beautiful oh god

Magical Mirror

Hey, you all must already know this song! For the first time I watch the video, I cry. It's because the song beat and the meaning. I love it!

Adult's Toy
Your Adventure Log Has Vanished

Catchy andò funny. (Jaa! Jaa! ) Dousuruno?

I first listen to this song before I fell in love with vocaliod when my brother had showed me a different version. Then I found some hatsune miku songs and I've loved vocaliod ever since, a few days ago my brother played the song again and I found out is was sung by the kagamine twins. Now I love it even more it's super funny and cute ^^

Daughter of Evil

It goes along with servant of evil and tells a pretty good story

Shake It!

Best song!

Kogitsune No Ran (Rebellion of the Arc Fox)

This is one of the most viewed Rin song! How this is low.


Umm, Nazotoki was sung by Kagamine Len, not Kagamine Rin, and Ponponpon above doesn't apply to Kagamine Rin at all. If you want, the two songs part of the Nazotoki series that Rin sings are "Nazokake" and "Snow is Falling? ".


I LOVE this song. Over 18+ theme's... But still chatchy.

Too Cute
Pantsu Nugeru Mon

This song is very misunderstood. It is actually a song about Rin's struggle with growing up and wanting adult supervision out of her life. She says in the song that she feels like the adults are so prevalent in her life she feels like she has to wear them around like underwear. Hence "I can take off my panties"

Isn't this take off my panties song in Japanese?

Rain Dream Tower

I know miku and len have their part in this but Rin is in it

I Wanna Be a Princess

Why do people always say 'Daughter of Evil'? It wasn't her fault that she sings this, it was the producer's fault! Not hers! And for me I like the song.

Here and There

Clicked on it by mistake, fell in love with it. She sounds sooo cute!


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