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21 Trick and Treat

It has a good suspense feeling to it

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22 Tengaku

Rocking' Rin! Rin is so rocking' here.

23 Shikiori No Hane (Seasonal Feathers) V 2 Comments
24 Antichlorobenzene

I personally think think song needs way more love then it does

The emotion in this song along with the beat just makes it amazing. I truly is an amazing piece of art.

Let's not even start on Len's version of this song...

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25 Melancholic

This song I very nice, awesome, beautiful and should be part of the top songs, since it appeared in Project Diva. MELANCHOLIC DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE NO 25!

Very special song that Rin's version is exceptionally awesome!

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26 Undead Enemy

Undead Enemy is just sooo catchy! I've heard it so many times and I still love it.

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27 Amatsu Kitsune (Celestial Fox)
28 Kogitsune No Ran (Rebellion of the Arc Fox)
29 Remote Control
30 Gekokujou
31 Sigh

This song is touching and sad. In the song Rin sighs entire life she keeps on sighing because of something in the past. One day a angel (Len) came to her and said that he was going to take away the sadness ad replace them with happiness. While Rin was think about Len, she had a flashback of her past. She lost the person important to her, Len. She realized that she was trying to warm up Len and started to cry. Len came up to her and apologized for coming late and told Rin to smile for now on before he disappears. And after he faded away, Rin smiled.

Why isn't this higher? It's so touching! And the song itself is awesome.

32 End of Solitude

Sad this isn't higher :(

33 Magical Mirror

Hey, you all must already know this song! For the first time I watch the video, I cry. It's because the song beat and the meaning. I love it!

34 Adult's Toy
35 Okochama Sensou (Childish War)

This is really catchy with funny lyric meanings! Also Rin and Len Kagamine sing it too! :3

This is one of my favorites other than Electric Angel!

36 Servant of Evil

This song touched my heart deeply and was my first len and rin song

Its awaome inlove it I see myself more in len shoes cause I would do anything ti protect my loved ones

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37 Shake It!
38 Rain Dream Tower

I know miku and len have their part in this but Rin is in it

39 I Wanna Be a Princess

Why do people always say 'Daughter of Evil'? It wasn't her fault that she sings this, it was the producer's fault! Not hers! And for me I like the song.

40 Here and There

Clicked on it by mistake, fell in love with it. She sounds sooo cute!

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