Top Ten Kaizo Tricks in Mario Maker

Of all kaizo tricks that we kaizo players love, these are the most loved of them all, BTW I am Andrew2121 in mario maker, you may or may not know me, enjoy the list

The Top Ten

1 Spring Jump

The easiest and most fun kaizo trick - YOSHIA2121

2 Mid-Air Shell Jump

Tough to learn but fun once you get the feel for the inputs - YOSHIA2121

3 Air Drop Shell Jump

Always fun to do these - YOSHIA2121

4 Ground Pound Cancelling

Only for new soup, and very useful in 100man - YOSHIA2121

5 Air Drop Spring Jump

Love this list

Also only new soup, where you drop a spring while falling and ground pound onto it and jump off, very fun trick - YOSHIA2121

6 BackShot Shell Jump

Super fun to hit, the bigger the backshot, the more satysfying it is to hit - YOSHIA2121

7 Classic Shell Jump

The classic shell jump is usually the first trick kaizo players learned, lots of memories with this trick, very useful in many levels for cheese as well - YOSHIA2121

8 Yoshi Shell Jump

A bit tough to pull off, but a fun trick - YOSHIA2121

9 Pow Drop

Simple trick and also very useful for cheesing levels - YOSHIA2121

10 Mid-Air P-Switch Jump

Can get annoying but very satysfying to hit - YOSHIA2121

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