Top 10 Kajagoogoo Songs


The Top Ten

1 Too Shy

One of the catchiest songs ever with some nice bass - Pepedeli

2 The NeverEnding Story

Limahls only number one hit and rightfully so - Pepedeli

3 Hang on Now

Nice bass and limahl includes some nice vocals in this song - Pepedeli

4 Big Apple

Even without limahl nick beggs and the rest of the googers gave kajagoogoo their last top 10 hit in the U.K. with this song - Pepedeli

5 Love in Your Eyes

Limahl had a nice love song with this hit - Pepedeli

6 Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)

Even though the only lyrics are kajagoogoo they still had a groovy hit with this song - Pepedeli

7 Ooh to Be Ah

A nice catchy hit by kajagoogoo - Pepedeli

8 Only for Love

Even though limahl didn't have much success with or without the googers he still made a catchy tune out of this tune - Pepedeli

9 Turn Your Back on Me

They had a very catchy tune with this song climbing all the way up to number 2 on the dance charts - Pepedeli

10 Shouldn't Do That

Arguably the most catchy song without limahl - Pepedeli

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