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1 Swamplord

By far their best album. I wished they carried this approach in their following albums. They Will Return was wonderful as well but everything after that went terribly wrong. - Vip3r

2 They Will Return

Such a good follow-up to Swamplord. Beautifully crafted album unlike the next one that followed. - Vip3r

3 Swampsong

Not good at all. A very disappointing album. I never understood the hype regarding this bland album. The production is atrocious, and all the riffs and solos are devoid of feelings (barring Bird III Omen), feels like I'm listening to an underground death metal album. My ear hurts every time after listening to this album, because of the buzzing noise..Awful album from an extremely skilled and competent band. - Vip3r

A definitive melodic death metal album.

4 Seventh Swamphony

This album shows a change in their style. They have developed so much as musicians, listen to the song wolves on the throne.

5 The Black Waltz

I love this album the most. The deep vocals and the heavy guitars make every song heavy and awesome. It's probably the only record by Kalmah which is "really" Melodic Death Metal.

Just sometimes it feels a little monotone though. - Flav

6 For the Revolution

People.. This album is as awesome as their previous ones. Personally I love Swamplord and For the Revolution the most. Each song is just great, it is so underrated album.

In my opinion

1- Swamplord
2- The Black Waltz
3- They Will Return
4- Swampsong
5- Seventh Swamphony
6- For The Revolution
7- 12 Gauge

I can definitely say that's a genuine opinion and not based on popularity like 90% of the lists and rankings out there. - Vip3r

7 12 Gauge
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