Best Kanban Tools for Software Development Teams

My list presents the best kanban tools in view of software development team requirements.

The Top Ten


With Zenkit you can organize and plan every Idea, Project or Business. There're a lot of features like assign tasks, comments and reminders to increase team collaboration. Other features like the possibility to add files or the mind map view helps to be more creative and work seamlessly together. - JessiLu

Kanban is such a great and user friendly way of organize things, we've all been using it at some point on a whiteboard. It's just a switch to a computer now (and a smartphone! ) - Rostane

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Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool improved our collaboration. Now, it is far more easier for us to share documents and comments. Also, Google Drive integration is great. Keep going! - marcoff

Definitely the best tool for teams out there!

+ Wide range of customization possibilities - Developers tools power-up allows you to add custom scripts and stylesheets to your board.
+ Integration with Jira.
+ Integration with Zapier
+ Time tracking
+ pricing - clive_dev43

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+ GitHub Integration
+ pricing - clive_dev43

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Jira Agile

+ Integration with Jira products
- pricing - clive_dev43

Pivotal Tracker

+ Epic’s real-time progress - clive_dev43


Eylean is not only easy to use, but also offers integration with Team Foundation Server for much easier and better project management experience.

The tool is easy to use and great for software development teams due to its two-way integration with Team Foundation Server.

+ burndown chart
+ time tracking
- pricing - clive_dev43

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