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Vote for you favourite album by the band Kansas. This band has a very diverse and fulfilling set of albums that all have their own nostalgic, great feel. Name your favourite here, and maybe tell us why. Feel like I left a great album out? Tell us why. Rate your favourite and send it to the top.

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1 Leftoverture

This album has to be my number one because of the shear amount of songs I enjoy on it. It is home to my absolute favourite Kansas song, Miracles out of nowhere. The rest of the songs on the album just build to what is an absolutely incredible album. I must say my opinion is slightly biased in that this was my first record I ever bought by this band; I think the nostalgia alone makes me love this album to death.

By far their best album absolutely incredible from production to superb songs, only just slightly ahead of Point Of Know Return for No1.

All of these tracks are prog-masterpieces.

Amazing journey into inspiring melodies! Instant classic.

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2 Song for America

Well, this album may be called "Song For America" but it really spoke to me, a Canadian. Great album, has a bunch of really, really great tunes. Of course the title song "Song For America" is absolutely incredible, it is seriously amazing. Thank you Kansas.

3 Point of Know Return

This album is simply incredible. Dust in the wind is a lyrical, and instrumental masterpiece. Picking a number one album is difficult, we are all Kanas fans here, so deciding on the number one is very difficult. I have to say though, personally, I seem to enjoy this album very much so. It is so close to a number one, but I cannot put it over my favourite album Leftoverture.

Quite possibly the best Kansas album (excluding compilations) throughout their 40+ year career. Notable songs include the Title track, The acoustic guitar ballad Dust in the Wind, the extremely underrated Paradox, the political comparison piece that was Sparks of the Tempest, the somewhat eerie Nobody's Home, and the slightly preachy but certainly true Hopelessly Human. - ConnorTheCritic

Where to begin? This album is works so well. No song feels out of place, and every one is a masterpiece. This album feels more connected than some concept albums. "Closet Chronicles" will always be my favorite, but the title track, "dust in the wind," "lightning's hand," "portrait," and every other song are all perfect too.

POKR is a remarkable work the represents the blend of progressive elements with accessibility better than any album ever made.

4 Audio-Visions

The final album to include the original line up, and they did not fail to impress. This album has a plethora of great tunes.

5 Masque

This is a really good album... I don't think I have invested enough time in listening to it, to really give an honest review. But as of now, I do enjoy the majority of the tunes.

Best Kansas album for my opinion, really progressive

6 Kansas

This is one hell of a debut album, and it set the tone for the ones to follow. This is an incredible album, and contains some of the bands most instrumentally diverse songs. I actually really like the album art from this record as well, very nice...

It didn't take long for me to vote for this - Sabbath

7 Vinyl Confessions

I don't really know why I love this album so much. I don't like it as much as the early 70's albums, but that is likely because I prefer that decade of music (in general). This album is one of my favourites from the 80's and it has the bands 3rd highest rated song on the billboard 100 (right behind carry on wayward son and dust in the wind).

8 The Prelude Implicit

The first Kansas in 16 years sees the band create an album in the vein of Point of Know Return & Monolith as well as mixing a more modern sound and succeed brilliantly. This is thanks due to the songwriting by all the members of the band with much of the credit going to newcomers Zac Rizvi and Ronnie Platt, the brilliant musicianship, and stellar production thank Rizvi founding members Phil Ehart & Rich Williams as well as newcomer Zac Rizvi.

9 Freaks of Nature

Rather forgettable save for the tracks Hope Once Again & Peaceful and Warm

10 In the Spirit of Things

Well, its an album.

The Contenders

11 Somewhere to Elsewhere

After 21 years, all the original band members reunited to record a new album and it was the best one since Point of Know Return with the standout tracks being Icarus II, When the World was Young, The Coming Dawn, Myriad, Look at the Time, Dissapearing Skin Tight Blues, and Distant Vision.

12 Always Never the Same
13 Drastic Measures
14 Power

Although it is technically Streets 2.0, Power brought Kansas back to thepublic with some great songs including the rock masterpiece that is Silhouettes in Disguise, Power, the very 80s love song All I Wanted, the instrumental Musicatto, and the acoustic ballad Taking in the View. - ConnorTheCritic

15 Monolith

Interesting album, but in my opinion it doesn't quiet have the same spectacular qualities the others do. Of course this is simply my opinion, but I just prefer some of the older albums from the early 70's.

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