Top 10 Karaoke Brands

Have you ever sung and not noticed the brand? Here are the top 10 of any type, like regular commercial and DVD/VCD.

The Top Ten

1 KY (Kumyoung)

It's multilingual, perfect for Asian countries, like Philippines, China, Japan and Korea.

Is there a USB port? I don't care, it's awesome anyway.

Best karaoke!

Inspired my homemade SP PLANVIP EX videos.

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2 TJ

It's got two fonts, both rounded, in my case I like rounded fonts.

3 Xtreme Magic Sing

Not exactly the best one around, but I have one. That's why I put it in the top 3.

4 Ivory Records

That says bureowitapu. The 'pu' syllable is missing

5 Platinum

I like the machine but the fonts, they just don't get it, unless it's TJ Platinum.

6 Famous / Focus Karaoke Phils

It inspires my videos too!

7 Able Music

Not a very good logo, but quite good karaoke.

8 HDT (Hyundai)

Rip-off of Platinum, but still okay.

9 TJ Platinum

The scores always appear at the end, I bet it doesn't have any score off option, which freaks me out.

10 Star Records

The Contenders

11 Joysound
12 Yamaki
13 Sing and Vision

Lively karaoke, not that good of a font. That's why I use Helvetica Bold, 1/2 Condensed and not Times Bold, 0 Condensed.

14 Music Lab

Same issue as Sing and Vision.

15 Megapro

Score there doesn't appear by random.

16 DAM
17 UGA
18 Audio-Technica
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