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Hibari Kyouya

For the most part of the series, Hibari is portrayed as an anti-hero, taking little to no interest in the events that surround the main protagonist, Tsuna Sawada.
He is introduced as the leader of the Disciplinary Committee at Tsuna's school, Namimori High. Despite his status, he is a delinquent who uses violence to create his own form of order in school, as well as enforcing it throughout certain parts of the town of Namimori.

Hibari is the best character on reborn and he's awsome, cool
Everything about him is just spells the word amazing
Kyouya is there most strongest and best guardian for the vongola
And he totally kicks A**

OMG! hibari should really be the number 1! kyaah! he really is hot! (especially in the OVA of KHR) so he should really be and besides he is being cute when he is with roll and hibird as he is cuddling with them kyah!

Hibari is cute and awesome in his own way. I love his quietude as he doesn't care others' business and just stand on his own way, believing in himself. I love Kyoya! He is the best of the best ever! And of course, he will be the 1st ever(for me). ;)

Tsunayoshi Sawada

It is just as they said Tsuna is just an ordinary boy with a very down to earth vision of life. He is nothing like a traditional hero. And yet he is the most extraordinary one with a pure (and yet not annoying) heart!
No matter how scared he is he won't give up as long as it is to protect the ones he loves. That conviction is for me what makes him the most endearing character!
Plus he is constantly evolving thourough the serie so it is interesting to watch.

tsuna is the most realistic character in the series and even though he is scarred or frightened, he'll fight for his friends and won't back down when he's faced with an almost impenetrable wall. Plus he can fly.

Loads of character growth through the series. Although unsure about what to do in some situations, he can get through lots of problems with a little help from his friends and dying will pills. And he has this amazing form in his hyper dying will mode that makes his eyes glow orange with kickass fire powers and a cool persona to go with. What's to not want?

I love my boy. He could be cowardly from time and too kind-hearted for his own good, but you best believe that if you hurt or even kill anyone he considers a friend/family, he will not hesitate to kick some a**.

Hayato Gokudera

He's really funny after being saved by tsuna and he goes all "man crush" on him too. Hes also really hot especially his TYL! version! Who can resist him really? From his character you can tell that he is pretty passionate about many things and he really cares for everyone he knows despite his personality. Many people like him mysterious but yet not. Other than that he is a genious and REALLY good at the piano!

Gokudera, during the serie he's always over protecting Tsuna
But he is really cute, he acts like he doesn't need friends But when the other
Ones are in trouble he try hin best to help.

He use to don't trust in anybody and in the mafia nobody could control him.
The genius of the group (he's super-smart) and the cutest one.

Gokudera has one of the most detailed background stories and after I knew all that stuff about him I understood why he is such a jerk sometimes. But he can be really lovely if he wants to. I like his intelligence and his subtle quirkiness. The fact that he likes cats is also an uberplus for me. Storm is just the best.

He's awesome. And he's pretty handsome. He treats Tsuna like his master. The ten years later version of him is even better. He is much more matured. The 15 year old him is very childish.

Takeshi Yamamoto Takeshi Yamamoto is a fictional character in the Reborn! manga and anime series created by Akira Amano.

One of best anime chara here.. Yamamoto has a kind, easy-going personality. Nobody don't like his attitude. He don't have any bad characteristics. His positive thinking is number 1! But, he didn't seem too smart tough full of luck of instincs. His personality most likely similar with normal person in the real world. It makes me wanna have his attitude, an attitude that everybody want to be had...

his positive personality and the smile all the time, and cheering up his friends, I like to be like him, also shigure souen ryu is awesome specially scontoro di rondine, but yeah yamamoto is the best

This guy is underrated. It's great how he isn't too giddy and happy, but he isn't too serious either. Moreover, he has an admirable fighting style.

He so absurdly dense! But is also so optimistic... favorite character of them all. His fights with hayato are particularly hilarious


Reborn is a mysterious character, his full potential is still unknown but out of the 7 arcobaleno (also known as the strongest 7), he is the strongest. Even when the 7 are not yet infant and capable of using their full power, according to Lal, Reborn far more exceeds the other 6. Also in the latest chapter, it is revealed that Reborn is serious in being Tsuna's tutor, and doesn't really care of regaining his original form.

He is the strongest arcabaleno. And arcabalenos are the strongest seven..

best arcobaleno, best hitman and coolest character in katekyo hitman reborn esp in adult form

He deserves the first position. Without this sadistic baby hitman tutor.. Katekyo hitman reborn would not have been possible...


The only character with a calm and awesome personality and storyline.
The one who supports the Vongola yet without getting related with the mafia.
The one who gives all his support he can for Tsuna but not showing it in front of others...
The Guardian of the Mist Rokudou Mukuro...

Mukuro is a very unique villain, he has a surprisingly heroic side(he hates the mafia for using him and his friends as experiments) and he's a very funny character to boot, his pineapple hair is always made fun of, and not many shounen antagonists get to be a comedy relief. I also like his character design(in the manga).

Awesome character, cool powers, sad past, and hot. Who would ask for more in a character? Oh, don't forget the fact that his hetrochonical eyes aren't cool.

Mukuro is reliable and cool character in khr series

Chrome Dokuro

Chrome-chan is very cute and strong she is so awesome! My favorite character!


She's so cute and always tries to keep lambo out of trouble which was very mature and fun to watch. Plus she has the cutest voice ever, a carefree girl that doesn't get in the way of every else!

She's cute, Adorable and Strong. when I watched her fight She's so Awesome! and her Adult version is really really Pretty

Ryohei Sasagawa

The bright sun that shine light upon the great sky. That just how he is always protect his friend and his sister. The one who crush all adversities that goes against the family.

I love Ryohei, but he's really underappreciated! He's so cool and passionate, and really protective as well!

Ballin! Smart, funny and strong. Especially the part when he fights a bear.

He is a man with huge life passion. It's clearly that Ryohei should be the strongest Guardian in Vongola. I mean, his fist Bro! There aren't any medicine to lower his strength! Laugh out loud :v He is the person beside Yamamoto who gave me a lot of moral value like "passion", "spirit", "easy-going", etc.. Like this otoko very much! KYOKUGEN!


The Contenders

Lal Mirch

There's no way haru is a more popular character then lal Mitch its impossible I mean I'm sure a lot of people agree with me when I say this. and she is so annoying. Lal mirch doesn't deserve to be so low down on this list and definitely doesn't need to be below haru or lambo

She's amazing, I just love her character design! It's what got me back into watching Hitman Reborn.

She should be higher than haru

Oh no, another angsty-agressive-cold-badass. Overrated girl. That's a no for me.


. . .

Haru Miura

Stylish, up-beat girl! It's kinda sad that even though she's involved with the Mafia, somehow, she got no strong abilities, besides being good in athletic terms, to have the spotlight in the battlefield.

Haru is underrated and she should be treated just as good as Kyoko, honestly. I also love her little rants with Gokudera. She's also a very realistic character. Unlike someone..

Miura is so kawaii

I hope she can be the great assasin. I love to read the fanfiction about her. 😊


An awesome emo guy! He is just epic when it comes to mocking others. Also really handsome!

Belive me, you can sometimes really love the way he can act like an idiot.

He's dark and emo but I think he's cool and kind of funny sometimes

He is so damn funny! I wish I had him as my little brother!


MARSHMALLOWS ARE AWESOME so cool so awesome so marshmallow yea that our marshmallow freak aka byakuran

He's like super hot, but also really dangerous!

Marshmallow is best

He's powerful and he's good looking!


Child Lambo is the worst thing ever.
But 15 and 25-year-old Lambo are really awesome.

It's lambo.. have you not seen him 25 years old?

Lambo is cute and tough! people say he's weak... because they just judge him because of his persona, not by his power! and he's really funny!

lambo is really funny love how he always takes the mik out of I pin should be number 1


Most Badass Boss ever on the whole Anime History!

You have got to love him and his character.

Trash.. You are a badass character


Belphegor Belphegor is a blackened death metal band from Salzburg, Austria. They originally formed in 1991 under the name Betrayer before changing their name in 1993. They are named after the demon Belphegor.

I love the picture here! LOL

Belphegor is a sadist. He is cool and I like his twisted mind. His smile is crazy too, but in a cute way

I love Belphegor! He is the best prince!

Him and his box weapon is so funny



He's so hot,and he looks like the TYL tsuna! I just can't believe no one voted for giotto. People who didn't vote for giotto
Are a bunch of dickheads.

No one see the handsomeness og Giotto?
He'practically the sexiest me in khr

No rate foR MY HUSBANDO...? That's GOOD!

Suberbi Squalo

He's royal he's hot he's awesome he's yea

The way he talks to xanxus is just epic

Voi! Why no one vote for him
You all piece of trash if you don't vote for him!
He's the second sword emperor
He's the varia captain and strategist
He's also one of the varia boss candidates but xanxus won→_→
He's also really really very extremely loud
So vote for him you piece of scum
Meaning of voi is "you" in itallian

Kozato Enma

Daemon Spade is the reason why Enma attack the Vongola. It's the melon haired fault!

Kyoko Sasagawa

Her cute personallity and they way OF tsuna like her is What make me fall in love with her. Hope tsuna can tell his felling to Kyoko Chan someday


He is so HAWT and calm and SeXY AND CUTE and powetful!


The best baby in the series (and there's A LOT OF BABIES)

He's just one badass baby


Spanner is the coolest! He has the best attitude and is also very smart. I don't get why not many people voted for him.

I just can't stop to love him.

He's awesome

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