Best Katy B Songs

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1 Lights On

I keep on moving when the lights out! Amazing tune, always makes you wanna dance and song along!

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2 Katy on a Mission
3 Easy Please Me

Love the background music and her voice is mysterious!

It is all you need to know on how to attract the right girl!

4 Broken Record

Love the tittle and the song!

5 5am
6 Crying for No Reason

I don't know how this song is last! Its her best song yet!

7 Little Red
8 Perfect Stranger
9 Anywhere In the World

Amazing voice in this song!

10 Why You Always Here

Love the way she sings the song

The Contenders

11 Louder
12 What Love Is Made Of
13 Witches Brew
14 Power On Me

Love this song so much.

15 Movement

This song deserves to be higher. It is much better than the others!

16 Go Away

Love the song and the way she says go away!

17 Disappear

One of her best songs and should be rated higher

18 Hard to Get

Last on the album but first on my song list!

19 Water
20 Something New

This song has a awesome beat!

21 I Like You
22 Turn the Music Louder
23 Finding Tomorrow
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