Top Ten Katy Perry, Britney Spears & Rihanna Songs


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1 Dark Horse

I'm so addicted to this song I'd sing all day is no rap Buy - onlyway

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2 Umbrella V 2 Comments
3 Roar

Amazing song with a catchy beat, decent vocals, awesome instrumentation, and inspirational, well-written lyrics.

I my goodness kitty purry you are the best at
Roaring if your elefant is named Ellie my name is
Sincerely of course Ellie

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4 Work B**h

Britney's exclusive new song Work B**h - onlyway

You spelled it wrong

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5 Toxic

The Best Britney's Songs!

6 Till The World Ends

One Of All Best Songs from Britney Spears! Make me dancing and Catchy for my ear! This should be number 1

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7 E.T

I find this awesome and is so futuristic! I also love the part with kayne west! LOVE IT!

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8 Womanizer
9 Love The Way You Lie

I love this song!

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10 Gimme More

The Contenders

11 Pour it Up
12 Right Now
13 Disturbia

This song is so original...
Disturbia beat all the song of Katy Perry

14 Phresh Out the Runway
15 Unconditionally

Lyrics video of Katy - onlyway

16 Everytime

Incorporates darkness with light. Even if you don't know the meaning behind it, you love it and if you do know the meaning, you love it even more

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17 Firework

Scotty masters I like fireworks is my favorite songs of katy perry she make me happy
I know katy perry so hot of music on radio stations scotty masters I hope she playing it for me

Amazing song and such a good moral! X Katy Perry is amazing and this song should be waay higher! X

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18 Legendary Lovers
19 Hold It Against Me
20 Walking in Air

Katy Perry performed song in MTV - onlyway

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