Top Ten Keith Green Songs

What song by the Christian Pianist/Singer Keith Green is your favourite? Keith Green (1953-1982) is one of my biggest role models, he inspired many. His voice just speaks to me.

The Top Ten

1 The Prodigal Son Suite

This is my personal favourite. 12 minutes and 21 seconds of amazing piano, and singing! Very powerful. - TheHabsFan

2 Oh Lord, You're Beautiful

Very good words, "Oh Lord Your Beautiful Your Face Is All I Seek" - TheHabsFan

3 Make My Life a Prayer to You

Very powerful words and great message. Make My Life A Prayer to You! - TheHabsFan

4 There Is A Redeemer
5 You Put This Love In My Heart

I love his feel good songs, and this is a perfect example. - TheHabsFan

6 He'll Take Care of the Rest

This song gives me strength in times of hardship. No matter what happens He'll Take Care of the Rest. - TheHabsFan

7 The Battle Is Already Won

I love the words. The Battle Is Already Won, You Just Have to Claim the Victory. - TheHabsFan

8 Lies

Great words about the deceitful devil. All of the Devil's wicked lies if you believe them your faith just dies. - TheHabsFan

9 To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice. That just says it All, just obey the Lord! - TheHabsFan

10 So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt

Absolute classic, never gets old. - TheHabsFan

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