Top Ten Kerbal Space Program Planets and Moons

This all applies to easiness, overall beautiful appearance, good challenge, and fun to get to.

The Top Ten Kerbal Space Program Planets and Moons

1 Laythe

It's like Kerbin and orbits around Jool. How badass is that. - GamerQuinn

2 Kerbin

Harbors life, starting planet, heck even flying around it just for fun is pretty cool. - GamerQuinn

3 Duna

In it's older state it was EPIC. Now it sucks :( - GamerQuinn

4 Gilly

It's literally a captured asteroid. And you can EVA down to it rather than use a lander. - GamerQuinn

5 Eve

Holy smokes. It's hard to land on (and exit) but it's so frigging cool. The sky and surface combined are beautiful and the sunsets, OH MY LORD. It's all GREEN like the aurora borealis. - GamerQuinn

6 Jool

Previously I stated Eve has a cool sunset. Well on Jool, it's purple! Pretty neat huh? and it's a gas giant with many cool moons including laythe. - GamerQuinn

7 Eeloo

It's far away but worth the energy. It's like PLUTO for crying out loud! - GamerQuinn

8 Minmus

It looks like mint dessert. Note: Do not eat. - GamerQuinn

9 Dres

Ceres counterpart. Kinda reminds me of Han Solo diving around through that one big asteroid when flying around Dres. - GamerQuinn

10 Kerbol

We need it to live! And also, just simply flying right into Kerbol is wasteful but pretty damn funny. - GamerQuinn

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