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1 Zoruru

He's like dororo but cooler he has metal on half his body! His arm can turn into a sword! And he has peri ing red eyes so he it awesome! He's like dororo but better! They from an anime - Agilitydustman

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2 Dororo

He is a ninja who does ninja stuff. - Agilitydustman

3 Kururu

He does reckon stuff. I wonder if he likes nes games. - Agilitydustman

4 Pururu

Pururu is fun. She can turn into a human. She is the only girl in the keronian army. - Agilitydustman

5 Keroro

The guy who started it all. He is the leader of the keroro platoon. - Agilitydustman

6 Joriri
7 Garuru

He is giroros big bro. He has more weapons than giroro and is stronger. He's pretty cool. - Agilitydustman

8 Karara

She is only in a few episodes but she is funny in all of them - Agilitydustman

9 Maru
10 Giroro

He was my very close friends favorite but the he had to move to Korea - Agilitydustman

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