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1 Jay Jay

Played in the end of FrontSeatCoasters videos! Such a great track!

2 Shiny Tech

MORE BFDI MUSIC! YES! - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

3 Cipher

This is His most overrated song it hurts my ears when I hear it and it so damn overused in YouTube videos its not even funny it's torture it's basically the Royality Free Watch Me by Silento I have never heard something so bad be so overplayed - christangrant

4 New Friendly

International - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

Required for the first episode of an object show!

This Song Is From Battle For Dream Island! ✏️📌📖

5 Spazzmatica Polka

Hell no this is trash - christangrant

6 Smoking Gun
7 Ossuary 6 Air

This is a Masterpiece Creepy and Relaxing at the same time - christangrant

8 Aftermath
9 Hitman
10 Shiny Tech II

The Contenders

11 Pixel Peeker Polka
12 Five Armies
13 The Descent
14 Black Vortex

The beginning of the song is quite then the song is so loud I feel like I'm in a Star Wars movie

15 Killing Time
16 RetroFuture
17 Full On
18 Frozen Star
19 Movement Preposition
20 In the Hall of the Mountain King
21 Crusade
22 Second Coming
23 Pinball Spring
24 Death of Kings 2
25 The Cannery

I love this song. perfect roleplay music as well

26 Big Rock

You've probably heard this song if you've seen goanimate grounded videos. - railfan99

27 Satiate
28 The Lift
29 Radio Martini

BFDI BAY BAY! - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

30 Killers
31 Sneaky Snitch

This song is used in a ton of youtube videos, and it never gets old! :3

32 The Hive
33 Failing Defense
34 Merry Go
35 Controlled Chaos

Announcer: Leafy, you got 0 votes, here's your cake. Needle, you also got 0 votes, same with Ice Cube, Rocky, Teardrop, and Coiny. Uh, maybe I should turn down the throwing speed of the tosser. Snowball, you're safe at zero too. Tennis Ball, you didn't do anything good but you're safe with 1 vote, so is Sam, whoever Sam is.
Announcer: Well, too bad for me because Golf Ball is safe at 1 vote, and you, Flower are out with 4 votes!
Flower: GR! (presses button) - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

It’s a really good song if you’re trying to think, and it’s also really creepy. Definitely one of my favorites.

36 Who Likes to Party

This is absolutely Abysmal song from start to finish - christangrant

37 In Your Arms

Jazz piece, best of its kind

38 El Magicia
39 Chase
40 Lightless Dawn
41 Ghost Story
42 Piece for Disaffected Piano Two

This has to be the creepiest piece of music I've ever heard.

43 Breaktime

Coaster Studios anyone? - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

44 Golly Gee
45 Gaslamp Funworks
46 Vivacity
47 Porch Swing Days (Slower)

It's a calm and relaxing song! - SachiyoHasegawa

48 Gymnopedie No. 1
49 Local Forecast - Elevator
50 Stringed Disco
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1. Shiny Tech II
2. Cipher
3. Five Armies
1. Ossuary 6 Air
2. Hitman
3. Aftermath
1. Spazzmatica Polka
2. Cipher
3. Shiny Tech

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