Best Kevin MacLeod Songs


The Top Ten

1 Shiny Tech


Why do you think we're abusing him? We're not! We just like him a lot! - SachiyoHasegawa

2 Spazzmatica Polka

Hell no this is trash - christangrant

3 Cipher

This is His most overrated song it hurts my ears when I hear it and it so damn overused in YouTube videos its not even funny it's torture it's basically the Royality Free Watch Me by Silento I have never heard something so bad be so overplayed - christangrant

4 Smoking Gun
5 New Friendly

Required for the first episode of an object show!

No, this one honestly isn't that good. - CloudInvasion

6 Pixel Peeker Polka
7 Ossuary 6 Air

This is a Masterpiece Creepy and Relaxing at the same time - christangrant

8 Hitman
9 Jay Jay

Played in the end of FrontSeatCoasters videos! Such a great track!

10 Aftermath

The Contenders

11 RetroFuture
12 The Descent
13 Black Vortex
14 Movement Preposition
15 Full On
16 In the Hall of the Mountain King
17 Second Coming
18 Pinball Spring
19 The Cannery

I love this song. perfect roleplay music as well

20 Big Rock

You've probably heard this song if you've seen goanimate grounded videos. - railfan99

21 Death of Kings 2
22 The Lift

The Lift is a great song that is fitting for a lot of occasions. - CloudInvasion

23 Satiate
24 Who Likes to Party

This is absolutely Abysmal song from start to finish - christangrant

25 In Your Arms

Jazz piece, best of its kind

26 Sneaky Snitch
27 El Magicia
28 Chase
29 Lightless Dawn
30 The Hive
31 Ghost Story
32 Failing Defense
33 Piece for Disaffected Piano Two

This has to be the creepiest piece of music I've ever heard.

34 Breaktime
35 Golly Gee
36 Gaslamp Funworks
37 Vivacity
38 Porch Swing Days (Slower)

It's a calm and relaxing song! - SachiyoHasegawa

39 Gymnopedie No. 1
40 Local Forecast - Elevator
41 Stringed Disco
42 Ouroborous
43 Exit the Premises
44 Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
45 Move Forward
46 Ambler
47 Merry Go
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