Top Ten Faces You Can Make With Your Keyboard


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141 T_T

It kinda looks like a ghast from Minecraft

I think it looks like a ghost from craft mine

Cool Yo

142 (v•-•v)

So cute! Why is this nearly the last? Nearly as cute as kirby!

He's pointing down and saying WHAT R DOSE! - CyborgPenguin

He is whipping!

My reaction when my 3 year old sister kicks me in the balls: (v•-•v)

V 1 Comment
143 -(π _ π )-

Looks like he was hypnotized by the numbers of pi


it sucks

144 ((⌂_⌂)) V 2 Comments
145 ಥ_ಥ

How do you do this... - Ananya

How do you make it

Why you make him cry? That's so mean and unsupportive!

This face makes me remind of yandere simulatur " NOTICE ME SENPIA"

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146 :3

If you tilt your head the right way it looks kinda like a chef

Innocent smile.

Looks like a cat :3

,Looks like covfefe I mean what is that people?

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147 [•~_~•] V 3 Comments
148 ˘—˘
149 v_V

Its like your sighing

150 G:":"#vu""")).

Is this a face or a code? A 99.99999999% chance that it's a code.

I don't get it

Most people don't see it at first but I think that it is absolutely one of if not the best emotioncon in the entire world! Love it so much!


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151 (•-•) V 3 Comments
152 ◕ ‿ ◕ V 2 Comments
153 ("<) V 3 Comments
154 Ø—Ø V 4 Comments
155 >(•.•)< V 1 Comment
156 ¯\_(°_O)_/¯

When your homie asks why you were wearing glasses today and he semd you this, you know he got a black eye

\_(*_0)_/ This was as close as I could get with a keyboard w/o number pad... Still okay, though.

157 (=●w●=)

So adorable! Looks like a kitten!

158 e_e

This face represents how I feel 98% of the time. - Dawscr

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159 【=◈︿◈=】

Porter robinson - akyreaper

"Top Ten Faces You Can Make With Your Keyboard"... What kind of keyboard those guy have?!

160 .(>.<).
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