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1 Hang Pi Mana

This song bring a self-aura to me when I heard this song, And Yabang voice just' like wow!. No word to describe this beautiful song. So suitable to be top 1 in this list.

Morallities lyric, perfect voice by brother Yabang, perfect song which the style compared a Siam, Chinese, Malay and Indian music tradition in this song. I mean this song are just perfect. - mukhlzaxc876

Nice lyric, definitely a best song evah. So suitable to win as a Best Performance in AJL 31!, with a Yabang voice ughhh so perfect.

Litterally the best comeback song in the Malaysia music industry history. After this song gone viral. Now Malaysian people see their talent for example the Yabang voice, they put the Malay culture and the reality things in their song etc. Congrats Khalifah, I hope you success in dunia and akhirat. AMEEN.

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2 Assalamualaikum Ustazah
3 Cikgu Ayu
4 Cinta Dan Sayang

Great melodies, and a music video. It tottaly a different style from the other Khalifah but it doesn't mean it bad, but it my favourite Khalifah song, vote it at least to top 2.

5 Ni Hao Ma
6 Suara Khalifah
7 Cintaku Dewi Kermala
8 Buah Hati
9 Siapa Laila

Great lyrics, perfect Yabang voices. One of my favourite Khalifah song. This song deserve to be in top 5. Vote for this song guys!

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10 Lagu Untuk Adinda

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11 Sebutir Bintang

Abseleoutly the greatest song in their latest album. The arrangement melodies so perfect. I hope this song will be played on all radio station in Malaysia and will be famous one day and they'll pick this to be next single.

So heart touching, meaningful lyrics. Yabang wrote this lyrics with a soul. And super duper great melodies, plus a great appreciaiton and perfectly perfect Yabang voice. My favourite song in their latest album Cerita Kita. This should be on top of the list.

12 Satu Kalimah
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