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1 Maddie Ziegler Maddie Ziegler

I love Maddie Ziegler so much, she is an outstanding dancer. She inspires me as a dancer to be the best I can be and she inspires other girls like me to follow their dreams and be the best that they can be. She is a very kind girl and if you are ever sad her dancing always put a smile on your face. Sia picked the absolute best person to be in her music videos. Maddie is a special dancer, her kindness and her love of dance really inspires me. No surprise that she is number 1 on this list of best dancers.

Why is everybody saying that I think this person is better than Maddie or this person is? Maddie is a truly amazing dancer. Yes there are other dancers that maybe better than Maddie in certain things however Maddie is a beautiful girl and dancer. Why else would Sia have asked her to dance in music videos..? Overall I think that Maddie is an amazing dancer and there might be other kids that can do certain things Maddie can't but she is truly remarkable. She's only 13/14, she probably never thought that she would become famous and become one of the best dancers. So just relax guys.

There is no doubt she is the best. Her technic, her movement but most of all her facial expressions make her unique and no-one I have ever seen uses his/her face so beautifully and heart taking as maddie. She is a dance prodigy

Maddie is an amazing dancer and I think she deserves this spot in the top ten! She is an amazing role model and I feel like lots of young women look up to her.

2 Sophia Lucia

Sofia is an amazing dancer she should definitely be number 1 not number 2

I have absolutely NO IDEA how Maddie is above Sophia. Just because Maddie is the star of dance moms does not mean that she is better than Sophia. For those people who voted for Maddie, please please please watch Sophia's dances. She is truly an amazing dancer with baby flexibility and unbelievable technique. "Best dancers" is about ability and talent, not about facial expressions. Sophia's abilities far outreach those of Maddie's. Sophia is a dancer and Maddie is a performer- that is it. I am not hating on Maddie, do NOT get me wrong, because I do feel that Maddie is a great dancer. But Sophia really truly is one of a kind and she is the most talented dancer I have ever seen. Her posture is also AMAZING


Sophia Lucia is a Prodigy. Her technicality and lines and spins etc are flawlesss. Although I very much LOVE dance moms and I am a huge fan of Maddie Ziegler, it is quite obvious Sophia is a better dancer. Maddie Ziegler is an amazing dancer, but there is no way she is better than Sophia Lucia.

Maddie is the best dancer in the world, and even though she is beyond wonderful at her emotion and her performance, she easily has the best technique between Sophia and Maddie. Plus back to the emotion, Maddie has something Sophia does not in the emotion area.

3 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

Love this girl

Maddie is even better than her sister why is she third?

Mackenzie, you inspire and motivate me everyday.

Mackenzie is a great dancer, singer, model and actress! I have no idea why people don’t think she deserves this spot, because I think she does. Mackenzie is a beautiful girl and a great dancer she is awesome! Mackenzie, you are amazing! I love you!

4 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

"Chloe works sooo hard and she's so kind. I'm so glad that she left Dance Moms, because Abby made fun of her eye, which was a health problem. I love all the girls, but I think Maddie and Chloe are equal. If Chloe had recieved the same amount of attention as Maddie did, I believe that she won more competitions. Unlike Maddie, Chloe didn't need to win dance competitions. People saw that she worked hard and was talented. I'M NOT SAYING MADDIE IS UNTALENTED, I'm saying Chloe didn't need the attention to be the star she is today. GO CHLOE! I LOVE YOU!

Chloe is a STAR! She should be number 1! #LoveChloe!

Chloe kept dancing her heart out regardless of what others said to her or about her. she cried real tears and went through real pain. Chloe should be #1 because Maddie never has to go through anything. The tears she sheds are fake and she has no emotion. Maddie claims that she is Chloe's friend but real friends stand up for each other. Although Maddie appears to be all that and so beautiful, Chloe is beautiful inside and out. Chloe this message is for you. Don't let other people tell you who to be. Only be the one and only you cause if you are trying to be like Maddie then there will be two of her and none of you. Be original. Keep trying your hardest and keep being the one and only, super-talented, amazing dancer, Chloe Lukasiak. Love, Anonymous!

Chloe is a sense of grace she is truly incredible

5 Kaycee Rice

Kaycee is something truly special. She has all the elements of a great dancer: technique, flexibility,expression and musicality. The people who have only seen her hip hop videos have no idea the range she has. Her musicality is amazing and connection with her audience. She knows when to be restrained and when to make her movements bigger. She also uses the whole floor in her solos and not many dancers do that anymore. It also takes a lot of talent to be able to read and interact with your partner. She partners so well with different dancers. She gives it all ever single time and consistently shows growth. She also has something that just can't be taught and you can see how the other students and teachers react to her that she is something truly special.

She mesmerized me from the second she starts dancing and I find myself watching her videos over and over again. She makes me wish I was a dancer as well. Weirdos unite!

Kaycee is the real deal. Her body control in all styles of dance surpasses those well above her age. She is always humble, dedicated to using her young fame as a way to encourage her followers and fans to be true to themselves and all be kind to everyone. She puts 110% into every class and to every performance with both her physicality and emotional projections. She can collaborate beautifully with all choreographers and dance partners while putting a little of her own unique flare into each performance. Let go #team_weirdo!

Kaycee Rice is the most amazing person in the world. Her personality is great and her dancing is extraordinary. She can dance any style you throw at her. She is very humble for someone as famous as her and she has a motto that says she is a weirdo. A weirdo is someone being themselves and not caring of what other people think. Kaycee is the best dancer. - SaraAI

6 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

To everyone that hates Jojo siwa, I get it I hated her too, but then I saw her on everything else, she obviously just wants to live life to her fullest potential. And to all of you jerks saying she's horrible that just how she was raised and if not there is definitely a story behind it. GIVE THE KID A BREAK! and to the comment about 3 comments down, you're just jealous.

She's a bad singer but you'll be surprised at her dancing skills - Unnamed Google User Remade

I don't like Jojo but I don't think Abby should have shouted at her like that. It was a bit rude. I don't think she is one off the best dancers.

Jojo sucks

7 Kalani Hilliker Kalani Hilliker

Kalani is a great dancer...I sometimes wish I was her.

Kalani is great at all sorts of different categories of dance. Being a dancer myself, makes her very inspirational and an AMAZING ROLE MODEL! I would really love to meet her because she is a GREAT DANCER

Kalani is an amazing dancer. She's well rounded and seems to be able to handle anything. She's flexible, her emotion is good, and her technique is great. I hope she keeps dancing.

Confused that Kalani isn't on top. Maddie gets the fame but she doesn't deserve it. Kalani on the other hand is the best dancer that has ever been on the team. Kalani Hillier is so amazing. She has the emotion and the technique. She also has flexibility. She also is funny and not bratty and annoying like Maddie.

8 Annie Bratayley

She is so amazing and a better gymnast than me!
Always amazing!

Yes, go, Annie! I love Annie so much! She is beautiful, kind, and smart! And don't forget talented. I will say that Maddie and some other Dance Moms dancers are better dancers, but she is still my favorite of these girls.

Her last name is LeBlanc.

I love Annie. She is one of the best gymnast I've ever seen. Even if she wasn't as famous as she is now, I'm pretty sure that I would still love her with ALL of my heart. Annie is really talented and has amazing skills. She my inspiration.

9 Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn is amazing and one of my fave dancers she has great technique and she does have facials! I don't care how many of you tell me she doesn't but she does if you go to her dances BEFORE dance moms it's a shame that she is on the aldc and not at her old studio because I'm afraid she is going to regress in dancing and won't get good enough training then she did at club dance which was and still is an amazing studio honestly she should at least be in the top 5 because brynn is an amazing dancer!

The other girls hated her because she was better looking, thinner, better dancer with better training. When the other girls stand next to Brynn is shows how fat the are. - boce

I'm just going to say it. I think Brynn should be above Chloe, Maddie, Jojo, and Mackenzie on this. I love all of them from dance moms, but honestly, Brynn is just simply beautiful when she dances. I honestly think this list is a bit inaccurate. Brynn shows a lot of emotion through her body, but also has exquisite facial expressions. Her technique is also absolutely amazing. I absolutely love Maddie as the person, but Brynn is just a better dancer. The other 3 girls are also amazing, but just not really up to Brynn or Kalani's level.

So is a really good dancer she is one of the girls on the show Dance moms and she dances like Maddie when she can't hear the song she keeps on dancing like a professional and what she is trained to do

Brynn is so beautiful, much more then the other dance moms girls. She is such a sweet and adorable girl as well as an awesome dancer!

10 Nia Fraizer

How is Jojo higher than Kalani nia and brynn

She's not only a good dancer, but she has a positive attitude. I didn't see that girl cry once on dance moms until her grandfather was like dying... Every single other child on that show has thrown a tantrum of some sorts..

Nia is underrated. She is a beautiful girl: a great singer, actor, and dancer. I think she deserves more respect.

Nia Frazier is the best dancer and should be number 1 because she forgot her routine and made it her own right there on stage and is WAY better than maddie whatever


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11 Autumn Miller

Really good should be on top

I use to love watching her

Autumn has the passion and the dedication of a great dancer. She truly does eat sleep and breathe dance

Seriously? Like come on! Autumn should be in the top 5, higher than Maddie to be honest.

12 Sean Lew

Yeah I am a Filipino and saying that I am fan of him I stan him cause he was really had a passion on dancing especially when he was collaborating with kaycee rice ohh snappp it felts like they owning the crowd.

Sean lew is the best young dancer at the moment watch him dance and the decide

He dances so gracefully he deserves to be in top 5

Watch Sean and then watch everyone else. Sean is so young and his choreos have more effect on people than the choreos made by people double his age. He is so clean and he is honestly a different person while dancing. Sean is incredible

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13 Kendal Vertes

I think that Kendall is he most beautiful dancer she moves fluently and can do every style of dance just as Maddie can. I also think that Kendall doesn't get the attention that she deserves she has her first song out and works her hardest in rehearsal. When I look on the internet I always see people say on the internet that people say that she always cry's and that she's a cry baby but she's really not because Abby is mean to the girls and does make them cry.

Honestly Kendall just...looks sloppy now like she lost her passion for dance. She doesn't even look like she's even trying. Don't get me wrong she's a great dancer but I don't think she deserves to be in the top 10.

Kendal... Where do I start? She is extremely pretty and kind and she stands up for herself when Jill and Abby fight she tells them to stop and she is very entertaining I love watching her dance I love it when she gets solo and she is very good at singing and acting also she is super sweet and funny

Love Kendall she is my bff and if you were not wondering I am maddie ziegler

14 Briar Nolet

Best Ever

Briar is way better she is my favorite dancer and she is so amazing

She is the best dancer on this list

She should be number one dancer

15 Asia Ray Monet

Asia has the best dancing skills. She always puts her best effort into each performance. Not only is she good at dance, but singing and acting too. Asia Monet Ray has been in World of Dance, Dance Moms, and AUDC. She has the right attitude, flexibility, and hype. Why is Asia 15th? She is the best! I love her. I can never say enough. Asia is a true child prodigy.

Very talented great dancer with lots and lots of energy to spare I love watching her dance and she is a great dancer

Asia is entertaining, flexible, and her technique is great. Go Asia! You're awesome!

She gives lots of energy and attitude when she dances and all her fans love it

16 Paige Hyland

If Paige was given lyrical or contemporary solos I think she would have done better on dance moms. Her emotion is better than Chloe's and she knows how to entertain. Her feet were a bit sloppy and she wasn't very confident, but other than that she's AMAZING!

Paige is my favorite next to maddie and I did not vote for maddie cause she already on top so I voted for our on and only awesome girl Paige

She was put through hell with Abby yet she continued to dance as she loves to

I honestly thought Paige was better than Chloe. Chloe's technique was better, but Paige was more flexible, better at tumbling, had better facials, and was more entertaining. I'm glad she got away from Abby.

17 Jade Chynoweth

I love Jade!

Jade is my favorite dancer. It's incredible how she manipulate and move her body, I love her passion and her Energy, really worth to see her... you will not regret it, she's AMAZING without exaggerating...and her body these abs is fire

Jade is unreal guys the most talented and beautiful person I have ever seeing in my whole life its worth to see her

She's so underrated people need to watch her videos because she's so good at dancing and she's so energetic and can do a lot of dance styles.

18 Tate Mcrae

I love her! Whenever she dances, no matter what style it is, she brings something to the dance floor. She has flexibility, technique, strength, everything that a dancer is required. She is way beyond her years. And believe it or not, she started dancing at the age of 6. Many kid dancers start dancing at a age younger like 3 or 4, but Tate had a late start. But she is head and shoulders above the other kid dancers now, so I think that proves how much talent Tate has and how hardworking she is.

Tate McRae is so amazing. I don't understand how she is 23 and not #1. Maddie doesn't deserve the top. Also, on So You Think You Can Dance HOW DID SHE GET 3RD? Tate has the emotion, the technique and the experience to be a professional. Found it interesting that Maddie was a guest judge and critiqued her when Tate beat Maddie many times in competitions. Tate is better than everyone on this list.

When Tate dances, she is so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off of her. Her moves are elegant, and her technique is flawless.

Tate is literally the best dancer ever! Whenever she dances, I just cannot stop watching her. Seriously, she has pure talent!

19 Brooke Hyland

I so wish her and her sister were still on dance moms I love her so much and she is flexible and beautiful

Brooke's great, but she needs to work on her technique and emotion. Her flexibility and tumbling, however are perfect.

I love Brooke. I always try to do her moves, but I can't bend like her. Too bad she left Dance moms a few years ago

The way brooke moves to the music puts me in awe. She's so talented and has earned her place on the chart!

20 Kida Burns

Kida should be the first

Kida should be of the top tens

Kida deserves every good thing that come his way. He's very talented and such a nice and humble kid. Nowadays, talented hip-hop kid dancers tend to get looked over because of popular dance shows like dance moms that attract many young viewers and are mainly just contemporary, but Kida puts in just as much work and has proved himself to be an amazing and very versatile dancer. Love this kid!

Kida is the most talented dancer I know, kida deserved to win sytycd I don't care what anyone says he's the best, he has the skills to perform well in every style in dance.

21 Errifly

She is 11 now but she just won 3 gold medals at the British Trampoline Comp - ALL OF ENGLAND!

She is an amazing 9 year old gymnast

Never heard of her

No clue who she is

22 Jordyn Jones

Jordyn is a great dancer and is great at attacking her moves hard, she sometimes gives her moves her own unique flair!

Jordyn isn't the strongest dancer, the Choreography she's given is pretty bad.

Amazing! She's a triple treat

So pretty and a great dancer

23 Lilliana Ketchman

She is a great ballet dancer and her feet and lines are amazing. Her control is also off the charts

Amazing, is The new Maddy Ziglar for dance moms

Very good dancer, young and still learning but truly amazing!

Lily is a great dancer and has great acro skills as well. She has great expressions and flexibility to. She is phenomenal for her age - JiyaD

24 Paulina Macias

Paulina Macias is a Canadian dancer in Vaughan Maple Ontario Canada she has one many awards her dance studio is Dance Zone

25 Bailey Sok

Bailey is such an incredible dancer! She's so talented and can move her body in ways you never thought possible. She's so good at what she does and she's SO UNDERRATED!

she Chill

She is more best in hip hop dance, when the choreography and music is sexy, her facial expression and how she dance is so sassy, and when the choreo and the music is more of a boyish one, she dances up like a gangster and it totally looks wonderful on her. If ever Bailey reads this, please tie up your hair.

She is so powerful when dance.I think she is the best kid hip hop dance.She is so INCREDIBLE! Anytime I always saw her dancing.From the first time I saw her,I start to like her and her powerful dance.

26 Kristina Pimenova Kristina Pimenova
27 Aiden Xiong

Best dancer of all time trust me.

He is really good

28 Taylor Hatala

Taylor is a great dancer! Check her out online. She was also a dancer on lifetimes video throwdown!

She's really good at hip hop.

Taylor is a Amazing Dancer!

29 Ava Cota

Ava is an amazing dancer she wants people to stop making fun of her height and weight by proving that just because you're different you can still do anything.

Sorry, but she needs to gain some weight.

30 Gabe de Guzman

Really a good

Best teen dancer in the world, no doubt about it.


31 Kyndall Harris

She is very talented please keep making black people proud

She's so good at dancing!

A very good dancer

32 Maile O'Keefe

2017 US junior national champion, now a level 10 gymnast.

33 Sage

Awesome gymnast she is amazing

34 Nadia and Ruby Rose Turner

They are awesome and so cute

I love them

Super cute Cali dancers. Mostly hip/hop.

Whoa whoa whoa! nadia and ruby turner are probally the best kid dancers I know! I have a fanpage for them. they are beautiful nice and funny. if u don't think their good then your slow. I love them with all my heart. I will never stop loving and supporting them until I die. please vote them one of the top 10 best kid dancers because their awesome.

35 Kenneth San Jose

I feel like he's a great dancer because I like the way he break dances and I know this is weird but m,y favorite part about the way he dances is the way he moves his shoulders.

Kenneth is an amazing dancer and singer and actor. You may not like his singing but I do. It's not nice to give out negative comments on such a hard working kid. He's only 14 and his voice will sound more better. But I love his singing. And he's perfect just the way he is.

He look so incredible when dancing because of his facial expression when dancing, and also when he add up his boyish techniques when he dance

He is the mostly dancer that I like.I don't like he is singing because I think dance is better than singing yup Ken's perfect dance with Bailey and Sean on Matt Stefanina's YouTube video.

36 Jayden Bartels

A Very Talented Hip-Hop Dancer (and actress) in LA, and has a lot of passion for her supporters on YouTube, The JayBaes.

37 Chloe East

She is amazing!

Not only is she a beautiful dancer but her self choreographed piece Vol de Lam is one of my all time favorite routines!

I had no idea she was a famous YouTuber!..or that she was on Liv and Maddie. What can't she do?

38 Makenzi Lauritzen


39 Charlize Glass

She's amazing I love her so much

40 Ella

Who? there r many ella's in the world

41 Anna Yeh

She is beautiful charming powerful dancer with amazing technique and sense of dance!

She is an amazing dancer/ballerina! Check her instagram

42 Mia Diaz

She is an awesome dancer and should go to different dance company because Abby never goes he solo I hate Maddie the idiot

Mia sucks. Maddie's better and she's not an idiot

43 Bailey Gomez

Okay,first of all, if you don't know who bailey gomez is go follow her on instagram @baileygomez04. she is also one of the best dancers of all time. ironically, she is friends with ruby and nadia whom I voted for. she is great and u should go check her out

44 Danielle Cohn Danielle Cohn

What The Hell? - thenextsteplover

Shes beautiful and kind - 123fortandbree

45 Addison Moffett

She is a very unique dancer

She is amazing

46 Yana Cherepanova

She's super hard working and talented

47 Kaelynn Harris
48 Camryn Bridges

Camryn is an amazing dancer she's pretty and an incredible dancer.

49 Aaliyah Barnett

An actress and dancer who went wild into hip-hop. She also went viral on YouTube.

50 Megan Stitz
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