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21 Paulina Macias

Paulina Macias is a Canadian dancer in Vaughan Maple Ontario Canada she has one many awards her dance studio is Dance Zone

22 Kida Burns

Kida deserves every good thing that come his way. He's very talented and such a nice and humble kid. Nowadays, talented hip-hop kid dancers tend to get looked over because of popular dance shows like dance moms that attract many young viewers and are mainly just contemporary, but Kida puts in just as much work and has proved himself to be an amazing and very versatile dancer. Love this kid!

His movements are unbelievable. He is amazing! And he can do other styles. Very rare for a hip hop dancer. A true talent. (Commenting from Japan)

I like the way he dances

Kida's coordination is just amazing.He's style is perfect.he clearly deserves to be the best

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23 Aiden Xiong

Best dancer of all time trust me.

He is really good

24 Sage

Awesome gymnast she is amazing

25 Maile O'Keefe
26 Ava Cota

Ava is an amazing dancer she wants people to stop making fun of her height and weight by proving that just because you're different you can still do anything.

Sorry, but she needs to gain some weight.

27 Briar Nolet

She is phenomenal and is probably one of the more stronger dancers compared to others on this list. Her technique if on pointe, o=her flexibility is unreal and when she dances its entertaining and graceful. If you don't believe me watch her "Dangerous" solo. - melanieking__

28 Mia Diaz

She is an awesome dancer and should go to different dance company because Abby never goes he solo I hate Maddie the idiot

Mia sucks. Maddie's better and she's not an idiot

29 Nadia and Ruby Rose Turner

Super cute Cali dancers. Mostly hip/hop.

Whoa whoa whoa! nadia and ruby turner are probally the best kid dancers I know! I have a fanpage for them. they are beautiful nice and funny. if u don't think their good then your slow. I love them with all my heart. I will never stop loving and supporting them until I die. please vote them one of the top 10 best kid dancers because their awesome.

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30 Chloe East

Not only is she a beautiful dancer but her self choreographed piece Vol de Lam is one of my all time favorite routines!

I had no idea she was a famous YouTuber!..or that she was on Liv and Maddie. What can't she do?

31 Bailey Sok

She is more best in hip hop dance, when the choreography and music is sexy, her facial expression and how she dance is so sassy, and when the choreo and the music is more of a boyish one, she dances up like a gangster and it totally looks wonderful on her. If ever Bailey reads this, please tie up your hair.

She is so powerful when dance.I think she is the best kid hip hop dance.She is so INCREDIBLE! Anytime I always saw her dancing.From the first time I saw her,I start to like her and her powerful dance.

32 Kenneth San Jose

Kenneth is an amazing dancer and singer and actor. You may not like his singing but I do. It's not nice to give out negative comments on such a hard working kid. He's only 14 and his voice will sound more better. But I love his singing. And he's perfect just the way he is.

He look so incredible when dancing because of his facial expression when dancing, and also when he add up his boyish techniques when he dance

He is the mostly dancer that I like.I don't like he is singing because I think dance is better than singing yup Ken's perfect dance with Bailey and Sean on Matt Stefanina's YouTube video.

Kenneth is my cousin and he's an amazing singer! Thank u so much whoever thinks so

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33 Taylor Hatala

Taylor is a great dancer! Check her out online. She was also a dancer on lifetimes video throwdown!

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34 Gabe de Guzman


35 Kyndall Harris V 1 Comment
36 Lilliana Ketchman

Lily is a great dancer and has great acro skills as well. She has great expressions and flexibility to. She is phenomenal for her age - JiyaD

37 Makenzi Lauritzen V 1 Comment
38 Addison Moffett V 2 Comments
39 Yana Cherepanova

She's super hard working and talented

40 Kaelynn Harris
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