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This should be number one. It’s so funny!

I just love pit for this reason. But I never learned how to reeaad is better.

This is an inspirational quote. I tell it to my friends all he time.

2 You've been PRIVY to a side of me that no one else INSIDES! And now you'll be PRIVY to the inside of a privy! Tootle-LOO! - Hades

Hades literally could not be a more lovable smartass even if he tried. - xandermartin98

3 G-Force in my faaace! - Pit
4 (Dark Pit just isn't happy unless he's fighting!) YOU SAY THAT LIKE IT'S A BAD THING. - Dark Pit
5 I suppose I'll have to expel you THE GOOD OLD-FASHIONED WAY... - Hades
6 8-bit Pit could have never made it this far! - Hades

This one seems to break the 4th wall. - Skullkid755

8 (Just hold your breath for about four hours.) I SAID YOU'RE CRAZY! - Pit
9 HOT SPRING!!! - Pit
10 (How did you build a parking lot without hands?) HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION. - Pandora

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11 Again today, I will go soaring through the sky! My enemies, I'll dish 'em up in a stir fry! Gracious goddess of light watches from up above! At dinnertime, I always show the cook some love! - Pit

I liked it when pit said that it gets me happy when it is not a good day.

12 Being reincarnated means...different body, different experiences, yes? So wouldn't being reincarnated technically be the same thing as being REMOVED FROM EXISTENCE? (WHAT...I...EATING SOULS ISN'T RIGHT!) That depends on your definition of "right." - Hades
13 You'd better not be thinking of anything...NAUGHTY. - Palutena
14 It almost makes you feel PITY for Pitty! - Hades
15 (Why are you always so doom and gloom all the time, Pittoo?) I think a better question is why are YOU so annoyingly cheerful? - Dark Pit
16 Feel the wrath of my pyro blasters, space weirdos! HAHAHAHAHA!! KABLOOEY! KABLAMMY! - Pyrrhon

Because SHAZAMITILAM didn't make it onto the list.

17 I'm impressed by all the big words you used, but I didn't ask for a sermon. - Hades
19 (I also don't want to steam the sacred buns!) Yeah...we're done talking about this. - Magnus
20 I bet those wings of yours would taste really good with some barbecue sauce, Pit... - Palutena
21 I just hope that's a hot spring and not some other kind of...puddle. - Viridi
22 PIT! HADES! PIT! HADES! Pittt! Haaadeees... - Pit and Hades
23 Gotta stay upbeat, upbeat, upbeat, or you'll be dead meat, dead meat, dead meat! - Pit and Palutena
24 Like I said...ANNOYING! - Dark Pit
25 It's actually kind of cute! Especially compared to Hades'...BOWELS... - Pit
26 The H stands for HAMAZING! - Thanatos
27 You know what, Pitty Pit? You're looking mighty tasty! Down the haaatch!!! - Hades
28 At this point, heading up has gotta be better than heading gross... - Pit
29 It looks like there's a way forward...thanks, Lady Palutena! But you have to be careful, Pit, you're too handsome to lose! Now that's something we can BOTH agree, I'm really starting to lose it! - Pit
30 Just relax and enjoy the ride. Wherever you go, I'm sure you'll be dead. - Hades
31 But souls are delicious. They're like bacon; they taste good on everything! - Hades
32 Gods are above living things, which doesn't necessarily mean we care about them. - Hades
33 At least I'M doing something, Pit. You're such a slacker! Ugh! I really need to stop talking to myself. - Pit
34 That really hurt, but least I'm not DEAD! - Hades
35 Yes, I was hoping to greet Pitty on top of a mountain of corpses. But I didn't even get a pile started with him hot on my heels. What a killjoy. - Hades
36 Mech Armor mode engaged! This thing is so AWESOME! - Pit
37 Plucked at the peak of ripeness! And now I'll DRILL through the RIND to remove the PIT! - Hades
38 It's true; humans are selfish little creatures driven by greed. Sounds a lot like us gods, wouldn't you say? - Palutena
39 Full disclosure: the Mimicuties were courtesy of yours truly! - Hades
40 Such elegance! Such grace! Such disturbing brutality! - Hades
41 It's like an all-you-can-hurt buffet! - Pit
42 What better way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath? After all, I have been gone for 25 years. - Medusa
43 I am now going to delete your save data! Haha, just kidding! - Hades
44 It's like a birthday party where everyone wants to kill me. - Pit
45 (Hey, in this economy, everyone's looking for work. Even part-time work.) That's funny. Business is booming for me. We're even hiring more staff! - Dark Lord Gaol
46 Don't make me laugh, "dark lord!" Now put on some pants and fight like a man! - Magnus
47 I am NOT a piece of meat! - Pit
48 I was there so much, they named the place after me. Hos-PIT-al. Get it? - Pit
49 Not to quibble over details, but I think locusts are a more apt analogy. But whatever they are, they must be stopped. Earth is MY flower to plunder, not theirs! - Hades
50 Sadly, no, though I do applaud any and all violence directed at you. - Hades
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1. You've been PRIVY to a side of me that no one else INSIDES! And now you'll be PRIVY to the inside of a privy! Tootle-LOO! - Hades
3. G-Force in my faaace! - Pit


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