Best Kid Ink Songs

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1 Show Me

Great song! Something about the chorus that sooths my brain. Listen to this song all the time

Video is amazing...

Simply addicted to chris brown's chorus. Amazing song. Deserves to be no. 1. - Ark-M

2 Time of Your Life

This should be #3 at least I love that style of music, California sunshine flow

Song goes really hard
Needs to be higher!

3 Sunset

Best rap/pop song I have listened too. Great rhythm flow and beat. Shows his ability to sing and rap. And is great for parties all occasions gets you pumped up. love this

4 I Just Want It All

Such a good song I love the way the beat sounds with his voice

5 Main Chick

Love this one too much

6 Is It You

This one has a cool and chill beat and his lyrics just flow in and hit ya and make you love it Alumni

7 Carry On
8 Please
9 Hell & Back

14? This is the song that introduced people to Kid Ink, and the one where he gets most personal, while still making it a great song, this deserves number 1. - chocodilesforlife

10 No One Left

Miss old kid ink!

The Contenders

11 No Miracle
12 Run This
13 Walk in the Club
14 Ride Out

Love this song so much

Move this up - MattCozadd

15 Iz U Down
16 Money and the Power

Anything on this now classic ep should be the top 6.

This is his best song it should be first.

This should be at least top 3.

By far his best track ever

17 La La La
18 Hotel

Kid and breezy are unstoppable

Oh man! Breezy is love forever n kid's voice but the chorus with the beats simply kills it ☆☆☆ - Ark-M

19 Promise
20 Lowkey Poppin'
21 In the Morning
22 Blunted
23 Real Recognize
24 F**k Sleep
25 Keep Up
26 Bad Ass
27 Neva Eva
28 Like a G
29 Rollin'
30 Body Language

It's a newer song so probably wasnt out when this was made but this song is to die for - bosssauce

31 Be Real
32 About Mine
33 Can't Ignore Me
34 Worth It
35 That's on You
36 Die in It

Dope beat with catchy lyrics👌9/10

37 Lamborghini Dreaming
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