Top 10 Kid YouTubers


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1 Ethangamer Ethangamer

Why do I get hate - Sausagelover99

I think he doesn't deserve all this hate he gets..
Come on, people, he is just a kid, go easy on him.

2 Magmamusen Magmamusen

He Should Be #1

Magmamusen is a kid youtuber. He launched his YouTube channel in April of 2011, uploading a first video five months later which he would call "Minecraft: How to make a fridge."Minecraft gaming phenomenon on YouTube who publishes gameplay and top 10 lists based on the popular video game to his channel. He has accrued an astounding 1.9 million subscribers to his channel. His most watch video became "Minecraft: 10 Ways to Make Traps." The video was watched almost 10 million times over the course of one year. He is from Denmark. He is a friend and collaborator of Mumbo Jumbo. - Sausagelover99

I love that guy. - P-51IsDaBest

3 Annie Leblanc Annie Leblanc

She is really nice and gorgeous. We are the same age. She is my celebrity crush and not my real crush, who is in my school and also the same age as me.

She is average

She's better than that stupid JoJo Siwa

Annie is sooo the best she is pretty and no doubt she is a really god gymnast

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4 Sausagelover99 Sausagelover99

It changed to Sausagelover 99 - Sausagelover99

5 SIS vs BRO

Your awesome please subscribe to unicorn queens via

My sister can’t stop watching them to me their ok


6 Sonny Colborne Sonny Colborne
7 Doodlelee


8 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

I hate jojo - Pokemonfan10

She's the best


€�I love jojo! “ said NO ONE EVER

9 A9 Scropion
10 Evantube HD

The Contenders

11 The Geek Wave

Makes short, easy to watch videos every week, on various topics, like movies, cults, and the popularity of unicorns. - LarkwingFlight

12 Cody Page
13 Tanner Fox Tanner Fox
14 Ryantoys Review
15 Morgz

He's the best no doubt

16 Cutedog99
17 Sir Puga
18 Sam Haghighi
19 Stamps Stamps

He is not a kid - Sausagelover99

He is the best youtuber ever.
1. He has creative ideas and fun mini games
2. He makes videos daily
3. He is nice and funny
4. He plays popular games but also lesser known games like stardew valley
5. His dog Alex is adorable.

20 Caleb Logan Leblanc
21 JillianTubeHD
22 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Rolf Jacob Sartorius, born October 2, 2002 is an American singer and internet personality, who rose to fame via social media from posting lip-syncing videos on and TikTok. In 2016, he released his debut single "Sweatshirt", which reached the Hot 100 charts in the United States and Canada.

He sucks

23 Matty B Matty B Matthew David Morris (born January 6, 2003), better known as MattyB or MattyBRaps, is an American children's artist, known for posting remix videos of popular music on YouTube. more.
24 Quin TV
25 Davidstv
26 Barbielover1
27 TooGreyy
28 Ruby Rube
29 Mason Ramsey Mason Ramsey
30 FGTeeV

They are not bad

31 Funnel Vision


32 RazorFishGaming
33 Maddie Ziegler Maddie Ziegler
34 The Morris Sisters

They are amazing

35 We Are The Davises
36 Kiera Bridget

Is she considered a kid? Shes the girlfriend of Morgz and Morgz is 17. Shes 18 (I think maybe 19 this year) but I think everyone still considers her as a teenager.

37 gigamadmax zs

Yes this is a real youtube channel don't believe me look it up I know who he is but he only has 71 or 72 subscribers

38 Zade Orgill
39 Tic Tac Toy
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