Top 10 Kids Who Have Committed Horrific Murders

When people think of horrific crimes, they don't usually think of children as the accused. Here are chilling crimes committed by the following real-life children.

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1 Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

In 1993, 2-year-old James Bulger was snatched from his mother at a shopping center by a pair of 10-year-olds, leading him to nearby train tracks, where he was dropped on his head, beaten with an iron bar, sexually assaulted, and was left there to die. He was mutilated so badly, his autopsy couldn't reveal his actual cause of death. - Misfire

Sounds horrible. I feel so bad for the poor kid - Userguy44

Hope those 2 bastards die/died a long painful death - RoseWeasley

Killing a 2 year old is even worse. - DarkBoi-X

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2 Mary Bell

Why kill an innocent 4 year old? - DarkBoi-X

She killed a 12 year old in Ohio - QuizNikes

On the day before her 11th birthday, in May 1968, Mary Bell strangled four-year-old boy Martin Brown in an abandoned house, and then broke into an orphanage and vandalized it a short time later, leaving notes claiming responsibility for Brown's slaying. The police just assumed it was a prank.
Then, a month later joined by a friend, the pair took and terminated a three-year-old boy named Brian Howe in the same area as the first killing, and returned the body - but not before carving an “M” into his stomach, as well as scratching his legs and cutting off his private parts.
Mary was convicted of manslaughter and was held until the age of 23. She won a High Court battle to have her own anonymity, which has also been extended to protect the identity of her daughter. As a result, any court order that permanently protects someone's identity is known as a "Mary Bell order". - Misfire

I can’t believe even kids would commit murders. Their parents should’ve probably isolated them. - JoeBoi

Their parents may be the reason these kids got like this in the first place. - Tia-Harribel

3 Sandra and Beth Andersen (The Bathtub Girls)

Discontented, sisters "Sandra," 16, and "Beth," 15, scoured the Internet, looking for advice on how the get rid of their mother. They believed that by killing their mother, they would be entitled to insurance money and would get 68 thousand dollars each. After formulating a murder plan, Sandra and Beth shared it to three of their friends, who all encouraged the sisters and laughed at the idea of murdering the mother, and never even contacted the police or told their parents. They got their mom drunk, gave her six Tylenol 3 tablets, and, as they waited for the drug to work, the sisters communicated with their friends online to update them about the murder plans, one of whom ended their conversation with the phrase "well good luck - wear gloves". When their mother is sedated, they prepared the warm bath, and got her in the bathtub. The older sister then forced her head under the water and did not let go until she was lifeless.
After having killed their mother, the siblings, along ...more - Misfire

This is the most horrifying list I've read on this site yet. - JoLeKosovo

4 Jesse Pomeroy

Jesse Pomeroy is alleged to have killed nine people, and he began to torture other children when he was only 11 years old. He was eventually caught, but once he was released, he took his beatings too far and killed a girl named Katie Curran, and threw her body in the basement of his mom's dress shop where it was later found. - Misfire

, this is horrible.

5 Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

Well, having a traumatic thing happen to you still doesn’t justify committing a horrific crime. - JoeBoi

It was June 1983, and teenagers Cindy, 15, and Shirley, 14, were full of anger. Cindy was raped before her tenth birthday, while Shirley was raped by her father when she was just a child. As soon as they met, they formed a strong bond.
After only a few hours from meeting, the pair decided to knock from door to door at Collier’s condominium development in Auburn, California, hoping that someone will come enter. Many senior citizens were not fooled and felt suspicious when they met the girls, but unfortunately Anna Brackett, 85 years old, wanted to help these two girls who asked to use her phone and allowed them to enter, unaware that it would cost her her life. Thinking that the time has come to act, the pair attacked the lady, with Wolf grabbing Brackett by the throat and throwing her to floor, and repeatedly stabbing her neck for around 28 times. After the murder, the pair went to Cindy's house where Shirley wrote in her diary:
"Today we killed an old lady. It was fun."
No ...more - Misfire

6 Josh Phillips

The event happened when Phillips, who was 14 years old at the time, was home alone and Maddie came to his house inviting him to come outside and play baseball. Even though he wasn't allowed to have friends over while his parents weren't home, Phillips agreed, and as the two were playing baseball, Maddie threw the ball at him and he hit it, which caused the ball to hit Maddie's eye and caused it to bleed. She began crying and screaming, and, knowing that his father would be home soon, Phillips panicked, so he decided to drag Maddie into his house and take her to his room, where he attempted to take her down with a phone cord for approximately 15 minutes. Thereafter, he hit her again with the baseball bat and stuffed her under the base of his bed, and after discovering that Maddie was still alive, he proceeded to remove the mattress and stab her 11 times, killing her. After a week, Maddie's body was found when Phillips's mom noticed a strange smell coming from his room. Phillips was ...more - Misfire

Why the heck would you kill someone because you accidentally broke their eye? Wouldn't it make more sense to just suffer the consequences for disobeying than to commit murder? - Drawbox

7 Barry Dale Loukaitis

In February 1996, 14-year-old Barry Dale Loukaitis walked into his algebra classroom dressed as though he was from the Wild West, where he shot and took down two students and his Algebra teacher. He then held the class hostage for an hour until a gym teacher showed up, wrestling Loukaitis to the ground until police arrived. - Misfire

Man, some kid went and shout up his school thinking it was the Wild West? That’s like committing the mass murder of a 100 people thinking you’re in the Iraq War. - JoeBoi

8 Eric Smith

In 1993, Eric Smith rode his bike to a summer day camp in a local park where he saw 4-year-old Derrick Robie walking alone to that same camp. Because he was being bullied by older children at school, he took his rage out on the kid by convincing the boy to follow him into a nearby wooded area, where he strangled him, smashed his head in with a large rock, undressed his body, and sodomized him with a tree limb. The cause of death was determined to be blunt trauma to the head with contributing asphyxia. - Misfire

This kid grew up and he's really changed. What he did was a nightmare but now he deserves to be free. - Sabbath

9 Daniel Bartlam

In 2011, when he was 15 years old, Bartlam killed his own mom while she was sleeping by beating her with a hammer and then setting the house on fire. Initially, he claimed that a burglar had committed the crime, but as investigators searched through his computer, things like ‘how to get away with murder’ and other related topics were found on his search history. Because of the crime, he had been arrested and tried subsequently, and was sentenced to 16 years in a juvenile detention facility. - Misfire

10 Alyssa Bustamante

She claimed her depression was the reason she did it - TwilightKitsune

In October 2009, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante had brutally killed her 9-year-old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten; she repeatedly stabbed her in the chest and sliced her on the throat. She left the body under a pile of leaves in a nearby forest, and later wrote in her diary:
"I just...killed someone...I don't know how to feel atm.It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable. I'm kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church"
It was later revealed that Bustamonte dug two graves, which suggested that her twin brothers may have been the initial target. - Misfire

The Contenders

11 Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden

They were two middle schoolers who killed 5 people in their middle school in Arkansas in 1998. This was like what I consider Columbine before Columbine. - JoeBoi

12 Eric Harris Eric Harris

What a loser this kid was - Sabbath

Eric or Dylan shouldn’t be on this list. They were 18 when they committed their murders. - JoeBoi

13 Brenda Spencer

This was some girl who killed 2 people at some San Diego elementary school in like 1979. - JoeBoi

Her quote "Mondays are hard" will haunt me forever

14 Dedrick Owens

This guy was 6 years old when he killed one of his classmates in a Michigan elementary school in 2000. Since he was too young, he hasn’t been charged for committing this act. - JoeBoi

15 Peter Kurten Peter Kurten

Even before his killing spree as an adult, Kurten had already killed two boys when he was 9/10 via drowning them when they were on a river trip. - CrimsonShark

16 Dylan Klebold Dylan Klebold

Was 17 when he and Eric Harris shot up Columbine High school

Shouldn’t be on this list - JoeBoi

17 Nikolas Cruz Nikolas Cruz

I feel sorry for the innocent lives that has been taken away from that Florida High School. Which happened on Valentine's Day 2018.

18-19 year olds AREN'T kids!

Autistic or not, it doesn't give this boy as an excuse to kill anyone!

Shouldn’t be on this list. - JoeBoi

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