Best Kidz Bop Songs


The Top Ten

1 Good Time

They did really well on this cover and I can't stop listening to it.

It is great. I LOVE IT! - spongebob2

It's so so good and a really jazzy hit

2 Timber

Another amazing song from KB 26 - spongebob2

3 Pompeii

Wow! The song is great! - spongebob2

I love this song!

4 Shake It Off

Lol lol yay! It is AMAZING! - spongebob2

5 Who Let the Dogs Out

If u do not like this, look at the discrisption up there. - spongebob2

6 Best Day of My Life

Oh my god amazing - spongebob2

7 Rude

I don't think they ain't allowed to sing it

8 All Star

very nice

9 Baby

The original is good but this is better

Baby knocked out GDFR! Hooray for JB and KB!

10 Dig It

Same thing with who let the dogs out :D - spongebob2

The Contenders

11 Rocketeer
12 Bad Day
13 Fancy

All they said was I'm so fancy you already know


I loved their cover to this song. I listen to it everyday.

15 Telephone

The first Kidz Bop song I ever heard. - railfan99

16 Sugar
17 I Love It
18 Hey, Soul Sister
19 Call Me Maybe

It's the only kids bop song that I can dance too forever

20 Best Time Ever - Kidz Bop
21 LOL
22 Safe and Sound

I loved this cover.

23 SOS
24 One Week
25 DJ Got Us Falling In Love
26 Blue (Da Ba Dee)
27 Play Ground Bang Around
28 Born This Way
29 Evacuate The Dance Floor

I am actually starting to dance to their cover.

30 Boom Clap
31 Shut Up and Dance

They did awesome on this cover and I was so happy to listen to it when it came out.

32 Circus
33 My House
34 Gangnam Style

To be honest, the only reason I put this on here is because I actually love the sound of the synthesizers during the chorus in this version more than the synthesizers in the original version.

35 Wide Awake

Really good song

36 The One that Got Away

You need to hear this!

37 California Gurls
38 Boyfriend
39 Hot N Cold

Good song but make sure Baby stays in the top ten

40 Stay

This is their newest song and I got to say its great

41 The Edge of Glory
42 Thrift Shop
43 I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
44 Can't Stop the Feeling!

First Song on first album.

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