Top Ten KidZoneChannel Shows

Here is the list of the best kidzone shows in my opinion, feel as free as you want to make your list and give different views
The Top Ten
1 Yara

The first show to be based off of a real person (s), Truly Funny, original (sort of) and was based off of the actual director of the show, amazing, entertaining and recommend, it's also one of the most longest reigning shows and is in fact A MUST WATCH

2 The Hood

The first Show to have African-Americans as the main cast, one of the best comedy cartoons alive, has a big advantage on being successful again A MUST WATCH

3 Mrs.Watson

Was being planned for years and is one of the most successful shows in KidzoneChannel to date, entertaining, amusing and will definitely make you laugh, very good Family Show :) A MUST WATCH

4 Passengers Gateway

The first show to involve Video Games as the main topic, Honestly amusing, truly one of the easy successful comedy, If you love video games then you'll love this! A MUST WATCH

5 Fantasy Planet

The first Sci-Fi show has finally debuted in KidZone in November 2015, that was an inspiration to fans, very funny involving a boy who's parents were kidnapped, and it was up to them Kurt, Leon, Milgram and sherrif to find out who it was, a funny mystery!

6 Retro Ladies

The first retro show that made Kz Princess, Yara, Passengers Gateway and The Hood what they are (Retro Styled Cartoons) Very funny, full of Humor that will make you want to watch more episodes.

7 Shy Jerry

The most successful show of 2014 involves chibis exploring around places full of cupcake machines, haunted house and zombies was not a waste of time
In fact it was pretty insane (in a comedy type of insane) and my god it need more episodes!

The most successful show beside girlfriend pop

8 Cookie Capers

Although, this wasn't as successful as the other shows, it was still a bit entertaining to watch, involving Emma and Syvelle, complete different girls, with complete different personalities sell cookies and do mission against their enemies Courtney and Fox

9 Kool Kids

The kids prove a lot more than just being kids, they put on a show, literally, they interview people, talk about news happening around them, and just wants you to have a good time, although the episodes are kind of dull, they are still funny and very amusing. So don't think the wrong way

10 Kz Princess

The first and only show to invovle every character to be from a different country, it's about girls competing in a princess show and whoever wins will be crowned princess. Funny, but some of the words aren't clear And the episodes are sort of short but still entertaining.

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