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1 Mr. Brightside

So good and a great melody
so catchy!
'But she�'s touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now, LET ME GO! '

Greatest song ever! Always gets in my head. Fantastic lyrics and a fantastic voice from Brandon. Long live the Killers!

AMAZING SONG. Very catchy, excellent lyrics... Relates to society well.

Best song of the 2000s - Oberbroe

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2 When You Were Young

Smooth voice, addicting melody, a song that always wanna make you sing to it.

Incredible lyrics, and great tune, the best song probably from 21st century. "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus"

Awesome lyrics "he doesn't look a bit like jesus but ha talks like gentleman"!

'You sit there in your heartache'. Great introduction.
Love this song, very smooth voice and very catchy in a good way.
It cheers you up when you have had a hard day.

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3 All These Things that I've Done

Greatest song of all time.

I got soul but I'm not a soldier. - InsertNameHere

Beautifully crafted song, the pace, the lyrics, the instrumentals are all heartfelt; the song has actual meaning to it.

My favourite song of one of my favourite bands of all time. This song is awesome beyond words! - RiffandMagenta

Best song by far.

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4 Somebody Told Me

I love this song... this song introduce me to the killers!

This is just perfect! My favorite song. One of the best songs ever. I think best song of Killers. "Somebody Told Me" why this song isn't number 1 in this list?

As long as this is above human I'm fine. Human made me lose so much respect for the killers but whatever. This has been my favorite song since 5th grade

My favourite. It sounds so awesome. Can't get enough of this - Userguy44

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5 Read My Mind

The song by The Killers that makes the most sense to me. - iainm5

Definitely underrated. So strong and beautiful, not to mention the lyrics are just surreal genius

This is one song from The Killers, like Mr. Brightside and When We Were Young, that will never, ever, get boring. I hope to play these songs to all of the upcoming generations, so they live on to be legends in the far future!

Some may knock this song for more cliche lyrics, but I find as the song progresses, the lyrics become more meaningful and deep (accompanied by the guitar riffs that grip you)

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6 Smile Like You Mean It


The beat is catchy SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT The guitar and vocals are great as well and is definitely a better song than somebody told me

I can't believe that this song is currently number 8. It's full of meaning and tops songs such as Mr. Brightside. However I guess it's up to the masses and if the newest catchy song tops the list then so be it.

The music in this song is amazing. Save some face...

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7 Human

This song is so catchy and was the song that got me into the killers! Absolutely love it! Always cheers me up too! Even though all their songs are amazing! Xx

This song is awesome! Are we HUMANS? The Killers is one of the best bands out there! They sure left their mark on the music history.

İ love this song so much come on who doesn't love this song this is awesome and the sample is good too really I love this song this song is the reason I adore the killers,

The main lyric sounds profound but is probably meaningless. I still love it though.

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8 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

I cannot get enough of this song! The haunting lyrics and musical style is unlike anything I've ever heard before!

Did you know that this song, along with "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" and "Midnight Show", are all part of the so-called "murder trilogy", in which Jenny get's murdered. This is the third song, and the best by far! - Guido

VEry catchy and I could listen to it for the rest of my life

Never thought a song about murder could be this good!

Boi dat bass

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9 Spaceman

There's no song in the world quite like this song. It has a unique sound and feel all throughout the song, and invokes an unexplainable feeling in the listener. Truly a great song by The Killers, and my favorite by far.

I have no idea how Spaceman is ranked at number 7. It should really be ranked nearer the top, perhaps the top 5. How Somebody Told Me overtook it is a mystery. Spaceman is.. well its actually indescribable. If magic was put to music, this is how it would sound. And watching the music video just adds to its awesomeness. Long live the Killers!

I love all of The Killers' songs I truly do. Honestly the greatest yet most underrated band ever. Spaceman to me is the best record because of Brandon's smooth voice transitions, the opening moans to the song the musical part of it.Most importantly the lyrics to the blind listener its a tale of a lost soul who tries to commit suicide but realizes the worst is "all in you're mind" & life is beautiful & worth living but slowly enjoying the privellahe of few time we have.

Incredibly funny lyrics, good vibe from begin to end. Simply the best Killers song

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10 Runaways

Great amazing new song great guitar bass drumming and singing should be way way higher up the list this song should be number 7, 8, 9 or 10 really good amaIng work

The beat on the line 'We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams.. ' is just so damn good! I'm a fan of the Killers and I love almost all their songs, well this is the song that's got me hooked these days. Hop it moves up the rankings.

Incredible lyrics, and great tune, the best song they've done since Hot Fuss.

I honest to god cried the first time I listened to this song.

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11 A Dustland Fairytale

A Dustland Fairytale is definitely my favorite Killers song. Before this song I liked the Killers, but to be honest I hadn't really listened to their stuff aside from Mr. Brightside. After this I was completely hooked. I thought the lyrics were completely outstanding. Then again, after listening to the rest of their songs, I found that most of their lyrics are. The Killers are just an incredible band.

A Dustland Fairytale is a true masterpiece and is definitely among the best songs written by the Killers. It may not have as catchy a chorus as other songs of theirs such as Mr Brightside or When You Were Young but lyrically it is so beautiful and captures the story it sets out to tell so perfectly. This song speaks volumes to me and makes me appreciate the Killers even more than I already do.

By far the best Killers song, but the best version I've heard is from their live performance on David Letterman. Do yourself a favor, especially if you've only heard the studio version or watched the official video, and go watch and listen to the Letterman performance on YouTube. I wasn't the biggest fan of Day and Age, but this song is more of a bridge between that album and Sam's Town.

My daughter's favourite song and she's only 4!

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12 Miss Atomic Bomb

This is The Killers' masterpiece, because in this song whe can find a voice that Brandon has never had before. This melancholy elegy is Mr. Brightside's sister, as we can notice from the title and from the riff near 3:38. Also Dave's guitar has great importance in the song: Dave plays it in a particular way ( plucking the guitar ), making chords only in the end. Ronnie's drums accompany all the song, with a slow, but involving rhythm. I'm a great victim and I know all the Killers' songs, so I can say that this songs has something more than the others... Perfect...

The most complete song by the Killers, their Bohemian Rhapsody in a way!

Ultimate Killers song! There version of a Don't Stop Believing or Dream On, pure classic just like the whole Battle Born album. Already voted Rolling Stone's readers song of the year. That must count for something.

This is a masterpiece, Mr. Brightside and Miss Atomic Bomb.
And I think muss atomic bomb got an edge over mr.brightside, why? because this ain't repetitive

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13 Sam's Town

Probably the best song on the Sam's Town album. Brilliant lyrics, very catchy tune. Very underrated. Excellent song! - Johnsyboy

Great song, the lyrics is so strong in this one!


So powerful

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14 Bones

Amazing! Damn, I can not stop listening to this song. It is so raw, I want your bones on my bones, damn. Bad-Ass!
"So apologetically dressed" For some reason, that part gives the feeling of disaster to the song. A disaster gone great, oh the irony

A very unexpected song. Good from 'COME WITH ME' until the end. It sends shivers down my spine. Also, love the lyrics and singing. Brandon does his job and I can relate to many lines: 'Don't you wanna feel my skin on your skin? ' and 'I don't really like you'. One of the greatest songs.

Simply awesome. Kind of forgotten about really because there's so many great songs on Sam's Town but an absolutely fantastic song. "Don't you wanna come with me Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones" Great song.

I just love this song, I'll never get tired of hearing it, like, The killers got lots of greats songs but God! This one is my top top!
I can't start my day without hearing it, it makes me feel energized, and reminds me of my crush lol who actually introduced me to the band...
But yeaah this deserves higher than 14... just saying

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15 Change Your Mind

Just can't see this song lower the list. Please! Listen to this song and then vote.
Awesome song... By killers... Just love it...

Its definitely worth a higher position in the list... pretty good song. The Killers rock! YEAH!

How does this have only 1 percent of the votes when Human has 8!? This should be at least in the top 10, classic song by The Killers! Listen to it then come back here and rightly vote for Change Your Mind!

Best song by these guys, everything is great from the vocals to the lyrics to the bassline, VERY underrated.

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16 This River is Wild

Massively underrated, but definitely one of the best Killers songs; catchy, exemplary vocals and a moving emotional finish.

This song is just great! Extremely catchy, and amazing lyrics! Probably my favorite song from a lyrical standpoint from the killers. Amazing song!

Me and my dad love listening to The Killers everyday, and he tries to play this song and others on our guitar. All of their songs are great, but I really like this song. It's fun too, since my brother likes it too. Somedays.

Fantastic song, one of theirs most original. Great lyrics many people can relate, either about themselves or someone they know.

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17 Shot at the Night

Quite good song. I've never liked a song from the killers like this one. I feel like I'm in another time... I don't know how to explain that.

Great song. Every line does something to you.

It deserves to be in the top ten list at least:(


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18 On Top

Its beyond compare the transcendent of The Killers. The intro is a mix of many great qualities. It makes me feel like I'm the king of the world.

This is their best song. It mixes kind of 80s sound, melancholic lyrics, excellent keyboard and a little of David Bowie's "Jump They Say" sense of despair and anxiety. Usually is not well reminded or even played on stage oftenly, but it should be. Excellent song.

Why haven't more people liked this song? Its amazing!
It is clearly one of the Killer's stronger songs - I mean, what isn't there to love? There is Flower's vocals and lyrics, Vannucci's drumming (which is perfect) and the awesome electronic elements - which are amazing compared to today's crappy standards!


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19 Andy, You're a Star

Is easily my favourite killers song the few lines 'in a car with a girl, promise me shes not your world, because Andy you're a star' make the whole song.

I love this song, It is entirely unde-rated and deserves a much higher spot. The deep meaning of the song is amazing.

"Hey shut up, hey shut up" I was gonna vote for another one, but this one looked lonely

The power in the line "promise me she's not your world…" makes the whole song! It's the vocals and lyrics together that make it so powerful and awesome to listen to

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20 For Reasons Unknown

It's the best because its lyrics are so right.. I believe everyone can identify with it... besides Brandon plays the bass... and it's about how you lose yourself through time.. or how your life changes or some situations change and you don't even know why... I mean.. I can't put it in words

This is the song that hooked me into the killers. I feel like this song and My List were the first times that Brandon took off the veil and exposed himself. Like a nerve.

Incredible song, sums up life pretty much, and fits perfectly into what is a great album (Sam's Town)

Underrated man

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21 This is Your Life

This is like they're best song live

Beautiful indescribable song

Best song on Day & Age

22 Just Another Girl

This song should be in the top ten. This song is amazing. The chorus, His voice, the message is great. I love this song so much

I love this song so damn much. It matches my real life situation. laugh out loud

Absolutely amazing! I love it and if you haven't watched the video, you really should

This song is my favorite by the Killers! This should be much higher on the list!

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23 Romeo and Juliet

This song is really good. It's relaxing and shouldn't be rated at 34 but more around 1-5, it's just not known because it's in the album sawdust which not many people listen to.

Really underrated song, should be at least in the top 10. The lyrics are amazing.

This one few rare times when the cover is better than the original.

This song is 28 because it was a cover, not much change from dire straights version and the killers

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24 Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll

Always been my favourite Killer's song! Don't know what it is about it but I used to listen to it every night before I went to sleep when I was 15 and recently put Hot Fuss onto my new iTunes and it still gives me the same feelings. - AisPower

My favourite Killers song. It's just perfect from start to finish. I just want to belt the lyrics whenever I hear it. Oh and can someone from the website change the sample to the Hot Fuss version, it's miles better.

Everything about this song is right. The Killers have a knack for starting out slow and simple in a song and building into a creative alternative anthem, and they perfected that method of songmaking with "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll. " When people ask what my favorite Killers song is I just say "it's indie rock and roll for me. "

I guess this is low because it was only on the UK release? Cause this song is so unique from the rest and and unbelievable tune!

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25 I Can't Stay

This song never fails to chill me out and it's a prime example of the range in style that The Killers are capable of playing. Brandon Flower's voice is just so smooth it's hard to resist this song


26 Tranquilize

The only reason this song is not in the top 3 is because it's so unknown. It is amazing though, it made me fall in love with The Killers. Brandons and Lou Reeds voices blend in very well together. Go listen to it, NOW! (and watch the video clip. And give me your sneakers. )

This song is just simply beautiful. The only reason it is so far down on the list is because it was released as part of their less known album sawdust.

Highly underrated Killers song and by far their best, the religious undertones, government orientated fear and childhood nostalgia make for one of the best songs of the 2000s.


Best Killers song ever. Period

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27 The Way It Was

Fantastic song, best one on battle born!

When Brandon's voice reaches the climax of the song when he sings "darling, darling" it is one of the most beautiful moments in music I have ever heard. His voice is so full of emotion.

Song that can make you fall in love with The Killers in general and Brandon's voice in particular.

The best in my opinion

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28 Here with Me

How is this song so low in the list?
One of the most meaningful songs by the killers and a beautiful melody to go with it!
Definitely deserves to be in the top 10

This song introduced me to The Killers, in a book I was reading (when I was yours, samantha towle) and it is beautiful. Since my discovery of this song I've heard a lot of their music but nothing touches me quite like this song. Sweet, mellow and relatable, Here With Me will always be number 1 on my list.

This one must be on the top 10. Excellent lyrics and song overall. Unexpectedly underrated.

This song got me hooked! Should be top ten

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29 Be Still

GREAT SONG! Very emotional. Very good vocals. Great job Killers! Battle born is a good album. At first I didn't like it but now that I've listened to it for a second time and REALLY listened to it instead of having it in the backround. I like it.

One of the best ballads I've ever heard!

So atmospheric and so beautiful. Makes me so happy and so sad every time

Hauntingly beautiful song

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30 Midnight Show

On first listen I thought this song was simply about taking his girl out to have sex, but after a couple of listens, I realised it was actually linked to 'jenny was a friend of mine' and tells the story of him murdering his cheating girlfriend. Brilliant!

BEST SONG BY THE KILLERS. I love all of their songs but this is really their best, I listen to it once everyday if not more

This is an incredible underrated song! One of the Best!

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 10? It's amazing! Especially the end. - Wolftail

31 Neon Tiger

How this is ONLY number 29 is a mystery to me. This song is absolutely fantastic and makes me shiver whenever I listen to it on my iPod.
"Run Neon Tiger, there's a lot on your mind" - Got so much love for the Killers, bring this song up to at least the top 10 people! It is so underrated! Come on!

Love this song to. Can not believe it has gone down to 55. Vote please it really deserves to go if not to te top ten at least to the top twenty. Please it's a great song!

Not their best song but I cannot be number 67 it really gives me the chills and among my favorite songs. Should be in top 15

Run neon tiger run!

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32 Uncle Jonny

Most underrated killers song easy. Catchy guitar riff and dark complex lyrics.

Hey guys I gotta agree Mr Brightside is really great but I just had to vote for uncle jonny because I really thought it'd be in the top five! Seriously give it a try because it's so good! From the opening melody to the lyrics that catch your attention///"when everybody else refrained my uncle Jonny did cocaine"... Man this is such a good song!

33 Losing Touch

I love this song, makes me think a lot of my entire life, the intro is the best intro ever and is the best song ever

Intro was amazing and musical genius, how the heck did this manage to be the twenty first out of 30?!

Losing Touch has been my favourite song since I first heard it and brings back so many memories from when I was younger. This song always plays in the car.

This song is amazing...
How come this is down here.. ?!

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34 Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf

One of my favourites! with that guitar riff that really makes me move along.

Um this is the best song from the whole murder trilogy?

In between this and Believe me Natalie

35 Battle Born

Great song, highly under-rated, sounds great live. Give it a listen

What a terrific song, with so much depth. This song needs to be ranked higher. The only reason it should be this low is if nobody has listened to it.

This should be 2012 onwards signature Killers sound...this is what they have evolved into - total awesomeness!

Underrated song from an underrated album. The Killers quality on the whole of the Battle Born album was first class but the title track just tops it all

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36 The Calling
37 The World We Live In

Great song, should be much higher.

What, should be higher

38 Exitlude

I know it is by the killers and I think its pretty spectacular.

Great song, very catchy lyrics and melody. Love the piano!

Great vocals and melody

Literally god

39 Flesh and Bone

While I do think a lot of the killers songs are really great, this is the one that I can listen to over and over again. The vocals, the lyrics, it all just meshes together perfectly.

Like a dark horse running in a fantasy

Catchy song and melody

40 Sweet Talk

This is one of the most wonderful songs ever. No lie. I love all of the killers songs on this list BUT this is really such a gem! People NEED to discover it! The honesty and purity of the lyrics is just beautiful. "you know it hurts sometimes. You know its gonna bleed sometime" beautiful.

Sure most of The Killers songs tend to inspire hope, but this one just seems so earnest and true in its attempt. That's not to say that the others fall flat, but you can't help but make an emotional connection to this song on the first listen, especially when Brandon sings hold on

IT BRILLIANT. I seriously don't know why its not on the list but "dont shoot me santa" is, ridiculous. sweet talk has the band playing top notch while brandon executes great vocals. - tkm

Heartfelt and raw. Wonderful ending that rushes in on a tidal wave of emotional abandon. Just beautiful. Soul to soul kind of stuff that's just so intimate.

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41 Tyson vs. Douglas

A very powerful song that retells Flowers' experience as a child about how his whole mentality on life changed when one of his biggest childhood heroes went down in boxing's greatest upset in history. Not only is this song very catchy, but it tells a great moral that nobody is perfect and the only way to grow is to face the music. - PoisonSlapping

42 A Crippling Blow

What is A Crippling Blow doing down here? I mean, I know... is a bonus track and it may not be the best song, but is really really good. Give it a try, is definitely one of my favorites.

It's such an underrated song and definitely my favorite!

43 Carry Me Home

Definitely one of the best Killer's songs all time. If you haven't heard it, you need too. You won't regret it!

Love this track! Got it on my favorite playlists. I fantasize of a Bon Jovi/Killers collaboration of it.

I think it should be in top 10

44 Rut

Touched my heart!

45 Enterlude

The shorter version of exitlude. Still great, although personally I prefer exitlude

46 Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Beautiful song! Not many people know about it.
Beautiful lyrics Beautiful video!

Great song, I'm sure it has an interesting back story

Fun video too

47 Boots

Such a peaceful songs if you check the video version of this songs then there is nobody out there who wouldn't like it

So happy and beautiful and amusing. Great lyrics, perfect music, and the bells really pull at my heartstrings.

48 From Here on Out

This song is incredible and sings about life, it is just so honest. The beat is awesome, too! Why isn't it higher on the list?

49 Joy Ride

A perfect song from the wonderfully strange, Day and Age

50 The Man

Catchiest chorus of all time. I got news for you baby, you're looking at The Man.

Great chorus, I love the half beat of silence almost at the end, they really got it!

Deserves top 20 - MTDiorio19

Great song - Oberbroe

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