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1 Mr. Brightside Mr. Brightside Cover Art

This song always makes me feel good whether I listen to it. The guitar riffs, the overall instrument use and lyrics always gives me good vibes.

I love this song since the the first time I heard it... I remember listening to it when I was only a kid and falling in love with it instantly. This is an amazing song with amazing lyrics and pretty good instrumental... The only thing I dislike about it is that the lyrics are too short. I wish there were more words there... It could last hours that I would still listen to it. Amazing the way Flowers sings it, though.

I ASOLUTELY love this! I remember when I first heard I was like whats this song it's so good! And since then it has been my favourite song and that was at least 2 years ago! The killers are just amazing all together and should carry on making music forever!

The MOST AMAZING SONG EVER! I first heard this song six years ago, but even today when I hear those Guitar riffs somewhere, I get Goosebumps! Deservedly On Top! I'm surprised why the band failed to make any more songs like this one.

2 When You Were Young When You Were Young Cover Art

Easily the best song by The Killers. So undervalued. Yes, Mr Brightside was their debut title, but this song is just beyond a catchy beat and tune, this song has complexity and sophistication that is missing in today's industry. My favourite song.

This the first song I heard that was by The Killers.
I think it was from Guitar Hero, but anyway... This is the song that got me interested in The Killers and now I see that they are AMAZING! I can't believe they aren't more popularized.

It's so heartfelt and such a massive song. Incredible riffs and vocals, and the lyrics are amazing- "Talks like a gentleman, like you imagined when you were young". It's impossible NOT to dance and sing along to this

This song is just amazing! The lyrics too, it's very meaningful! "you are sit there in your heartache, waiting on some beautiful boy who take you from your old ways, you play forgiveness, with him now, here he comes"

3 All These Things that I've Done All These Things that I've Done Cover Art

"while everyone's lost the battle is won, with all these things the I've done.." Have you heard more redeeming and heartwarming lyrics? This song is sheer rock brilliance musically and lyrically, an example of a great rock song for many years to come...and it appeared in my life with a timing that was unbelievably precise. I felt literally that I had nowhere else to run, that was when I met her. I met this girl and she gave me a reason to smile again when I was lost, we're together now and I relate my love for her with this song, and it fits in my life so good that I can't put it into words...the soundtrack of the happiest life moment I've had in a long long time.I'm just blown away...and I love her. Talk about epic songs

1.) All these things that I’ve done
2.) A Dustland Fairytale
3.) When you were Young
4.) Runaways
5.) Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
6.) Somebody told me
7.) Read my Mind
8.) Human
9.) Run For Cover
10.) For Reasons Unknown

This has gotta be my favorite song from these guys. It's just so catchy, once you hear it, you gotta listen to it again! And the music video, although slightly confusing at first, just adds that much more to the song!

Mr. Flowers must have worked extremely hard to get these beautiful lyrics together. No person in the whole entire world will ever come up with somehting genius as this masterpeice. This, internet viewers, is real music. My favorite song by my favorite band.

4 Somebody Told Me Somebody Told Me Cover Art

Awesome song, truly the best that The Killers have to offer. One of the best songs I can think of from the recent past without a doubt! Been one of my favorite songs for a long while now without a doubt! Cannot stop listening to it!

This is just perfect! My favorite song. One of the best songs ever. I think best song of Killers. "Somebody Told Me" why this song isn't number 1 in this list?

I'm a big, big fan of The Killers, and I know all of the songs in this list, but I chose 'Somebody Told Me' because it's one of the most generalized songs, and it shouln't be at the Number 5 of the list! Just the

As long as this is above human I'm fine. Human made me lose so much respect for the killers but whatever. This has been my favorite song since 5th grade

5 Smile Like You Mean It Smile Like You Mean It Cover Art

On first listen, this is just a catchy dance song. But when you listen to the music and synths, you start to hear the underlying misery in the song- it manages to have a fast beat and catchy guitar and bass riffs- but still an incredibly melancholic mood

One of the best songs made by the Killers, I still listen to this song in 2012! The music video is absolutely amazing, and somewhat helps define its meaning- that you have to live life in the present, because life goes on without you.

I can't believe that this song is currently number 8. It's full of meaning and tops songs such as Mr. Brightside. However I guess it's up to the masses and if the newest catchy song tops the list then so be it.

Huge Killers fan, but this is by far the best song they have ever produced. The best is catchy, but the vocals are simply mind-blowing. To this day, I still listen to this song constantly because it is awesome.

6 Read My Mind Read My Mind Cover Art

This is one song from The Killers, like Mr. Brightside and When We Were Young, that will never, ever, get boring. I hope to play these songs to all of the upcoming generations, so they live on to be legends in the far future!

One of my favorite songs ever - the melody, the lyrics, everything is so catchy and it's just one of those songs that you either want to lay in your bed and listen to on repeat for days or belt and the top of your lungs.

Amazing song, I agree that it's underrated as well. It's very, very catchy. The lyrics are great. I can't stop listening to it. I have to listen to it like every day haha

An absolutely amazing song. This tune really flows like a river. Brandon Flowers what a job you did sir, and the video is truly outstanding as well.

Thank you.

7 Human Human Cover Art

I adore this song. There's just something about the lyrics, something about the beat, something about the voice. It whirls through my head constantly. This song most defiantly deserves to be in higher ranking on this list!

This is such an amazing song I used to hear it all the time but now the radio has moved on to "better" bands like Rhianna and Justin Bieber. No offense, but that's not music, it's crap. What happened to good songs like Human?

It's one of those songs that really make you think. That's a lot of Killers' songs, but one really needs to dig deeper to get a lot of meaning out of this. Are we human, or are we dancer? It's just amazing.

I adore this song! My one of my favorites of all time! Should be #1. Very catchy and fun I love the lyrics and beat. I love the heart that they put into their songs and this one definitely shows it.

8 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine Jenny Was a Friend of Mine Cover Art

I cannot get enough of this song! The haunting lyrics and musical style is unlike anything I've ever heard before!

Did you know that this song, along with "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" and "Midnight Show", are all part of the so-called "murder trilogy", in which Jenny get's murdered. This is the third song, and the best by far!

This song was got me into them their first songs that I heard was Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me but Jenny was a friend of mine was what pushed me to start really getting into them plus Brandon Flowers is hot!

But... How?
This song screams feeling and power! It's their most original song and their rawest, and in my opinion their best.
Seriously way better than Mr Brightside and When You Were Young!

The fact that Mr. Brightside is number 1 and not either this song or All These Things That I've Done shows that people don't understand that there is a difference between catchy and good

9 Runaways Runaways Cover Art

Battle born gets a bad reputation of being the worst killers album. And hey, that might be true, but it's not a bad album. I think runaways is the high point of the album, because it's such a good song. It's definitely more mature and darker songwriting (cough cough spaceman) This song is very underrated.

Beautiful song! The picture it paints is so vivid but the inner melancholy and frustration could make me think for hours. But still there's happiness...which is that hint of magic in life! Teenagers, they rush. They can't wait till tomorrow...! I'm glad its in the top 10. But should be higher up u guys! U KNOW IT!

The beat on the line 'We used to look at the stars and confess our dreams.. ' is just so damn good! I'm a fan of the Killers and I love almost all their songs, well this is the song that's got me hooked these days. Hop it moves up the rankings.

Great song... Should Be higher on the list. I get really excited every time I hear it. The Killers have really outdone themselves again... Like always. This song is just as good as Human, and deserves more credit!

10 Spaceman Spaceman Cover Art

I love so many Killer's songs, and know the lyrics to a lot of them, but I recently discovered Spaceman, and it's so amazing that I can't express it through words. You have to listen to the song. I also can't stop dwelling on the meaning of the lyrics, and whether this is a story of a suicide, or a rise to stardom, each would convey a new meaning to the lyrics. I just love this song, don't understand why I tried to word it, because it's a connection beyond words.

I love all of The Killers' songs I truly do. Honestly the greatest yet most underrated band ever. Spaceman to me is the best record because of Brandon's smooth voice transitions, the opening moans to the song the musical part of it.Most importantly the lyrics to the blind listener it's a tale of a lost soul who tries to commit suicide but realizes the worst is "all in you're mind" & life is beautiful & worth living but slowly enjoying the privellahe of few time we have.

I have no idea how Spaceman is ranked at number 7. It should really be ranked nearer the top, perhaps the top 5. How Somebody Told Me overtook it is a mystery. Spaceman is.. well its actually indescribable. If magic was put to music, this is how it would sound. And watching the music video just adds to its awesomeness. Long live the Killers!

This song song is just truly amazing! It is by far the best song on the album. The lyrics have such a feel to them, that makes you want to sing, dance, and scream. Though Day and Age isn't my favorite album, this is my favorite song. I can't believe it ranked 11th! It deserves so much higher than that!

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11 Miss Atomic Bomb Miss Atomic Bomb Cover Art

This is The Killers' masterpiece, because in this song whe can find a voice that Brandon has never had before. This melancholy elegy is Mr. Brightside's sister, as we can notice from the title and from the riff near 3:38. Also Dave's guitar has great importance in the song: Dave plays it in a particular way ( plucking the guitar ), making chords only in the end. Ronnie's drums accompany all the song, with a slow, but involving rhythm. I'm a great victim and I know all the Killers' songs, so I can say that this songs has something more than the others... Perfect...

By far my favorite song by The Killers. It is so catchy (it's gotten stuck in my head for several days on multiple occasions), and the story is beautiful. I'm shocked that it's not on the top ten. This was the song that pulled me into The Killers' music.

Miss Atomic Bomb is not the Killers' best song, but it is a lyrical masterpiece and has beautifully crafted instrumentals. The only reason it isn't their best is because songs called When You Were Young and Mr. Brightside still exist.

Ultimate Killers song! There version of a Don't Stop Believing or Dream On, pure classic just like the whole Battle Born album. Already voted Rolling Stone's readers song of the year. That must count for something.

12 Bones Bones Cover Art

I just love this song, I'll never get tired of hearing it, like, The killers got lots of greats songs but God! This one is my top top!
I can't start my day without hearing it, it makes me feel energized, and reminds me of my crush lol who actually introduced me to the band...
But yeaah this deserves higher than 14... just saying

A very unexpected song. Good from 'COME WITH ME' until the end. It sends shivers down my spine. Also, love the lyrics and singing. Brandon does his job and I can relate to many lines: 'Don't you wanna feel my skin on your skin? ' and 'I don't really like you'. One of the greatest songs.

Amazing! Damn, I can not stop listening to this song. It is so raw, I want your bones on my bones, damn. Bad-Ass!
"So apologetically dressed" For some reason, that part gives the feeling of disaster to the song. A disaster gone great, oh the irony

Simply awesome. Kind of forgotten about really because there's so many great songs on Sam's Town but an absolutely fantastic song. "Don't you wanna come with me Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones" Great song.

13 A Dustland Fairytale A Dustland Fairytale Cover Art

I started getting into The Killers from "Mr Brightside". I was obsessed. And then I fell in love with "When You Were Young", "Bones" and "Spaceman". And that was about it. Some of their hits like "Somebody Told Me", "Read My Mind" and "Smile Like You Mean It" are good too, but I didn't love them to the extend that I check out the rest of the songs from all their albums until one day, my professor for a finance class played "A Dustland Fairytale" during our break time and THAT, completely blew me away. I didn't know the title but I went back to look for all The Killers songs just to find it. It's amazing. So much emotions. And "Miss Atomic Bomb", "The Way It Was" and "Here With Me" are the next few best for me. But I can see that I don't really have a very mainstream taste in music….

A Dustland Fairytale is definitely my favorite Killers song. Before this song I liked the Killers, but to be honest I hadn't really listened to their stuff aside from Mr. Brightside. After this I was completely hooked. I thought the lyrics were completely outstanding. Then again, after listening to the rest of their songs, I found that most of their lyrics are. The Killers are just an incredible band.

A Dustland Fairytale is a true masterpiece and is definitely among the best songs written by the Killers. It may not have as catchy a chorus as other songs of theirs such as Mr Brightside or When You Were Young but lyrically it is so beautiful and captures the story it sets out to tell so perfectly. This song speaks volumes to me and makes me appreciate the Killers even more than I already do.

By far the best Killers song, but the best version I've heard is from their live performance on David Letterman. Do yourself a favor, especially if you've only heard the studio version or watched the official video, and go watch and listen to the Letterman performance on YouTube. I wasn't the biggest fan of Day and Age, but this song is more of a bridge between that album and Sam's Town.

14 Change Your Mind Change Your Mind Cover Art

The snares played in this song perfectly captured the beat of my heart when I listened to this song for the first time. The lyrics are beautiful, the melody is catchy. This song deserves to have a spot in the top 10.

How does this have only 1 percent of the votes when Human has 8!? This should be at least in the top 10, classic song by The Killers! Listen to it then come back here and rightly vote for Change Your Mind!

One of the most underrated Killers songs. Catchy synth part, solid rhythm section, and the guitar fills out the background. Surprised this isn't in the top 10..

Just can't see this song lower the list. Please! Listen to this song and then vote.
Awesome song... By killers... Just love it...

15 Sam's Town Sam's Town Cover Art

Probably the best song on the Sam's Town album. Brilliant lyrics, very catchy tune. Very underrated. Excellent song!

The music on this track reminds
Me of garbage " tell me where it hurts. Both are! Well listen for yourself? Brilliant.

Great song, the lyrics is so strong in this one!

Amazing song and it's just... so small-town story!

16 Shot at the Night

Quite good song. I've never liked a song from the killers like this one. I feel like I'm in another time... I don't know how to explain that.

Right up there in the top 5 with Mr. Brightside, Human, Tranquilize and Somebody told me

The best song for the Killers. Deserves top spot in my humble opinion.

Great song. Every line does something to you.

17 For Reasons Unknown For Reasons Unknown Cover Art

This is the song that hooked me into the killers. I feel like this song and My List were the first times that Brandon took off the veil and exposed himself. Like a nerve.

It's the best because its lyrics are so right.. I believe everyone can identify with it... besides Brandon plays the bass... and it's about how you lose yourself through time.. or how your life changes or some situations change and you don't even know why... I mean.. I can't put it in words

I don't have words to describe how incredibly deep and moving this song is. Definitely one of my many favorites by the Killers.

One of the most relatable songs Brandon has written... This should be up in the top tens.

18 Just Another Girl Just Another Girl Cover Art

This song should be in the top ten. This song is amazing. The chorus, His voice, the message is great. I love this song so much

This is the perfect Killers song, it accurately portrays how The Killers sound nothing like any other band ever. Amazing.

Probably the best of their lyrics. This one should be in the top 5, easily. One of my 5 favorite songs by Killers.

The video is great - it brings together all of their previous videos neatly.

This song is very catchy.

19 Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet Cover Art

THIS IS NOT IN THE TOP-TENS!?!?! It's just one of the most amazing things The Killers haver ever done. I can't beleieve it's so underrated. I mean his voice the music. Just perfect.
People have to listen to it and vote it really

This song is really good. It's relaxing and shouldn't be rated at 34 but more around 1-5, it's just not known because it's in the album sawdust which not many people listen to.

This song is 28 because it was a cover, not much change from dire straights version and the killers

Really underrated song, should be at least in the top 10. The lyrics are amazing.

20 Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll Cover Art

Everything about this song is right. The Killers have a knack for starting out slow and simple in a song and building into a creative alternative anthem, and they perfected that method of songmaking with "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll. " When people ask what my favorite Killers song is I just say "it's indie rock and roll for me. "

Always been my favourite Killer's song! Don't know what it is about it but I used to listen to it every night before I went to sleep when I was 15 and recently put Hot Fuss onto my new iTunes and it still gives me the same feelings.

My favourite Killers song. It's just perfect from start to finish. I just want to belt the lyrics whenever I hear it. Oh and can someone from the website change the sample to the Hot Fuss version, it's miles better.

The greatest song you can listen to just after stumbling in from a night out. Whack the stereo to the max and introduce your neighbors to one of the greatest songs of the Noughties

21 The Way It Was The Way It Was Cover Art

Fantastic song, best one on battle born!

When Brandon's voice reaches the climax of the song when he sings "darling, darling" it is one of the most beautiful moments in music I have ever heard. His voice is so full of emotion.

Song that can make you fall in love with The Killers in general and Brandon's voice in particular.

The most underrated song by them

22 Bling (Confession of a King) Bling (Confession of a King) Cover Art

Must be in top 15 at least

The lyrics "Stand up! Poor and tired, but more than this" have intense significance to me.

I'm just saying this has been played live more than Spaceman, A Dustland Fairytale, Bones, Sam's Town, Runaways, This Is Your Life, On Top, Andy You're A Star, Change Your Mind, Losing Touch, Under The Gun, Uncle Jonny, and This River Is Wild

What the hell?! How is this song not higher?
This is an awesome song, so much feeling and power!
Love listening to it more than any of the others.

23 My Own Soul's Warning My Own Soul's Warning Cover Art
24 The Calling The Calling Cover Art
25 The World We Live In The World We Live In Cover Art

Underrated. This is the sound they were going for on Day & Age, wouldn't say no to another album of this flavour.

Great song, should be much higher.

What, should be higher

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