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1 Kim Possible Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible is a fictional character who appears in the animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by American actress Christy Carlson Romano.

She's an all-time great character! One of the best!

She is definitely the best character

After 10 years still unforgettable

She's one badass girl

2 Ron Stoppable

In a way he’s the character who has changed the most and has had the most development throughout the series, I think the reason I like his character slighter better than Kim is because between the two of them he is the one whose doubts and fears are more openly shown yet he does his best to help Kim on mission and he’s alway there for Kim through thick and thin, no matter what. When the chips are down he prove himself to be quiet competent.
Lastly repeating what others have said he’s the heart of Team possible and the show would became dull without him.

Despite his foolishness and clowning, he really is pretty bad ass. His skills with monkey kung fu are unparalleled (when they're turned on). He even wrecked two planet buster level aliens with said powers. On top of that he managed to get out of the friend zone and date Kim Possible of all people.

He's the heart and soul of Team Possible. You gotta admit. Without his quirks and wise cracks, the show would be dull.

I found him the most relatable character of the show

3 Shego Shego is a fictional character from Disney's animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by Nicole Sullivan.

I love Shego she is the best Kim Possible character ever. In a math project I even dedicated a pentagon shaped courthouse to her.

Normies choose the two leads when shego is obviously best character

Good looking villain

Best villain in the show

4 Dr. Drakken

What I love about Dr Drakken is his voice, and how he's both threatening and funny.

Still wanna buy that hair shampoo product of his wish it was real

Loveable idiot

5 Rufus

Too bad that Disney no longer makes this program

He'd make a nice pet

6 Wade

This guy is a ten year old genius. Nice.

Smartest character in the Show.

7 Yori

A female ninja and Ron's love interest

8 Steven Barkin
9 Ann Possible

Shego is my favorite character but I'm voting for Mrs. Possible because she is a good parent and also because Bonnie does not deserve to be higher than her.

A super awesome mom

10 Jim Possible

Green shirt is awesome

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11 Britina

A reference to teen pop idol Britney Spears

12 Monique

Definitely needed more screentime next to ron kim and the naked mole rat top favorite characters

13 Tim Possible
14 Tara

A blonde cheerleader who Ron's oblivious to

15 Bonnie Rockwaller

It was funny when she and Kim's asses get glued

16 Vivian Francis Porter

Breaks the stereotype of hot women being dumb

17 Señor Senior, Sr.
18 Monkey Fist
19 Jake
20 Amelia

A beauty queen who Ron hits on

21 Joss Possible

Kim's cousin who idolizes her

22 James Possible
23 Hego
24 Mrs. Stoppable
25 Camille Leon
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