Best Kim Possible Episodes

There were some lists for the best episodes of each season, but they were so boring because they just put the first 10 episodes. Then I realized there wasn't a list for the full series, so I made this.

The Top Ten

1 Graduation Part 1

Obviously the best one. - 445956

2 Exchange

My favorite episode - 445956

3 Emotion Sickness Emotion Sickness

Ranker's #1 episode - 445956

4 Oh Boyz

I'm not a boy band guy, but I really enjoyed this episode. But Earl Boen was a terrible fill-in for the late Ricardo Montalban who was still alive at the time. Also, RIP to David Cassidy, who voiced Roland Pond in this episode. - 445956

5 Blush

The sequel to the first episode, Crush, but better. But I wish Breckin Meyer still voiced his character instead of A.J. Trauth - 445956

6 Low Budget

Frugal Lucre is a stupid villain, but this was a great episode. - 445956

7 Go Team Go! Go Team Go!

Great episode showing Shego's origins, and they got Christopher McDonald, Jere Burns, and Fred Savage, with the villain being voiced by Invader Zim himself, Richard Horvitz - 445956

8 And the Molerat Will Be CGI

I hope that in the live action film they make a 2D live-action hybrid, because naked mole rats are always creepy. Still a great episode. - 445956

9 Sink or Swim

I wish Gill had more than just 2 episodes. - 445956

10 Gorilla Fist

I love Monkeyfist episodes, and I love Japan episodes, and that is what they did in my favorite episode, but this was good too - 445956

The Contenders

11 Graduation Part 2
12 Mind Games

It's a mind-swap episode, what'd you expect, we all knew it was gonna be great

13 The Twin Factor
14 The Ron Factor
15 Bad Boy
16 Mad Dogs and Aliens
17 Cap'n Drakken
18 Trading Faces
19 Naked Genius

Amazing episode

20 Bueno Nacho

Loved this episode! The ending was so sweet, They perfectly captured Kim and Ron’s dynamic

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