Best Kind of Elves in Fantasy Literature, Video Games or Movies

There are numerous types and tribes of Elves in fantasy literature, movies and video games, but which one is the best looking, the best at fighting or just the coolest? I know that there are way more elven tribes/races/whatever than there are on the list. I just added the ones that I am familiar with, so feel free to add more.
The Top Ten
1 Noldor (Tolkien)

They are by far the best elven tribe. They are good smiths (created the silmarils), they aren't perfect like the Vanyar, they are cursed which is very interesting and three of the coolest elves in Tolkien's works are Noldor. (Feanor, Galadriel and Elrond) - filuxx_

2 Night Elves (World of Warcraft)
3 Dunmer/Dark Elves (The Elder Scrolls)
4 Sindar (Tolkien)
5 Falmer/Snow Elves (The Elder Scrolls)
6 Half-Elves (Dungeons & Dragons)
7 Blood Elves (World of Warcraft)
8 Orsimer/Orcs (The Elder Scrolls)
9 Teleri (Tolkien)
10 Älfa (Inheritance Cycle)
The Contenders
11 High Elves (World of Warcraft)
12 Smurfs (Peyo)
13 Hobbits (Tolkien)
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