Best Kindergarten Schools In Bangkok

I have seen many lists of schools in Bangkok but here is a list of the best Pre-schools and Nurseries to start your child off in life. Please remember that just because a school has a reputation doesn't mean it is the best. Many live off old reputations and I advise all parents to ask look very carefully, specifically at teacher qualifications, the happiness of the children and the abilities of the older children within the school as guidelines

The Top Ten

1 British Early Years Centre- International Pre-school and Nursery
2 St Andrew's Samakee
3 Bernie British International School

I visited the school today for my 2 daughters 2 and 5 years old. It is ideal!

Just visited the Open Day at Bernie British International Preparatory Centre. What a wonderful school! So safe and such a child-friendly environment. A little gem in Bangkapi and so central being near The Nine and Ramkamhaeng 24. Check it out!

4 Early Learning Centre- ELC
5 Tiny Seeds International Preschool and Nursery
6 Annabel's

Good school for nursery

Brilliant sensory equipment imported from UK

7 ABC Pathways
8 The Apple Tree International Kindergarten
9 Mulberry House
10 Kensington

The Contenders

11 Magic Years International School

Loving and nurturing environment that promotes leadership and inquiry.

Amazing environments that promotes exploration and inquiry. The school is accredited by the IBO, ISAT and ONESQA. - repoulin

12 Topsy Turvy
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