Top 10 Kindle Fire HDX Games

This is a list called TopTen Kindle Fire HDX Games.

The Top Ten

1 Battle Run S2

If you have a Kindle Fire HDX or just a regular kindle fire, download the game, make a account and play - JaysTop10List

The is the best kindle game! - TopTenJackson

2 Stupid Zombies

I never played it, but I like the name. - RalphBob

I don't know why would they add Stupid but it's a good game. They should call it the Zombie Shooting HD for free. It's free though. - JaysTop10List

3 PapiJump

I have all the Papi games and they're free! - JaysTop10List

4 Flappy Bird

I play this Game all the time it's so cool and addicting. - PatrickStar3

Even though it's a annoying game, it's still awesome. Check out this remix TapTap Bird. It's FREE! AND IT'S JUST LIKE FLAPPY BIRD. - JaysTop10List

5 Asphalt 8: Airborne

A 8th installment of this very very very very
Few hours later
Very very very - SHUT UP!
Sorry, and very excellent installment of a awesome game. - JaysTop10List

6 Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash was out for Kindle Fire HDX last month! I was so excited when it came out because it was only for Apple phones and iPod and Samsung phones and tablets. There's a few people you have to
Few hours later
Looks like I'm done. Bye - JaysTop10List

7 TapTap Bird

It's so awesome it's like Flappy Bird and it's FREE! - JaysTop10List

8 Temple Run

I loved this game so much! Temple Run 2 was so scary. I used to jump when that gigantic gorilla comes out and just die on the game. - JaysTop10List

I love Temple Run. - PatrickStar3

9 Restaurant Story

I love this game and I miss my friend Silver Lanterns so much. It's a very fun game to get along with other people. But someone STUPID had to ruin the moment for me. Papasburgerina. You probably don't even know these people but type my friend's ID if you want : Aliyahohya. And play the game! - JaysTop10List

10 Fruit Ninja

I scored big on this game. Don't remember but I scored very very big! - JaysTop10List

Another one I like. - PatrickStar3

The Contenders

11 Pet Shop Story
12 Doctor Who: Legacy
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