Top Ten Kinds of Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens


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1 Religion
2 Ways to Kill

Seriously, enough of these already! I'm at the point where I cringe when I happen across ones for characters I hate- characters I absolutely loathe, even.

And people wonder why school shootings are still a thing... I mean, if people constantly think of killing as much as the sheer number (not to mention support) of these lists indicate, well, some of them act on it.

They better not stay here forever, and if they do then someone just might make a ways to kill bronies list.

If they will stay here forever this whole site need to completely shut down.

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3 "Righteously wise" lists

What do you mean by "righteously wise"? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Trying to sound smart but instead comes off as bigoted and condescending.

4 Characters that hate _______/Characters that can beat up _______

You forgot "characters that can destroy"

6 Things you'd like to throw at _______
7 Fandoms, ships, and MLP

Fandoms and ships are irritating, but leave MLP out of this.

Seriously!? - JPK

8 "Funny" lists
9 Best body parts of/on _____

The woman one is disgusting. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Gender vs Gender

Top ten reasons to hate boys.
Top ten reasons to hate girls.
Yea! Must get removed! - ---ChargedZircon---

The Contenders

11 Popular TopTenners list

Many people will expect to be there and if they aren't they go nuts and its irritating like hell - DubstepLover

The existing ones are fine but I don't think anymore CAN be made, can they? - Britgirl

12 Against common opinions

This basically proves that you are narrow-minded towards another perspective on a certain subject. Deleting such lists is downright idiocy.

13 Hate lists
14 Reasons ____ is the ____ ____ ever
15 Lists kids made

That will remove about 90-percent of all lists.

16 Troll Lists
17 Lists About TheTopTens Lists

You're being hypocritical here. - Elina

No, it's good lists. - ---ChargedZircon---


18 Any lists related to "Frozen", anti or otherwise

Most of those lists are just the same crap over and over again, both the anti-"Frozen" lists and the pro-"Frozen" lists. They could probably all be condensed into a mere two or three lists.

Yeah, I think it's past time to get rid of ALL the Frozen lists here

19 Lists About Users

Including "best/worst TopTenners" or anything like that. A user can add themselves even if they don't really apply.

Most of them I'm not on anyway. So all for it - westofohio

It appears "worst things about (x)" lists are no longer even allowed to be made, but there are still "characters that should date (x)" lists around that were not made by the users mentioned in the titles.

Especially ones not created by the user himself/herself/itself/themself/zirself

20 Reasons Why (X) Is Better Than (Y)

Let's face it, a lot of the time neither thing being compared is "better".

Most of the characters being compared have literally nothing to do with each ither

21 Top Ten People/Characters/Users Who Should Date [User]
22 "Relatable" lists
23 TV episode ideas

Come on, I doubt T.V. producers will find this and say "good ideas." Nice to pitch in, but sometime she they go too far.

24 Things Haters Would Say to ________
25 Things That Should Happen to _______
26 Top Ten Reasons to Hate _____ Fans
27 Reasons why _____ list is inaccurate/wrong

Crybaby fans who can't handle that not everyone loves what they love create these.

28 Any list with (excluding ______) in the title

Usually it's "Excluding Rock and Metal Artists" so that their precious band will not get hate. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

29 Top 10 Reasons to Hate _________ from Teen Titans Go!
30 Rainbow Dash hate lists

I don't want to ask.

31 Comparing an anime to a fast-food chain
32 Comparing Things to Ebola
33 Lists Against Overhated Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Video Games, Etc.
34 Lists That Talk About Trolling
35 Political Lists
36 Reasons why crimes should be legal lists
37 Fetish lists
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2. Characters that hate _______/Characters that can beat up _______
3. Things Haters Would Say to ________
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