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1 Weird Lists

I just had to put this at number one! - funnyuser

2 Random Lists

If you'd like some cheer in your life, then go and read all of my lists that have the word "random" in it. They are just so satisfying. - funnyuser

3 Interesting Lists

Intelligent lists are what I value on this site. Not the same old idea of best things to kill Nicki Minaj with. - PositronWildhawk

Just lists that are... Interesting. In a weird and neutral way. Or a list that is biased on a fact. - funnyuser

4 Funny lists

Sometimes the weird and random lists are your classic lists. - funnyuser

5 Pet lists V 1 Comment
6 Pokemon Lists

It's just amazing how much of these lists are out there. - funnyuser

7 Food lists

All of those lists make me hungry. - funnyuser

I love those lists. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 Music lists

Sometimes I just look at these lists. - funnyuser

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9 Popular lists

Though that there might not be any popular lists on there yet, but still... It's something. - funnyuser

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