Top Ten Kinds Of People In Gym Class

The Top Ten

1 The person who is really good at sports

In other words the guys who play like 3-4 sports and are the one person everyone wants on their team - Randomator

Me! - Maxwel

Sort of me. - Luckys

2 The person who yells at their team for not being good but is actually the worst one

This girl named Hannah in my class lol. - Luckys

3 The person who yells “when you try your best but you don’t succeed” every time they miss

Sadical go stay In 2016 to 2017

That’s me! It’s a song from Fortnite memes compilation - sadical

4 The one who tries to be good at sports to impress their crush but embarrasses themselves
5 The one who has no athletic ability

I have no athletic ability either.

Uh...I WASN'T HERE! - Pokemonfan10

*cough* sadical *cough* - sadical

6 The person who writes fake excuse notes to get out of gym

There are people who do this. I tried once, but everyone knew it was fake. - sadical

7 The one who takes as long as possible in the locker room so they get less time in gym

That’s also me - sadical

8 The person who is lucky and just gets to be the score keeper
9 The one who goes to the bathroom and never comes back
10 The one who purposely throws the ball at other students heads

Haha me

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