Kinds of People Ignorant People Think Are Bad

The Top Ten Kinds of People Ignorant People Think Are Bad

1 Gay People

Being gay is not the worst thing ever. Straight, gay, bi, pan or asexual, all are fine people - BorisRule

Who thinks gay people are bad? - RobertWisdom

A gay person is attracted to someone of the same gender. So what? Why are gay/lesbian people treated like murderers in today's society?

Even if you think it is wrong, you should keep your opinion to yourself. - Alpha101

2 Autistic People

Autism is not a disease, I'm not a parrot! >:( - BorisRule

Huh? - RobertWisdom

It's actually really sad, if you think about it. Autism is something you are born with, like a birth mark or hair or anything, really. This doesn't necessarily mean they are stupid, it's actually YOU who are ignorant if you say this. There are actually a lot of very intelligent people who are autistic. One of my friends won eleventh place in our state spelling bee and first place in our school one. Some autistic people can be very smart, I don't like it when people will make fun of them for it when there's no real reason to. - NerdyPweeps

This is horrible, and people mock them everyday. - Alpha101

As somebody who suffers from autism, I absolutely HATE it when people say bad things about autism. - RockFashionista

3 People Who Have Different Opinions

But people who defend their "opinions" with stupid reasons are the worst.

Everyone has an opinion and/or a grasp on they believe to be fact. What I prefer to see is people who can make an informed and calm argument without blowing their stack and throwing accusations. Even more important is to know where the argument comes from. When speaking to someone who doesn’t appreciate neurodiverity, knowing where their views come from helps me distinguish between misinformed, fearful, well-meaning, and neurist people. Within an argument, there is a whole spectrum of ideas, and ways people arrived at their conclusions. I have my own thoughts, knowledge, and opinions, and I will happily hear from someone who can voice their differing ideas with civility. It is smart to keep your mind open, but always think critically to determine whether it is fact, opinion, or hot air.

I hate weaboos too - Nateawesomeness

4 People Who Like Justin Bieber

People who like Justin Bieber are evil

Of course this is on this list. Why wouldn't it?

Actually, this shouldn't be on the list. laugh out loud - Alpha101

5 Children

I feel bad for the kids - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

6 People with Aspergers

Yeah we're not bad. - Ilovestephanie

I have it and I get treated like a baby. - ArpstaAmy333

I have it and my parents constantly treat me like I'm being bad :(

I have Aspergers (high-functioning autism) and I don't know whether to consider it a curse or a blessing. - RockFashionista

7 Atheists

Just because we don't believe in some kind of sky-dude who lives on a cloud we get discriminated. Seriously.

But isn't calling me someone who believes in some kind of sky-dude who lives in a cloud an insult as well? - Alkadikce

8 People of African-American Ancestry

I guess ignorant people don't know that applies to everyone.

9 Asexual People

What's wrong with not being interested in intercourse? People seriously think that these people are bad? Ignorant indeed!

What is this? - RobertWisdom

10 White People

Racism is still racism, no matter if you target black or white - BorisRule

Attention black people, but not all white people are bad. I know that's kind of hard to grasp but it's true.

Should be top 5

The Contenders

11 People Who Like Anime

What's wrong with not liking anime lovers

Hey...what's wrong with us anime enthusiasts? - RockFashionista

12 Short People

I'm short and I don't know anybody who thinks I'm bad because I'm short. - RobertWisdom

I'm short and get the respect I want so life's OK for me - AlphaQ

13 Homeless People

It’s true that a lot of homeless people have a terrible past or disability, but most of the homeless are that way because they are lazy. - VeganTurtle

14 Fat People

Being obese may suck, but some fat people are nice, so if they treat you with respect, treat them with respect too. - BorisRule

Being fat doesn't make someone a bad person. It also doesn't give you the right to be a jackass to said person. Weight gain can be caused by many things including some medications.

That's ignorant!? >:( - Ilovestephanie

15 Bald People
16 Lesbians
17 People Who Drive Bad Cars
18 Poor People
19 Religious People

There's bad people everywhere no matter what you believe in.

20 Popular Girls

They are actually nice if you know them. - SelfDestruct

21 One Direction Fans

Some of us are not ignorant - Ilovestephanie

22 People Who Like Twilight

So, you've found a person online, and they like Twilight. Big. Effing. Deal. Don't be a dumbass prick and bully them just because they enjoy a franchise that you hate. Hating someone based upon what kind of media they enjoy is a stupid reason to hate someone.

23 Heavy Metal Artists
24 People Who Listen to Heavy Metal

No, I do not listen to devil music. :(

25 People Who Listen to Rock and Roll

No, we are not from the devil. - RockFashionista

26 People Who Like Marilyn Manson

Manson is actually a nice guy in real life. His songs actually do have positive messages if you understand them better.

His music saved my life.

27 Handicapped People
28 Mentally Handicapped People
29 Ugly People
30 Virgins
31 People Who Listen to Rap Music
32 Foreigners
33 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.
34 People Who Like Taylor Swift
35 People Who Like Liv and Maddie
36 People Who Hate Gravity Falls
37 Americans
38 Sonic Fans
39 Muslims
40 Wiccans

Because they are. - RobertWisdom

I'm wiccan. - Ilovestephanie

41 Pagans

They are. - RobertWisdom

42 Old People
43 People Who Support Michael Jackson

Exactly! Why hasn't most people doing some REAL research, such as court documents, FBI files, come on dudes, just because someone's accused of a crime doesn't mean we should immediately believe that. If there's no proof of that claim, a strong chance of being a false claim is really high. :( - BorisRule

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