Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Most Easily Triggered

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1 Social Justice Warriors

They are the type of people that act like they are the superior but in actuality they are the type of people that whine over video game plots and design choices despite never touching a controller, they are the type of people that think they know everything while In actuality they only know American culture and social media, they are the type of people that will call themselves "gamers" just so they could bash on real gamers and say they have better taste in video games despite never realizing that sixty percent of video games was published by a Japanese company, they are the type of people that might have the most atrocious opinions or opinions that make no sense what so ever but they treat their opinions like they matter more than eating because they are entitled, they are Social Justice Warriors and trust me they will always fight for the wrong opinion.

That woman: did you, just, added me to this list? Omygosh I am offended, you deserved to be ashamed for treating me a woman like that. Disgusting men!

These people.. UGH! EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is Homophobic. They can't accept the fact that men and women are different in positive and negative ways, they think that by saying someone is black, you are automatically racist. They are almost always Trump haters or Trump supporters (both are equally annoying). Also, they don't realize there are only two genders

Remember when the scene in the SpongeBob episode "Wormy" where they burn everything down was too insane to happen.
Pepperidge Farm remembers.

2 Trump Supporters

Here's real proof that Donald Trump supporters are easily triggered:

"First of all Donald Trump is not a bully! How dare you say something like that. At least he's better than Ted Cruz! Why don't we pick on Ted Cruz once in a while? Or why don't we find something good about Donald Trump? You know how he's not an ordinary politician? Or how maybe he's a business man that might get rid of some of this debt that Barack Obama put us in! Don't come on Republicans me! Donald Trump knows what he's doing, and that's more than I can say for some of the other candidates! - Juney01"

See? Courtesy of the list of Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Donald Trump is the living proof of how many stupid Americans live in America, since there were plenty enough to get him elected. While the rest of the Americans are being ignored and worrying about the future generation growing up with such lunatics who're probably going to burn their own county down by causing an unnecessary war.

Many of them act like anyone that doesn't like or agree with Trump supports Hillary Clinton.

I really hate him and all of this extra money I have had the last couple of years.

3 Feminists

It's fine to believe in equality and that's feminism, but all these Tumblr feminists are just stupid and they're never going to change anything. See, the first and second-wave feminism DID change how society thinks and that's how women got their rights, but will Tumblr feminism ever change society's current views? NOPE. Men and women are equal and they have their own strengths. And weaknesses. I'm a feminist who is all for equality, but the Tumblr feminism is pathetic.

Maybe their voice would be taken seriously in the 50's, but now it's all man hating, irrelevant debating over stupid topics (aka Lego's, not joking), standing up for rights they already own, and enforcing female stereotypes unknowingly. Example: A female stereotype is women always whine. Well, modern feminists seem to always whine.
And to think these are adults saying all this crap, I swear LeafyIsHere has said smarter.

There are some good feminists out there, but feminist YouTube channels like "Feminist Frequency" and "Buzz Feed" that are a disgrace, instead of fighting for equality, feminist frequency will whine over video game tropes, character design and depiction of women, they think every game is sexist despite never realizing there are strong female video game characters, but buzz feed oh... buzz feed they are a completely different story instead buzz feed feminists will whine over the most ridiculous things they will whine over ridiculous things like "manspreading" and "mansplainning" I mean seriously those have got to be some of the most ridiculous things I ever heard I don't know what those mean but probably don't mean anything reasonable because buzz feed has a bad reputation when it comes to feminists, now I know there's good feminists out there but they get overshadowed by all the bad ones.

It's like people don't understand or even care about the concept of feminism anymore. Real feminists stand for equality for both genders, not the wannabe-SJWs you see today. I stand for equality for both genders and I really, really hate anti-feminism.

4 Black Lives Matter Supporters

Nobody's saying that other lives don't matter. We're simply stating that black lives still matter because some people don't understand that. Also, while there are racists, the 3 women who created the movement didn't have any racist intent, they simply wanted justice for Trayvon Martin and other people of color killed unjustly

Black Lives Matter, oh where to start. Martin Luther King Jr would be so disappointed, because these "peaceful protesters" resort to violence and counter racism. I saw a video of a BLM leader at a rally telling white people to go to the back. That's not the way. You do not kno da wae brutha.

Well by saying that this list having Black Lives Matters Supperters, it's clearly to see that you get triggered easily. Black live really matters, but you don't have to put it in my face just like that. Peace people.

Everything is RACIST to them.
Once my "friend" sent me a meme of a confused black man. I asked why is the black man confused? She the girl (let's call her Sally) accused me of being a racist.

5 Homophobes

I swear to God, when I first saw this scene, I wanted to grab my phone, video the scene, then send it to my friend with the message "*facepalm*". Basically, what I'm saying is, yes they can, you little beoch!

And now they are giving my religion, Christianity, a bad image!

Homophobes should just all go someplace and die.

Boys can like boys. These people are so idiotic

6 Racists

Blame the democrats for racism in America, since you know, they supported slavery during the civil war and supported segregation

I don't blame people for being triggered when they are falsely accused of being racist.

7 Music Elitists

Metal elitists especially. They think if you listen to other music besides black metal, you're a "poser" or if you listen to a very popular mainstream band like Metallica. They especially get upset and start yelling poser if you like a band that they hate because it's not "real metal" to them, which is just ludicrous.

As a fan of rock, R&B and metal music, I can say that elitists are super annoying, especially Metal Elitists. They give off a bad vibe.

My cat would be SO TRIGGERED if he found out I liked mainstream and pop music... He's 100% a metal elitist.

It is especially odd that metal fans consider themselves elitists.

8 Special Snowflakes

I know these guys, they are the kids at school who cry and scream over the smallest and stupidest reasons. I know one at school and he always thinks negative of himself and screams like those raging squeakers in games.

They suffer meltdowns right and left when they are triggered.

9 Beliebers

Not all of them, but some threatened Justin's girlfriend.

With that picture, do I even need to explain this one?

Geez, now the beliebers are saying his most recent CD proves how great he is. *gag*

Back off, he is hers!

10 Liberals

These people are so annoying. They need to shut up about Trump winning and saying he's gonna ban all Mexicans. He's only going after the illegals. They shouldn't be here anyway.

Obviously not all Liberals get triggered easily, but in general there's not really any other group that get's triggered as easily.

Liberals get triggered due to their beliefs and they should.

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11 Trump Haters

If you say much as say that Trump is better than Hillary, they rage and scream at you.

And also trump supporters, anti-feminists,and conservatives. They get triggered VERY easily. Especially anti-feminists.

From some of the reports I have been reading, they are coming unhinged.

The Trump haters seem to getting more and more irrational.

12 Soccer Moms

However, you did make it up, since it was third-hand from a comment on YouTube, hardly a credible source.

What are these? Moms obsessed with their child being on the soccer team?

Hate them. They overreact and boycott everything

13 All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter Supporters

I actually love hearing that a blue lives person was antagonized until they went off, since they usually crush whoever was harassing them, in particular sniveling black lives matter supporters.

I never seen a blue person in my life. Unless if it was Grover cookie monster or blue from blues clues. JK. I have never seen a blue person seriously

To be more accurate, ALM supporters just trying to live their lives, end up Triggering BLM supporters.

What's blue lives matter?

14 Atheists

A lot of atheists have this automatic reaction to bash religion anytime they hear or read something about religion. Like seriously, if you don't believe in God, that's fine you do you, but don't disrespect others who do.

Usually it's a bunch of edgy 13 year old contrarians who use their "enlightened" views to hide the fact that they have no friends.

Yes, I can get "defensive", but in no way do I get offended (most of the time). I only get angry if I'm in a religious debate.

They say that nobody is an atheist in a foxhole, but then again, very few top tenners even know what a foxhole is.

15 Conservatives

I don't hate conservatives, but a lot of them get triggered easily and are bigots.

16 New England Patriots Fans

Is there even a question any more about who is the greatest of all time? No wonder they are triggered if you don't agree.

Now that he's going to the Buccaneers, maybe the fans will be less annoying. That is, if there will be any left...

They mainly get triggered when they lose or when you say another QB is better than Tom Brady.

Belichick is goat in coaching (Vince Lombardi is), Tom Brady is goat in athletes ( Jerry Rice).

17 Liv and Maddie Fans

We all know who you're talking about. I used to follow him.

If anyone wants to know, I added this. And not just because of Disney1994. There was a actually a Liv and Maddie fan visitor that got triggered when I made fun of Dove Cameron on the list of people with the most punchable faces. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Hardcore Fangirls
19 Mr. Enter Fans

These guys are total jerks, they attack someone in Twitter just for liking "A Pal For Gary". I don't mind if he likes it but BOY, Mr. Enter is such an idiot for doing this. And by the way, since I called Mr. Enter an idiot... (grabs machine gun) Come and get me if you dare!

I'm a Mr Enter fan and if someone hates him or has a different opinion than him, I suck it up since it is their opinion.

20 Ungrateful People
21 Jackie Evancho Fans
22 Frozen Fans

I bet whoever took the picture thought, "Hey, I have an idea. Let's take a picture of a couple 6 year olds throwing fits for not getting the Elsa doll they wanted and put it on every social media that's ever existed."

That picture made me spew out my drink.

Oh god that picture

The caps girl my boi

23 Christians
24 Muslims
25 Nintendrones

Ok, all these stupid idiots are, mm are just a bunch of manchilds, just say nintendo sucks, and praise call of duty in front of them, I DARE YOU

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