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1 Social Justice Warriors

These people.. UGH! EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is Homophobic. They can't accept the fact that men and women are different in positive and negative ways, they think that by saying someone is black, you are automatically racist. They are almost always Trump haters or Trump supporters (both are equally annoying). Also, they don't realize there are only two genders

They really should become "Mental Health Warriors", otherwise they are in trouble.


PC Bro! - htoutlaws2012

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2 Black Lives Matter Supporters

I'm over the racism. I don't mind a bit of racist jokes but too many can be annoying. - AlphaQ

I feel as this list is very racist. You're saying that if you support black lives, and defend them against racism, you are easily triggered and therefore a baby. - AnonymousChick

That's racist... - timrose

(Me At A Sock Shop)

Me: Hmm I'll take the white socks

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3 Feminists

Modern feminism is a joke. I challenge ANY feminist to debate me on this. Go ahead - ryanrimmel

It's like people don't understand or even care about the concept of feminism anymore. Real feminists stand for equality for both genders, not the wannabe-SJWs you see today. I stand for equality for both genders and I really, really hate anti-feminism.

They are actually struggling for gender equality, NOT changing it! Some may take it too far though - Neonco31

Maybe their voice would be taken seriously in the 50's, but now it's all man hating, irrelevant debating over stupid topics (aka Lego's, not joking), standing up for rights they already own, and enforcing female stereotypes unknowingly. Example: A female stereotype is women always whine. Well, modern feminists seem to always whine.
And to think these are adults saying all this crap, I swear LeafyIsHere has said smarter. - isaaonrtdmtr

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4 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is the living proof of how many stupid Americans live in America, since there were plenty enough to get him elected. While the rest of the Americans are being ignored and worrying about the future generation growing up with such lunatics who're probably going to burn their own county down by causing an unnecessary war.

Don't get triggered like liberals - DoroExploro13

<--- That woman holding the baby looks like a total idiot. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

See he almost looks like he's assaulting a kids baby - Ihateschool

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5 Special Snowflakes

They suffer meltdowns right and left when they are triggered.

Every registered user on TheTopTens.

6 Liberals Liberals

Obviously not all Liberals get triggered easily, but in general there's not really any other group that get's triggered as easily.

These people are so annoying. They need to shut up about Trump winning and saying he's gonna ban all Mexicans. He's only going after the illegals. They shouldn't be here anyway.

Liberals get triggered due to their beliefs and they should.


I'm no Frozen hater, but it's obvious the visitor who made this comment is triggered. Hopefully, this is a satirical comment, because this has absolutely nothing to do with liberals. Hold on, is this the Frozen caps girl again? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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7 Trump Haters

Just recently they have really be going off the deep end.

From some of the reports I have been reading, they are coming unhinged.

They all seem to be completely nuts!

I agree with you. Conservatives, anti-feminists, etc, etc get "triggered" by the stupidity of the leftist, feminazi, SJW, liberal, and BLM media. - Gabriola

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8 Beliebers Beliebers

Back off, he is hers! - Neonco31

The girl with the sign is really stupid - Ihateschool

Geez, now the beliebers are saying his most recent CD proves how great he is. *gag*

Meh. Not really. Unless you're like the girl in the picture who's calling the other girls bitches and asking them to back off. - AlphaQ

9 Racists

I don't blame people for being triggered when they are falsely accused of being racist.

10 Music Elitists

It is especially odd that metal fans consider themselves elitists.

You like Metallica? Good for you! - isaaonrtdmtr

Everybody at TTT is convinced that "they" have the best taste in music.

Metal music elitists are rly mean and get triggered if you try to say you like pop music.

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? Parents

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11 Homophobes Homophobes

One Million Moms should be called One Thousand Bigoted Homophobic Crybaby Special Snowflake Soccermoms - Cartoonfan202

They think bronies are GAY just for liking a girl show - Neonco31

Homophobes should just all go someplace and die.

Girls CAN love girls, what ya' think you are? - BorisRule

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12 All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter Supporters

I actually love hearing that a blue lives person was antagonized until they went off, since they usually crush whoever was harassing them, in particular sniveling black lives matter supporters.

They are all jerks.


To be more accurate, ALM supporters just trying to live their lives, end up Triggering BLM supporters.

13 Trump Supporters

There's already Trump Supporters on this list! *dabs* *sings badly* - AlphaQ

Anybody who voted for trump was triggered in the voting booth.

Don't get as offended as liberals - DoroExploro13

14 Soccer Moms

Good lord. I'm not joking when one time someone on YouTube said a soccermom told him to change his Sonic shirt because the spikes on his head promote stabbing. I couldn't make this up even if I tried. - NikBrusk

Hate them. They overreact and boycott everything - Cartoonfan202

15 New England Patriots Fans

Is there even a question any more about who is the greatest of all time? No wonder they are triggered if you don't agree.

If you say Tom Brady isn't the best QB of all time, they'll kill you - DoroExploro13

He IS the best of all time!

Belichick is goat in coaching (Vince Lombardi is), Tom Brady is goat in athletes ( Jerry Rice).

16 Call of Duty Fan Boys

So if you don't like Call of Duty the fans will say U R RONG CAll Of duty is tHe bESt GaME Ever when its not although its not a bad game just the Fanbase ruins it - christangrant

17 Liv and Maddie Fans

We all know who that guy is - Neonco31

If anyone wants to know, I added this. And not just because of Disney1994. There was a actually a Liv and Maddie fan visitor that got triggered when I made fun of Dove Cameron on the list of people with the most punchable faces. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

See: Disney1994. - NikBrusk

18 Mr. Enter's Fans

These guys are total jerks, they attack someone in Twitter just for liking "A Pal For Gary". I don't mind if he likes it but BOY, Mr. Enter is such an idiot for doing this. And by the way, since I called Mr. Enter an idiot... (grabs machine gun) Come and get me if you dare! - Neonco31

They cyberbully you if you like a show he hates - Cartoonfan202

19 Metal Elitists

They get so triggered when I say I like Slipknot and Korn and they call anything that isn't death metal with a singer sounding like he's choking on a taco "fake metal". - NikBrusk

Or any elitists in general.

20 Hardcore Fangirls
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