Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Easily Triggered


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1 Social Justice Warriors

These people.. UGH! EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is Homophobic. They can't accept the fact that men and women are different in positive and negative ways, they think that by saying someone is black, you are automatically racist. They are almost always Trump haters or Trump supporters (both are equally annoying). Also, they don't realize there are only two genders

They really should become "Mental Health Warriors", otherwise they are in trouble.

Their really annoying

This isn’t true, some may go overboard but most of us just want equality. - blackflower

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2 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is the living proof of how many stupid Americans live in America, since there were plenty enough to get him elected. While the rest of the Americans are being ignored and worrying about the future generation growing up with such lunatics who're probably going to burn their own county down by causing an unnecessary war.

I'm not a stupid American though. I am actually ashamed of being an American because of these people. - Ilovestephanie

Don't get triggered like liberals - DoroExploro13

<--- That woman holding the baby looks like a total idiot. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Many of them act like anyone that doesn’t like or agree with Trump supports Hillary Clinton. - 3DG20

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3 Black Lives Matter Supporters

Everything is RACIST to them.
Once my "friend" sent me a meme of a confused black man. I asked why is the black man confused? She the girl (let's call her Sally) accused me of being a racist.

I feel as this list is very racist. You're saying that if you support black lives, and defend them against racism, you are easily triggered and therefore a baby. - AnonymousChick

I'm over the racism. I don't mind a bit of racist jokes but too many can be annoying. - AlphaQ

I agree anonymouschick - blackflower

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4 Feminists

Modern feminism is a joke. I challenge ANY feminist to debate me on this. Go ahead - ryanrimmel

It's like people don't understand or even care about the concept of feminism anymore. Real feminists stand for equality for both genders, not the wannabe-SJWs you see today. I stand for equality for both genders and I really, really hate anti-feminism.

They are actually struggling for gender equality, NOT changing it! Some may take it too far though - Neonco31

I’m with yo Neonco31 - blackflower

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5 Special Snowflakes

I know these guys, they are the kids at school who cry and scream over the smallest and stupidest reasons. I know one at school and he always thinks negative of himself and screams like those raging squeakers in games.

My little cousins can whine and throw tantrums over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

They suffer meltdowns right and left when they are triggered.

Trolls who say "Special Snowflakes" they think they can say anything they want because no one can see them.

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6 Racists

I don't blame people for being triggered when they are falsely accused of being racist.

7 Beliebers Beliebers

The girl with the sign is really stupid - Ihateschool

Back off, he is hers! - Neonco31

With that picture, do I even need to explain this one? - 3DG20

That smile - MrCoolC

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8 Homophobes Homophobes

One Million Moms should be called One Thousand Bigoted Homophobic Crybaby Special Snowflake Soccermoms - Cartoonfan202

They think bronies are GAY just for liking a girl show - Neonco31

Girls CAN love girls, what ya' think you are? - BorisRule

I hate these people so much

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9 Liberals Liberals

Obviously not all Liberals get triggered easily, but in general there's not really any other group that get's triggered as easily.

These people are so annoying. They need to shut up about Trump winning and saying he's gonna ban all Mexicans. He's only going after the illegals. They shouldn't be here anyway.

The hell is this? The pic looks like a joke though - B0S5J4M3S

Liberals get triggered due to their beliefs and they should.

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10 Music Elitists

It is especially odd that metal fans consider themselves elitists.

You like Metallica? Good for you! - isaaonrtdmtr

Not just metal elitists, music elitists OF ANY KIND.

My little sister only listens to Cardi B and “certain” modern country songs. She hates pretty much any other kind of music or any subgrene. She stops people from listening to a song because apparently a month ago is old to her

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11 All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter Supporters

I actually love hearing that a blue lives person was antagonized until they went off, since they usually crush whoever was harassing them, in particular sniveling black lives matter supporters.

They are all jerks.

I never seen a blue person in my life. Unless if it was Grover cookie monster or blue from blues clues. JK. I have never seen a blue person seriously


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12 Trump Supporters

Don't get as offended as liberals - DoroExploro13

There's already Trump Supporters on this list! *dabs* *sings badly* - AlphaQ

Anybody who voted for trump was triggered in the voting booth.

Never met one! - B0S5J4M3S

13 Trump Haters

Just recently they have really be going off the deep end.

From some of the reports I have been reading, they are coming unhinged.

The Trump haters seem to getting more and more irrational.

(Stop With the Politics) - Epikrika

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14 Soccer Moms

Hate them. They overreact and boycott everything - Cartoonfan202

However, you did make it up, since it was third-hand from a comment on YouTube, hardly a credible source.

What are these? Moms obsessed with their child being on the soccer team?

15 Liv and Maddie Fans

We all know who that guy is - Neonco31

If anyone wants to know, I added this. And not just because of Disney1994. There was a actually a Liv and Maddie fan visitor that got triggered when I made fun of Dove Cameron on the list of people with the most punchable faces. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

We all know who you're talking about. I used to follow him.

Is this a show? Damn... - B0S5J4M3S

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16 New England Patriots Fans

Is there even a question any more about who is the greatest of all time? No wonder they are triggered if you don't agree.

If you say anything about the cheating scandals they would kill you. Also funny how they love the numbers 28-3 or 25 point lead but they hate - Randomator

If you say Tom Brady isn't the best QB of all time, they'll kill you - DoroExploro13


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17 Mr. Enter's Fans

These guys are total jerks, they attack someone in Twitter just for liking "A Pal For Gary". I don't mind if he likes it but BOY, Mr. Enter is such an idiot for doing this. And by the way, since I called Mr. Enter an idiot... (grabs machine gun) Come and get me if you dare! - Neonco31

They cyberbully you if you like a show he hates - Cartoonfan202

Mr. Enter Enter me into the lottery

I still dunno what this is... - B0S5J4M3S

18 Call of Duty Fan Boys

Call of Duty fans aren't all bad but the ones that are bad are REALLY BAD

So if you don't like Call of Duty the fans will say U R RONG CAll Of duty is tHe bESt GaME Ever when its not although its not a bad game just the Fanbase ruins it - christangrant

No - B0S5J4M3S

19 Metal Elitists

They get so triggered when I say I like Slipknot and Korn and they call anything that isn't death metal with a singer sounding like he's choking on a taco "fake metal". - NikBrusk

Or any elitists in general.

20 Conservatives

I don't hate conservatives, but a lot of them get triggered easily and are bigots.

Don't get triggered as much as liberals - DoroExploro13

21 Hardcore Fangirls

Say one bad thing about Marilyn Manson I dare you

That’s me!

22 Atheists

Usually it's a bunch of edgy 13 year old contrarians who use their "enlightened" views to hide the fact that they have no friends. - Jackamalio

They say that nobody is an atheist in a foxhole, but then again, very few top tenners even know what a foxhole is.

23 Anti-Bronies

"Yes get rid of them all" - Epikrika

24 Jackie Evancho Fans
25 Ungrateful People

A. K. A spoiled brats which is that girl who is immature

26 Baptists
27 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

VideoGamefan5 is the worst user on TheTopTens since he can't respect opinions.

Yep, Totally Agree - VideoGamefan5

Ok, all these stupid idiots are, mm are just a bunch of manchilds, just say nintendo sucks, and praise call of duty in front of them, I DARE YOU - VideoGamefan5

28 Luigi Fans
29 Immature People

There's this girl I know she's sexist and immature because she said men are gross. GROW UP!

Its ironic that AlphaQ left a comment for this

Yea. Sometimes. After I called one a mothaphucka he started crying. How is mothaphucka an offensive word? I mean it's not offending anybody. - AlphaQ

30 Frozen Fans Frozen Fans

Say something bad about Frozen, they type in ALL CAPS! - Neonco31

Oh god that picture - wrests

Frozen sucks it's a terrible movie - Ihateschool

THAT IMAGE - Epikrika

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31 Steven Universe Fans

This fanbase gets triggered VERY easily! One time I referred to the fusion of Steven and Connie as a she and got a bunch of hateful comments from them. Not to mention, they drove a girl to suicide just because she didn't draw one of the characters perfectly.

They literally BULLIED a girl to near suicide because of fan art. What? - Neonco31

Tumblr ruins everything. One time I went on Tumblr and the LazyTown tag was trending, so I went there and I found tons of users saying that Robbie is a fairy or something like that. The SU Fanbase is toxic too, they are cyberbullies who made a girl to do suicide. - Cartoonfan202

They're such bullies wishing suicide on someone because of FANART

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32 Republicans

Lets see you hate abortions because you think its murder, you are a Christian extremist, you probably don't know that your ancestors are from another country, you are homophobic, you hate Tran gender's, you hate drag queens, you hate the unemployed, you are a redneck, you don't like the thought of gun control, you just vote for the upper class, you live in the past.

Don't get triggered as much as democrats - DoroExploro13

33 Mario Fans
34 Anti-SJWs

Honestly, these people can be worse than extremist SJWs in some cases! While SJWs at least want to push society forward, some of these guys tend to be more concerned with doing anything that'll "trigger dem libtardz" despite the consequences their actions could have. Some of them will also endlessly praise anything right-leaning and will dismiss any argument that is even remotely left-leaning or downplay it. These people and radical SJWs make me wish politics were nonexistent sometimes. - WindWakerFan

35 Avenged Sevenfold Fans

They always claim that your favorite band sucks and A7X is the greatest band ever - christangrant

I only listened to one song but it was really good though

36 The Lion King Haters

Opinions aren't facts. It's not a fact that The Lion King is bad or good, it's all a matter of opinion.

Lion King haters are better than Lion King fans.

I didn't always hate The Lion King. It just got too cheesy and boring for me. Excuse my nipples. - AlphaQ

Personally I dislike the movie for all the praise it gets because IT'S JUST A GODDANG MOVIE! But some people seem to overreact to a fan that they come across. It's not like they're evil, no? But if they like the movie, then they like it SO SHUT UP - Epikrika

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37 Animal Activists
38 Tumblrinas

That’s a weird word.

39 Philadelphia Sports Fans
40 Religious People

I said anti semitism wouldn't exist if people respected reliogious opinions and now many people hate me but what I said is a fact - Ihateschool

Just voted - Epikrika

41 Undertale Fans Undertale Fans

Undertake is dead and you know it

^ You know it’s true when people can’t even spell the name right.

42 Buttercup Fans

Well, most Buttercup fans aren't like this though, I used to be triggered a lot though, so you can count me, but don't blame all Buttercup fans for something I did as a visitor.

43 Call of Duty Haters

While the Fan Boys are bad the Haters are just as bad they claim call of duty sucks just because its Call of Duty I once saw a Review of MW3 where that was the review Its Bad because its Call of Duty not giving any reasons why the game is bad - christangrant

Sucks because they can't make original material and they flood their games with microtransaction trash - Mcgillacuddy

44 Ariana Grande Fans
45 Directioners Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

Screw them anyway.

They’re not as rabid as the beliebers but you still don’t want to say anything that’s even remotely bad to some of these people. Even something as little as, “They’re okay but not the best” is enough to set them off. - 3DG20

46 Weeaboos
47 Seattle Seahawks Fans
48 Hero Factory Haters
49 Finding Dory Fans

Who remembers me hating FD? - VideoGamefan5

50 Fat People

No, I'm glad I was a chubby girl who was laughed at when I puffed and panted during cross country, it gave me the incentive to change, lose weight and become fitter and healthier. - Britgirl

Um no they don’t get mad they are just like you and I am not these. Please don’t get me started on EXCERCISING AND GETTING ACTIVE

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