Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Easily Triggered


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21 Hardcore Fangirls
22 Atheists

Usually it's a bunch of edgy 13 year old contrarians who use their "enlightened" views to hide the fact that they have no friends. - Jackamalio

They say that nobody is an atheist in a foxhole, but then again, very few top tenners even know what a foxhole is.

23 Jackie Evancho Fans
24 Conservatives

Don't get triggered as much as liberals - DoroExploro13

25 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

VideoGamefan5 is the worst user on TheTopTens since he can't respect opinions.

Yep, Totally Agree - VideoGamefan5

Ok, all these stupid idiots are, mm are just a bunch of manchilds, just say nintendo sucks, and praise call of duty in front of them, I DARE YOU - VideoGamefan5

26 Luigi Fans
27 Immature People

Its ironic that AlphaQ left a comment for this

Yea. Sometimes. After I called one a mothaphucka he started crying. How is mothaphucka an offensive word? I mean it's not offending anybody. - AlphaQ

28 Steven Universe Fans

This fanbase gets triggered VERY easily! One time I referred to the fusion of Steven and Connie as a she and got a bunch of hateful comments from them. Not to mention, they drove a girl to suicide just because she didn't draw one of the characters perfectly.

My fanbase is cancer. You have to have THE MOST PERFECT DRAWING SKILLS in order to not be hated... I feel sorry for the girl who drew Amethyst in HER OWN way and almost committed suicide. I almost committed suicide because of some very mean users here like a year ago. In my opinion, Steven Universe Fans and Bullies on here should get married because most SU fans and Bullies here are just plain mean-spirited. Steven Universe fans get butthurt over certain ships too. - KianaLexi

They literally BULLIED a girl to near suicide because of fan art. What? - Neonco31

I Remember The Tumblr Incident That Ruined The Show's Rep
I Hope That Girl's Okay - JPK

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29 Frozen Fans Frozen Fans

Say something bad about Frozen, they type in ALL CAPS! - Neonco31

Oh god that picture - wrests

Frozen sucks it's a terrible movie - Ihateschool

Oh no... its caps girl. - Phantompyroblaze

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30 Mario Fans
31 The Lion King Haters

Opinions aren't facts. It's not a fact that The Lion King is bad or good, it's all a matter of opinion.

I didn't always hate The Lion King. It just got too cheesy and boring for me. Excuse my nipples. - AlphaQ

Lion King haters are better than Lion King fans.

Hey TLK hater, stop spamming your hatred on TLK onto every single list. We get that you hate TLK.

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32 Animal Activists
33 Anti-Bronies
34 Philadelphia Sports Fans
35 Hunter Avallone Haters
36 Call of Duty Haters

While the Fan Boys are bad the Haters are just as bad they claim call of duty sucks just because its Call of Duty I once saw a Review of MW3 where that was the review Its Bad because its Call of Duty not giving any reasons why the game is bad - christangrant

Sucks because they can't make original material and they flood their games with microtransaction trash - Mcgillacuddy

37 Ariana Grande Fans
38 Directioners Directioners

Screw them anyway.

39 Seattle Seahawks Fans
40 Ungrateful People
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