Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Easily Triggered


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41 The Lion King Haters

Opinions aren't facts. It's not a fact that The Lion King is bad or good, it's all a matter of opinion.

I didn't always hate The Lion King. It just got too cheesy and boring for me. Excuse my nipples. - AlphaQ

Lion King haters are better than Lion King fans.

Hey TLK hater, stop spamming your hatred on TLK onto every single list. We get that you hate TLK.

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42 The Loud House Fans

I just voted to say that I love The Loud House and just because someone doesn't, does not mean I'm gonna get triggered and insult you for it because it's your opinion, even though most of the reasons you all hate it aren't true (It has toilet humor etc.) or are just stupid (Clyde and his father is black etc.) in my opinion, it is still your opinion and I respect that.

When I say "The Loud House Sucks! " to my brother, he says "NO IT DOESN'T! " in a pissy tone. Triggered. Some of the fans are disgusting too. - KianaLexi

I hate these fans because they easily get triggered. - TLHFanBaseSucks

PhantomMilitia's list sums it up - Neonco31

43 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

VideoGamefan5 is the worst user on TheTopTens since he can't respect opinions.

Yep, Totally Agree - VideoGamefan5

Ok, all these stupid idiots are, mm are just a bunch of manchilds, just say nintendo sucks, and praise call of duty in front of them, I DARE YOU - VideoGamefan5

44 Luigi Fans
45 Seattle Seahawks Fans
46 Frozen Haters

Frozen haters are better than Frozen fans.

Frozen haters are better than Frozen fans! Frozen is the worst animated movie ever! It's even worse than Foodfight!, Where The Dead Go To Die, and Tentacolino!

47 Brony Haters

"Get a life Bronies! " - Neonco31

48 Grizzly (We Bare Bears) Fans
49 Hero Factory Haters
50 FNAF Haters

"I think FNaF is a pretty good game". "WHAT DID YOU SAY? " - DCfnaf

51 Lion King Fans

I do not care what anyone says, Lion King fans are much worse than Lion King haters!

They're a bunch of close-minded elitist snots who want you to treat TLK the way you wanted to be treated. Say one bad thing about it or even like other movies better, these snots threaten to call the police on you. What in the world?!

I love The Lion King, but I hate the fans who don't respect opinions.

52 Zootopia Fans

The fans of Zootopia aren't much better than Frozen fans. Ever since Zootopia came out, it feels like no one is allowed to say it wasn't a good film. One time, I left a comment saying that in my opinion, this film seemed a little inappropriate for children, and got 6 replies of pure hate.

Furries + SJWs = Cancer - Cartoonfan202

53 Megadeth Fans

They always wine if you say Metallica is better - DoroExploro13

54 Danny Phantom Fans

Will you JUST stop Chat? It's already annoying, YOU add Danny Phantom to EVERY list! I can't take it anymore! - Neonco31

If we just simply said "I hate Danny Phantom. I like many good shows besides DP", we get bombed by their crazy yet disrespectful comments from them. Plus, they are really crazy to Danny Phantom and saying whoever hates DP should died, and idiot, or retarded person. - ChatNoirFan18

55 Liv and Maddie Haters
56 Danny Phantom Haters

ChatNoirFan18 for example - Neonco31

I bet the triggered fans added this. - ChatNoirFan18

57 Cat Lovers
58 Suicide Squad Fans

This Goes Without Saying - VideoGamefan5

59 Every Witch Way Fans

If you say you don't like the show, they will rage, go on a long tangent, and tell you to commit suicide. - Cartoonfan202

60 Miley Cyrus Fangirls

Miley Cyrus sucks - Ihateschool

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