Top Ten Kinds of People Who are Easily Triggered


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41 Undertale Fans Undertale Fans
42 The Lion Guard Haters
43 Weeaboos
44 Avenged Sevenfold Fans

They always claim that your favorite band sucks and A7X is the greatest band ever - christangrant

45 Religious People

I said anti semitism wouldn't exist if people respected reliogious opinions and now many people hate me but what I said is a fact - Ihateschool

46 Kim Kardashian Fans

She has an ugly fat asa - Ihateschool

47 Men with Small Penises

Who in the name of God put this on the list?

God, try to keep it PG like

48 Finding Dory Fans

Who remembers me hating FD? - VideoGamefan5

49 Fat People

No, I'm glad I was a chubby girl who was laughed at when I puffed and panted during cross country, it gave me the incentive to change, lose weight and become fitter and healthier. - Britgirl

50 Hero Factory Haters
51 Fat Acceptance Supporters
52 Pop Fans
53 Republicans

Don't get triggered as much as democrats - DoroExploro13

54 Lion King Fans

I do not care what anyone says, Lion King fans are much worse than Lion King haters!

They're a bunch of close-minded elitist snots who want you to treat TLK the way you wanted to be treated. Say one bad thing about it or even like other movies better, these snots threaten to call the police on you. What in the world?!

I love The Lion King, but I hate the fans who don't respect opinions.

Oh God
It's The Lion King Hater AGAIN! - JPK

55 Frozen Haters

Frozen haters are better than Frozen fans.

Frozen haters are better than Frozen fans! Frozen is the worst animated movie ever! It's even worse than Foodfight!, Where The Dead Go To Die, and Tentacolino!

56 Brony Haters

"Get a life Bronies! " - Neonco31

57 Minion Haters
58 Jake Paulers
59 FNAF Haters

"I think FNaF is a pretty good game". "WHAT DID YOU SAY? " - DCfnaf

60 Millennials
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