Top 10 Best King of Bots Competitors

Earlier this year the Chinese delved into the world of televised robot combat for the first time with the show King of Bots. It was their version of Battlebots with teams from both China and all around the world. Here are the top 10 competitors as of the first series.

The Top Ten

1 Spectre Spectre

Awesome crusher from Team Robochallenge of the UK. A machine that is both beauty and a beast. - SuperSonic17

2 Great White Great White

This Australian entry has a nasty vertical spinner, and a mini-bot called Remora. - SuperSonic17

3 Megabyte Megabyte

A scary full-body spinner that dishes out powerful hits. The best of the USA's bots. - SuperSonic17

4 Grill Judge Grill Judge

A vertical spinning bar similar to robots like Witch Doctor or Brutus. Certainly a mean machine. - SuperSonic17

5 Tánshè Tánshè

The best flipper bot in the competition, and a very nice looking entry from John Reid and Gabriel Stroud. - SuperSonic17

6 Chiyung Jinlun Chiyung Jinlun

A drum spinner that can survive some truly brutal punishment. Could've benefitted from an invertible wedge though. - SuperSonic17

7 Thunder and Lightning Thunder and Lightning

The competition's best multi-bot. Two spinners that can chew into robots, and are very aggressive to boot. - SuperSonic17

8 Snake Snake

One of the nicest looking robots. A very effective control-bot similar to ex-Battlebots champion Bite Force. - SuperSonic17

9 Spin Doctor Spin Doctor

A drum spinner from the USA which was responsible for one of the greatest fights in the series. - SuperSonic17

10 Blue Blue

A hammer-bot which uses Omni-wheels that allow for sideways motion, in turn being able to position itself for more accurate hits. - SuperSonic17

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