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1 In the Court of the Crimson King In the Court of the Crimson King Product Image

The album that started it all, you can't go wrong, one of the most influential albums ever.

5 tracks that will bring you to the music paradise

21st Century Schizoid Man - An actual sign of early heavy metal!
I Talk to the Wind - A nice, calming track after the chaos of the opener.
Epitaph - A unique masterpiece with amazing strings.
Moonchild - More like a movie soundtrack than a song, but amazing!
The Court of the Crimson King - A closer that brings all songs together!

When I first listened this album I was like in heaven.
All 5 songs are fantastic.

2 Red Red Product Image

Some of the hardest prog rock out there. Easily one of their greatest pieces

Have you listened closely to "Starless"? Now THAT's progressive

4 out the 5 songs are so well written and arranged it's hard to imagine how they could be bettered. A 'dark' album with lyrics reflecting subjects like fear, loss and depression. Bruford's drumming is brilliant, Fripp's guitar work is both intricate and surprisingly simple, Wetton's bass playing is powerful and his vocals clear and expressive. Additional instruments (violin, oboe, saxophone and cornet) all fit the music beautifully. The improvised piece, The improvised piece, Providence, not as strong as the rest of the album.

I wish they took providence and made it shorter (like only 3 or 4 minutes) or replaced it with a different song. - SammySpore

One of King Crimson's best albums ever, extremely hard to beat, though ITCOTCK comes first.

3 Larks' Tongues In Aspic Larks' Tongues In Aspic Product Image

Hard to choose between Larks and Red, because they're so different in many aspects, yet they are both worthy of the number 1 spot. I probably like this better though. Sometimes.

It's a hard album to get to know, but for a good reason: it's not like anything you know, and it's fantastic. Every song here is great, and their combination is perfect. If you don't like it, listen to it again, and again, and again - Eventually you'll love it.

Absolutely amazing. Every Song is fantastic especially Exiles. Exiles is so beautiful it's genuinely difficult to describe. One of those songs you just have to hear yourself

This is a record for artists only, I never heard a single song of this album on the radio, its because radio only plays brainwashed music!

4 Discipline Discipline Product Image

An interesting new sound to go with a very interesting lineup of Crimson. I do think it's good!

Discipline, Beat and Three Of A Perfect Pair are, in my opinion, the absolute peak of Crimson. By far their strongest lineup and most inspired music. The albums are even presented in primary colors to stress their essentialness!

Greatest chapman stick playing ever.

So much elephant talk about the others. This one is really underrated in my opinion.

5 Lizard Lizard Product Image

A truly underrated album. Some of the most experimental material in their entire discography, and who can go wrong with a 23 minute long masterpiece that is the song Lizard.

Highly underrated album. The four tracks on the first side are great jazz inspired pieces. But the real masterpiece takes up the entire 2nd side of the album, being the only song over 20 minutes by Crimson. It is one of those songs that its hard to name something they could have done better (well, maybe the second singing part is a little of key, but we'll let it slide).

I think that Lizard is really overlooked...Just listen to the last track!

This is an obscure album, definitely. If you like jazz fusion(never thought I'd associate that with King Crimson), this is an album for you. Worth a try, at least. Found myself enjoying it.

6 Starless and Bible Black Starless and Bible Black Product Image

The live recordings on this album are astounding, and the overall product is very much worth listening through.

Very creative album. Contains some skippable improvisations but there are some gems. Fracture is my favorite instrumental from their catalog and the nightwatch is BRILLIANT. Lament and The Great Deceiver are also super awesome.

This is a good punch of power that this lineup was legendary for. If this album doesn't sum up King Crimson in a nutshell, then no album does.

I would personally put this at number four. One of Crimsons best easy.

7 In the Wake of Poseidon In the Wake of Poseidon Product Image

Not quite as good as ITCOTCK, but its got some great standouts, mainly the title track, pictures of a city, and cat food.

Much better album than most people give it credit for. The additions of Peter Giles and Keith Tippett as studio musicians made songs like "Cat Food" and the title track some of King Crimson's strongest!

The Devil's Triangle, Pictures of a City, and the title track are all excellent songs. The others aren't bad either.

Every song on this album is spectacular and it is better than itcotck!

8 Islands Islands Product Image

A very nice jazzy piece, similar to Lizard just a little more toned down. Islands the title track is the standout.

This album comforts and calms me so much. When I listen to Formentera Lady or Song of the Gulls or Islands, I wanna lay down and sleep forever. And this is only the 8th best Crimson album in my opinion! Shows you how genius King Crimson is.

I agree Court is the best, but this album is SO UNDERRATED that I had to give it my vote.

Sailor's tale is a masterpiece

9 Thrak Thrak Product Image

Red, Larks, Court, and Starless are better but this should be much higher.

Utterly underrated album

I'm a dinosaur somebody's been digging my bones.

10 The Power to Believe The Power to Believe Product Image

Their latest album released a decade ago. Very amazing album

It's in my top 5. Amazing album!

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11 Three of a Perfect Pair Three of a Perfect Pair Product Image

Probably my favorite Crimson album and probably their best.

Hugely underrated, one of their best.

Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

Great album. 3 years after Discipline.

12 Beat Beat Product Image
13 Absent Lovers Absent Lovers Product Image

King Crimson's best live album - and arguably one of the best live albums of all time.

This is as good or even better than USA - all the songs within match or surpass their original recorded versions. I saw this tour and believe me it was spectacular.

14 Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind Product Image

No way this is at the bottom

15 The Construkction of Light The Construkction of Light Product Image

Underrated. A little difficult to get into, but worth the listen

Amazing album. Filled with greats compositions, like Lark's tongues in aspic 4.. I don't understand why it isn't higher

16 USA USA Product Image

Best live prog album EVER. Bulldozing power.

17 Earthbound Earthbound Product Image
18 Live at the Orpheum Live at the Orpheum Product Image
19 The Great Deceiver The Great Deceiver Product Image
20 Live in Toronto Live in Toronto Product Image
21 A Scarcity Of A Scarcity Of Product Image
22 The Night Watch The Night Watch Product Image
23 Vrooom Ep
24 Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With Ep Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With Ep Product Image
25 B’boom: Live in Argentina B’boom: Live in Argentina Product Image
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