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21 Blue Mary

I'm so glad to play the game as mary because she's a tricky girl if you honestly try her you'll become an expert in playing as mary.
I love mary

22 King

Not as sexy as mai but steel kickin ass

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23 Orochi

Orochi must be the best!

Epic character to play as

Fun character

He is the strongest he can possess iroi and make him go berserk and Leona too

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24 Ash Crimson

The main protagonist in the Ash Saga. - Allizdog

Ash is Definitely the most interesting character in KOF. Love or hate him, Ash is a character people won't forget and has made a huge impact in the KOF series.

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25 Vice
26 Ryo Sakazaki

One of the best Karate fighters in video game history and Legendary SNK and KOF hero!

He s the best

KOF's original KOF Champion (followed by Terry and then Kyo) who originally sparked the "Dream-match" phenomenon by appearing as a secret hidden boss in Fatal Fury Special.


27 Orochi Iori

He is better than flames Iori and he is faster.

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28 Igniz

With infinite combos, fast punches and kicks, super long range specials and cool desperation moves, even long time boss character Rugal cannot be compared to him. Blocking? No problem, he'll just break your guard and cancel into another special WITHOUT special gauge consumption. Oh and did I forget to mention he has invincibility frames while doing desperation moves? Ultimate badass.
"You can run, you can jump, you can block and you can even cheat, but you cannot hope to defeat Igniz"

29 K9999

Dril power

30 Mizuchi

Mizuchi is kinda strong and I like his projectile tips are however, he is way down orochi

31 Chizuru Kagura
32 Zero

He is unstoppable!

33 Goenitz
34 Chin

Good character

35 Malin
36 Lin

This guy is badass but why did KOF decided to get rid of him?

37 Adelheid Bernstein

What's wrong with you people Adelheid is a KOF winner in the 11 game

38 Maxima

The best cyborg ever and he's my favorite canadian in gaming history

He's BIG, he's CANADIAN AND HE HAS SIDEBURNS! You can't beat the sheer awsomness of the haoken busting, person throwing m4 vapour cannon!

39 Robert Garcia

Robert should be at least number 5. He has higher and better combos than Ryo. He is good both on air and land.

40 Magaki

Very good character, my favorite.

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