Top 10 Kinkiest Things to Come Out of the Undertale Fandom So Far


The Top Ten

1 Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates) Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates)

Turn back now. This list gets NSFL really fast.

2 Endogeny Milking
3 Giantess Toriel X Child Asriel
4 Muffet Vore
5 Undertwerking
6 Ecto-tentacles
7 Skeleton Porn
8 Ecto-tongues

I would really like to know where the hell this idea came from. Was it a thing in other fandoms before Undertale? - iridescent

9 Sanscest
10 Alphys Foot-Fetish Art

The Contenders

11 Papyrus Diaper-Fetish Art
12 Giantess Alphyne (Fanfics)
13 Audio Porn
14 Alphys in a bondage outfit
15 Toriel Foot-Fetish Art
16 Lemon Bread Vore
17 Alphys in High Heels
18 Mettaton Leg Meme
19 Alphys breastfeeding Snowdrake's Mother
20 Skeleton Foot-Fetish Art
21 Child Porn
22 Asrigore (Asriel X Asgore)
23 UnderTailD's Alphyne Porn Comic Strip Series
24 Alphys French-Kissing Endogeny
25 Alphamalg Tickle Torture
26 Lizard Breasts
27 Alphyne Tickle Torture
28 Frisk/Chara Foot-Fetish Art
29 Shirtless Skeletons
30 Asriel Foot-Fetish Art
31 Alphys Loves Feet (Fanfic)
32 Tempted By The Feet Of Alphys (Fanfic)
33 Shipping Alphys romantically with Francis from Super Paper Mario
34 Shipping Alphys sexually with Mettaton
35 Burgerpants X Nice Cream Guy Smut
36 Ear/Brain Invasion Fetishism
37 Alphys teasingly singing This Little Piggy to Asgore while sucking on his big juicy toes
38 Group sex with the Amalgamates
39 Asriel getting it on with his own mother while in his child form
40 Alphys worshipping Asgore's feet
41 Asriel worshipping Toriel's feet
42 Undyne worshipping Alphys' brain
43 Undyne worshipping Alphys' feet
44 Undertail
45 Joel X Undyne Porn
46 Asriel licking Alphys' eardrum
47 Asriel literally screwing with Toriel's brain
48 Giantess Uvula Play
49 Toriel Vore
50 Asriel scraping thick, germ-filled layers of Toriel's earwax off the bottoms of his bare, filthy feet and then eating them with his even filthier hands
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