Top Ten Kirby Bosses

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1 Magolor Soul 2

I love this boss it is my favorite in personality and design!

Magolor soul 2? Why would there be a Magolor soul 2, it is almosg either you are making it up, or you accidently press 2

Do you mean Magolor Soul 2.0?
There is an Extras version of this boss.

2 Phan Phan

This elephant was the most annoying Sub-boss in amazing mirror

3 Galacta Knight

All I Can Say Is HOLY CRAP HE IS awesome Like His Battle Theme, But He Is VERY DIFFICULT TO BEAT FOR BEGINNERS That's How Difficult He Is But His Battle is Very Well Made.

I beat him 4 times without dying

This boss is so cool. And he is actually so tough that the wheel ability
is the prepared ability for this fight.

I’d say he is the strongest enemy Kirby and co. have EVER FACED.In fact,he’s THE STRONGEST WARRIOR IN THE GALAXY.Just listen to his theme song and you’ll get the Idea.Sure he sounds like a rip off Meta Knight(in fact M.K. Probably stole the role of strongest in the galaxy but he was probably went easy on because G.K. Thought he was a worthy opponent),But LOOK AT THE MAN.A sword and shield,angel wings,horns,HE’S BASSICALLY THE ANTICHRIST OF THE KIRBY UNIVERSE.HE CAN DESTROY ENTIRE PLANETS according to Robobot AND HE WAS LITTERALY SEALED AWAY BECAUSE OF HIS IMMENSE POWER.Yeah.He’s THAT POWERFUL.

4 Skullord

The best boss ever, despite of his depressing song he will always be my favorite Kirby boss. - Anuban

I love 0²! The best Kirby boss in my opinion! Not to mention his epic theme! I was surprised at how gruesome and creepy he was especially because he CRIES BLOOD! Also, his theme was put into SSBB one of my favorite games of all time so obviously someone listened to that theme just as much as me! So overall most epic, and mature, boss in my opinion

6 Marx Soul

Yeah he is OP and hardest boss, awesome boss - rexprice4

7 Landia
8 Heavy Lobster

I wanted Heavy Lobster to return in Kirby: Planet Robobot. *sigh* Oh, well.

9 Masked Dedede

His Super Star Ultra version is NOTHING compared to his Triple Deluxe counterpart. THAT AXE!

I already love Dedede. The mask made him even better.

It's Dedede, with a mask.

10 Metal General

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? Void Soul
? Void Termina

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11 Dyna Blade
12 Pix

I don't know why 3 gems have to be a boss..

13 Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia

This battle with her is awesome

14 Miracle Matter
15 Dark Mind

Lol how is he not 1? And why did I say lol... that isn't funny! 😡 I don't EVEN KNOW HALF OF THESE DUDES! I only played old-school kirby games... ……………………

16 Dark Meta Knight

Cool design, hard to defeat, mysterious and huge movepool, Dark Meta Knight Ultra is my favorite boss

17 Nightmare
18 Crazy Hand
19 Grand Doomer

Grand Doomer is the best

20 Coily Rattler
21 Drawcia Soul

I have seen people play it and the scream is LOUD AND HORRIFYINGLY​ --- it is also the best because she turns into a paint blob.--- GOOD!

22 Master Hand

This boss deserves to be in the third place because you get a very strong ability after eating it.Vote for this boss if you like smash Kirby.

23 Magolor Soul
24 Dark Daroach
25 HR-H
26 Computer Virus
27 Lolo & Lala
28 Star Dream
29 Kracko
30 Dark Matter
31 Necrodeus

Kirby Mass Attack is one darn Game. Not only are the Minigames addicting, but the Bosses are also addicting and this goes to Necrodeus. As the main villain in the game, Necrodeus splits Kirby into 10 pieces and after the Kirbies reached the last level, Necrodeus battles them by slamming his hands to the ground as your Kirbies try to dodge. The background Music is somewhat fitting for a final boss and the strategy is very challenging overall I personally try to give myself a challenge.

32 Squashini
33 Yin-Yarn
34 Dark Nebula
35 Wham Bam Rock
36 Wham Bam Jewel
37 Meta Knight Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
38 Shadow Dedede
39 Dark Adeleine
40 Whispy Woods
41 Zero
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