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1 Magolor Soul 2

They took everything good about Marx and made it better. The black holes, the personality, the betrayal, the awesome music, the lore, the creepinesss...
definitely one of the best kirby busses

Magolor soul 2? Why would there be a Magolor soul 2, it is almosg either you are making it up, or you accidently press 2

Magolor is literally the most powerful villain in the Kirby series.

I love this boss it is my favorite in personality and design!

2 Galacta Knight

Since galacta knight was made to be the strongest kirby character they made him insanely strong. His attacks are so unbelievably fast. Fastest kirby character besides parallel landia (team Kirby clash deluxe), but it star dream was on this list I'd be voting for it.

Memorable, challenging, and fun to fight and that theme is awesome.

He is strong, fast and cool.
(Is Galacta Knight a boy?)

Lol, he is the most powerful warrior in the galaxy.

3 Marx Soul

Personally, I love Kirby Superstar + Ultra and Marx is badass in both.

Yeah he is OP and hardest boss, awesome boss

Marx has thee BEST theme in all of kirby.

cool, but the scream makes me cringe because I don't like sounds like that.


Zero Two's music is depressing because he's an angel of the highest class who has no friends. That's very depressing. So, since he can't find happiness... he wants to destroy it all. He wants to end his suffering. He just wants to be happy... and we ALL deserve happiness.

I love 0²! The best Kirby boss in my opinion! Not to mention his epic theme! I was surprised at how gruesome and creepy he was especially because he CRIES BLOOD! Also, his theme was put into SSBB one of my favorite games of all time so obviously someone listened to that theme just as much as me! So overall most epic, and mature, boss in my opinion

The best boss ever, despite of his depressing song he will always be my favorite Kirby boss.

he is creepy so I didn't want to kill him cause blood

5 Phan Phan

Phan Phan even do it's a sub boss and it is not in kirby right back at ya,he is still the "annoying" important part in kirby,(actually he is in kirby right back at ya

This elephant was the most annoying Sub-boss in amazing mirror

It's a cool elephant,but only a mid-boss,not a full boss.

6 Masked Dedede

Masked Dedede is known as the last battle of Dedede's fight from Kirby (Kirby Super Star Ultra). The only other times he has fought Kirby was when he was possessed.

I agree with Fawful's minion on this one, Masked Dedede is the best normal boss of all time.

I already love Dedede. The mask made him even better.

Masked Dedede's theme is epic!

7 Skullord
8 Landia

in kirby clash he was hard

9 Heavy Lobster

I wanted Heavy Lobster to return in Kirby: Planet Robobot. *sigh* Oh, well.

boosters big 2 and jetpack massive a got He

Yeah,heavy lobster would've been awesome for that game. as an arena=exclusive boss,paint slimes would now give random ability.

how come reactor is not on this list? it's hard especially with a helper because it gets in your way.

10 Queen Sectonia

This battle with her is awesome

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11 Nightmare

Este jefe fue un jefe de un juego que marcó mi infancia, Nightmare in Dreamland. Me resultó difícil y muy divertido

12 Miracle Matter

He is so fun and interesting to fight!
He is one of the rare bosses using Kirby’s most precious weapons against him: his copy abilities.
His patterns take time to be learnt, and even then you still have to ALWAYS stay focused on the screen or else you get killed. That’s what makes this fight so fun.
And please don’t talk about the music

he looks like a gem that ate a banana while marx soul was getting a haircut in the bathroom!

very very hard

13 Dark Meta Knight

Dark Meta Knight is one the best bosses. I love his battle in the True Arena in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He should be in a higher rank.

I think Dark MK is the best mirror world character. And the best of the main 3 knights.

Cool design, hard to defeat, mysterious and huge movepool, Dark Meta Knight Ultra is my favorite boss

14 Pix

I don't know why 3 gems have to be a boss..

bouncy bouncy, us three color gems love 2 bounce, BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCE BOUNCE! ( I still don't know why THEY DIDN'T ADD A YELLOW PIX, yellow is my favorite color ) THEY ACTUALLY KIND OF LOOK LIKE CANDY!

15 Metal General

I think its cute

16 Dyna Blade

she was kind of hard.

17 Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash more.

Este caballero enmascarado es épico
cool,y muy disfrutable.

he is my best super smash bros character meta knight

why did meta knight get nerfed in brawl he is really cool

meta knight, my total fave!

18 Grand Doomer

Grand Doomer is the best

19 Shadow Dedede

My favorite boss in the Kirby: Triple Deluxe (True Arena). He needs to make another appearance.

I hope he makes another return in another kirby game. he was awesome

I predict that we will see another amazing mirror remake soon. involving this.

evil dedede

20 Dark Mind

He's never actually appeared since Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, but his boss battle was INSANE!

Este jefe final es cool, y super divertido
No entiendo porque nadie lo vota.

Lol how is he not 1? And why did I say lol... that isn't funny! I don't EVEN KNOW HALF OF THESE DUDES! I only played old-school kirby games...

21 Crazy Hand

Better than Master Hand, sure he only appears in one game and their battles are very easy, Crazy Hand is slightly harder than Master Hand, and one of my most favorite bosses in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

22 Coily Rattler

I thought his design was funny at first

23 Void Termina

HE is HARDER ON Soul Melter EX.

24 Master Hand

This boss deserves to be in the third place because you get a very strong ability after eating it.Vote for this boss if you like smash Kirby.

25 King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

really cute and hard at the same time

he should be higher. he is the main villain (or is supposed to be anyway)

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