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1 Kirby: Planet Robobot 2: Revenge of the HWC

The only good idea. It seems like it could be cool.

Robobot armor was a one time thing if you think it'll come back then you're dumb

2 The Complete Removal of Dedede

Lmao are you joking? Removing Dedede is like the dumbest thing on your list, right next to realistic enemies and removing Whispy.

The reason for Whispy is for new players to understand how a boss fight works, just like Kirby was built to be, a game that which anyone can play and have fun. Whispy is there to teach players.

And just adding realistic enemies to a kirby game is quite literally the worst idea I've ever heard. Kirby is cute and cartoony, just like the world he lives in. so adding in realistic enemies takes away from the games appeal, kirby is a game for all players, not just people who play games like skyrim or Call of Duty or other games that use realistic graphics.

Now King Dedede's removal is also silly but for other reasons. Removing Dedede is like removing is like removing some of the charm from the game. King Dedede has became a staple of the franchise so removing him would anger many and cause a lot of backlash. And to be completely honest, King ...more

3 The Complete Removal of Whispy Woods
4 New, More Realistic/Less Cartoonish Enemies
5 New Kirby Games Without Rehashed Levels
6 In-Game Dialogue
7 More Planet Robobot Merchandise
8 More Magolor Merchandise
9 Official Planet Robobot Books
10 Canceling Kirby Air Ride
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1. Kirby: Planet Robobot 2: Revenge of the HWC
2. The Complete Removal of Dedede
3. The Complete Removal of Whispy Woods


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