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1 Episode 72: Waddle While You Work

It was so cute-- Waddle Dees in a vending machine. Everyone buys Waddle Dees to do their work for them. You know you wanted one.

Meh. It was cute, but I never considered it the best. It's good, but not great.

Very nice movie, and it tells you a bit about DDDs little dudes too.

This episode has waddle dee trapped in vending machines people take them and never give them back but in time they go back to king idiot but u can call him king deeded if u want

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2 Episode 17: Here Comes the Son

Hell yeah. This is a great episode. Knuckle Joe is a pretty sympathetic guy, and he's only out to avenge his father. I love how Dedede and maybe Customer Service thought that Kirby killed his dad, when all along it was actually Meta Knight. It also shows how you could lose ones that you love in war, just like in real life. Much better than "Crusade for the Blade."

The first episode where a new star warrior gets introduced. Oh, and Meta Knight is in it.

3 Episode 30: Abusement Park

This episode was kinda boring at the start, but two things make me like this episode.

1 - It was short, but I love that kick-ass battle between Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade against those Dedede statues

2 - The karaoke part kinda came out of nowhere, but God was it hilarious.

I'll just say that Microphone Kirby literally brought down the house with his singing... Only for watermelons.

Its just hilarious, I was laughing out loud when the sales dude sent Kirby back! :D

4 Episode 4: Dark and Stormy Knight

This is the episode that pretty much got the series going. While the previous three episodes were enjoyable, this episode does so much for the story, explaining the conflict between Star Warriors and NME. Meta Knight was pretty cool in this episode as an added bonus.

I like this episode because it tells you all about the monsters and star warriors.

5 Episode 43: Sheepwrecked

It was so funny-- if you haven't already, then watch it. It is too funny! It's all about sheep and an evil talking one that tries to take over Cappy Town.

6 Episode 12: Kirby's Pet Peeve

This episode really tugs the heart strings. You love the relationship between Kirby and the dog. I didn't start hating Tiff after this episode because I already saw her as this smart-ass, bossy, whiny, bratty, and annoying 12 year old girl. Yes, I am a Tiff hater. Due to some certain person I knew in the past, I despise people like Tiff.

This is so sad but I love it a lot and I do not hate tiff she was just trying to protect Kirby so in my opinion tiff is still awesome to me

Admit it. You know you cried at the end. Admit it. You hate Tiff now.

If tiff got rid of the dog it would never have exploded so ha lol

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7 Episode 60: Crusade for the Blade

I loved tiff in this episode When she wanted to protect meta knight I'm starting to think she cares more about him then sword knight and blade knight do because they insulted meta knights cooking in cook up trouble lolololololol

Epic. That's the only word for it.

This is a great one

Sirica is my favorite character and it adds more to Metaknight's backstory. Love it.

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8 Episode 47: Cartoon Buffoon


Meta knight says “ its fire Dedede I would never say that lol that was funny


9 Episode 3: Kirby's Duel Role

JESUS! THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME! It really shows the mystery behind Meta Knight's intentions. In his first appearance in the game series, it's not clear if he is evil or good. However, it shows that Meta Knight is just Kirby's mentor, but he has harsh ways of training him. Meta Knight would be my favorite character in the anime series if Dedede wasn't so damn funny.

It has an AWESOME battle between Meta Knight and Kirby, where Meta Knight teaches Kirby techniques with the sword! And, it's one of those few episodes where Meta Knight gets enough screen time.

I liked it but I have to say I wouldn't like this show as much if it wasn't for the awesome theme song. - Garythesnail

Kirby gets stronger in this episode thanks to sir meta night

10 Episode 95: Frog Wild

I always love these types of plots. To be honest, an evil pink marshmallow baby destroying stuff is kinda creepy. Kirby's laugh makes it complete though.

Me finding out Kirby is possessed it turned into a complete rip-off Kirby series

I LOVE evil Kirby! He is like a nightmare creature!

When DDD got eating by that snake thing meta knight said this won't be pretty and I thought that wa HALARIOUS probably because I love meta knight � -

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11 Episode 93: D-Preciation Day

Too bad nobody remembers this anime

It's so emotional towards the end... the Cappys fake Kirby's death and everyone goes the the funeral.

12 Episode 1: Kirby Comes to Cappy Town

Cutest ever, and by far the best besides Fright to the Finish

Welcome to Cappy Town, Kirby!

The episode that started it all. The first episode where Kirby, Cappys, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe and Escargoon appear.

THIS EPISODE IS THE START?!?!?! Oh well despite that it Was AWESOME! It should the beginning of Kirby but ain't as good as other episodes

13 Episode 24: Hour of the Wolfwrath

I love this Episode because it shows more of Meta Knight and Kirby. You also find out more about Star Warriors, and where the heck Blade and Sword came from.

I love this episode it has gotta be my fave

Should be number 1 it's awesome


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14 Episode 29: Hot Shot Chef
15 Episode 37: Monster Management

Knuckle Joe wanted to fight Masher!

16 Episode 75 and 76: Fossil Fools

Because Jurassic Park

It’s fire kirbysaurus -meta knight

17 Episode: 64 The Kirby Quiz

What a perfect episode to start the new years :3 - TrisTris

This is what I call breaking the fourth wall!
Customer Service saying that if King Dedede and Escargoon woke up early, they would know more.
He also said that there will be a commercial break, leading to a fade to black.
And Escargoon said that New Years Day was 4 days ago. In reference to the episode's release on Jan. 4.

18 Episode 2: A Blockbuster Battle
19 Episode 5: Beware Whispy Woods
20 Episode 32: A Dental Dilemma

Okay. This episode change my lack of brushing my teeth forever. Overall, I'll give it 9/10. And I'm just getting started watching this series. - MeeMeeCandy777

21 Episode 35: Watermelon Felon
22 Kirby Right Back at Ya! the Movie: Fright to the Finish!

This is not an episode, but rather a movie, and a great one at best. King Dedede and Escargoon are Prepared To Get Kirby and Tiff’s Warp Star. But along the way, Nightmare plans To Destroy Planet Popstar and is Ready to Kill Kirby and Tiff! This Results in an epic final battle as Kirby And Tiff and Meta Knight Fight their way to Defeat Nightmare Once and for all and save Dreamland!

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1. Episode 30: Abusement Park
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