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1 Magolor Magolor Magolor is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Best villian

He fooled Kirby (twice might I remind you) into helping him get the Master Crown from 4 dragons (making him defeat them in the process), attempts to take over popstar-no, the whole universe, and afterwards of finding him again tried to kill him. Dang, and even after apologizing he still talks with dark humor at times. Definite top 2 pick, if not number 1 that is. - Qryzx

Magolor is the best villain, I'm glad he came back for Star Allies, and I hope they add him to the Fighter Pack of Smash Bros Ultimate

He is a jenios villain

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2 Marx

By far my favorite villain

Marx is awesome! He reminds me of evil Kirby in a way.

At the end of game marx becomes marx soul the most powerful being in the galaxy marx for #1

He should be the BEST kirby villain he can turn into marx soul not to mention having the power of nova marx is THE ULTAIMATE KIRBY VILLAIN!

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3 King Dedede King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

If he was a legitimate villain who actually wanted to rule the universe like most other villains, He would get his way easily considering how powerful he is. that's probably why nintendo made him a good guy. Mind you I really enjoy playing as him in the kirby games so its nice that he is good. - ShadowDedede

King Dedede is not necessary a villain, but he's a trademark in the series. Believe it or not, King Dedede is my favourite video game character ever.

I made a list called Top Ten Kirby Villains. I searched it up multiple times to see if there was already a list. How come I'm seeing this now? Now it's merged to THIS. - DCfnaf

He is NOT a villain, still the best character in the series though. - Aceto

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4 Galacta Knight Galacta Knight

The strongest warrior in the galaxy. Do I need to say anything else?

€The strongest warrior in the galaxy. Do I need to say anything else? ”Yes.The chance is Meta Knight already took that role by defeating him,but that’s not to say he isn’t powerful.Even so,he was probably going easy on Meta Knight because he’s a worthy opponent or something.Galacta Knight is clearly the most powerful enemy Kirby and his allies have ever faced.You just have to look at the dude to see that.A sword & shield,HORNS, ANGEL WINGS! Not only that,but according to Planet Robobot,HE CAN DESTROY ENTIRE PLANETS! Now I see why he was sealed away for his immense power.Also,just listen to his theme song.It’s probably one of the most INTENSE soundtracks Nintendo has ever made.KEEP IN MIND.THIS IS KIRBY!

5 Marx Soul

I really want Mark not his soul he is
the most creative boss

I still remember fighting marx a long time ago I thougth he was dead so my ds broke after 2 years I bought a new ds I saw the true arena the bosses were hard at the end of the true arena I can't belive it its marx he was soposed to be dead.

6 Zero Two

In my opinion the dark matter race as a whole is a continuous threat throughout the franchise and is the biggest threat not to mention the final fight potential perhaps Kirby could become a one man army or he.could bring anti-heroes King Dedede, Meta Knight, redeemed villains Marx, Magolor and throw Knuckle Joe, Dyna Blade and Gooey in there to

Actually the icon is Void Termina because he is literally every Kirby villain combined - GalactaKnight86

Best Villain

The very icon of evil in kirby universe, that's all that you need to know.

7 Nightmare

How can eNeMeE be this low?

I Think Nightmare must be the best villain in the kirby series, he was the great plot twist because everyone was thinking "oh, the penguin fat@ss is the final boss" and BOOM! this horrofying evil wizard appears! also, he was the first "True Villain" in the kirby series (Dedede was kinda fun, but not awesome to be a final boss.)

8 Dark Matter
9 Zero

This guy is pure EVIL! He takes over and destroy galaxys for fun! He is the most evil thing ever!

Zero is basically Dream Land's devil. I vote it because it's so out of context.

0 ans 02 are the same thing! - DCfnaf

10 Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia

Her theme song is awesome.

Way better than the honey queen from super Mario galaxy

Very evil I feel bad for Taranza

Queen Sectonia didn't deserve what she got. Stupid mirror. Good thing Dedede smashed it.

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11 Dark Mind
12 Max Profitt Haltmann Max Profitt Haltmann

He tries to eradicate all forms of life, he rebuilds the most powerful being in the universe, and he brain washes waddle dees and other enemies into helping him by giving them cool stuff. Now that's evil.

13 Star Dream

Star dream is a amazing boss.Its theme is also outstanding.Its also a really cute boss because it's a kitty!

14 Masked Dedede

The music is just great.
(Although Dedede and Masked Dedede are the same)

15 Dark Daroach

Definitely, the fight is hard, but in a good way. In y opinion this should have been the final boss of Squeak Squad.

16 Daroach
17 Dark Meta Knight Dark Meta Knight

Lol its dark meta knight he is evil what else do I have to say?

Amazing boss,TOTALLY EVIL

18 Meta Knight Meta Knight Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash more.

He isn't a villian ( technically ) - Trans-species

WHY IS HE ON THIS LIST? This is like putting Wario on a villains list. - DCfnaf

I don't understand! Is he good or evil?

Whoever put this on the list doesn't understand. Meta knight is a neutral character, can be good sometimes, can be evil sometimes. But he is becoming more of a hero, he was only evil in the first kirby games. - CatsOMG

19 President Haltmann

His story stands out from most villains (Excluding a few), because he was never truly evil. He had a loving bond with his daughter, and everything went wrong upon her loss. His motives are actually understandable, and the fact that he dies is tragic.

20 Grand Doomer
21 Wham Bam Jewel
22 Drawcia

She turned dreamland into her own dimension overnight... She came closer to winning than any Kirby boss ever. Not to mention, she was the first boss to have a ''soul'' form.

23 Whispy Woods Whispy Woods

Ouch... These comments... - Qryzx

I thought his name was tree! - ElephantEric

He's not really a villain, he's more like an overused boss. He's still funny though. - DCfnaf

This boss is stupid it should be last

24 Kracko
25 Escargoon

He's the most underused character in the series!

He's a cranky old snail, and that's what makes him wonderful.

Hey, why does escargoon have to be down here?

26 HR-H
27 Suzie Haltmann
28 Astral Birth Void
29 Taranza

This villainous insect was able to murder Dedede’s entire royal guard, transform countless inanimate objects into powerful beings, hypnotize Dedede, then he helped defeat Sectonia. This bad boi deserves to be higher!

30 Hyness
31 Void Termina

A great villain of kirby games,this guy is the creator of zero and the master crown, and have two frosty swords (and like meta knight's swords) create wings and your true form is a pink or blue ball he is cute but mortal (a great boss to smash) fire a big laser!

32 Sword Soldier
33 Sphere Doomer
34 Yin-Yarn

Just come on this is a knitter? This is amazing I don't know why it's so creepy though

35 King D-Mind

First He cursed Taranza to provoke enemies and make them attack you then he tried to destroy the world. He is a menace

36 Landia

Landia Is Underrated She Needs To be higher

37 Claycia
38 Shadow Kirby

A clone of the strongest character in the kirby universe I mean a clone of kirby has to be powerful

39 Master Hand Master Hand

Appears to be a kirby enemy considering kirby is in smash. So he technically fights masterhand in smash bros and does appear to have a boss fight in a kirby game

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